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He looked out at the sky from his seat in the back of the room, his usual blank stare on his face. He aimlessly bobbed his pencil to give his hands something to do besides sketch and listened with half an ear as he eyed a bird perched on the windows ledge.

At the sliding grind of a door his soft, fluffy black ears twitched over towards the noise, his eyes following a second later as his thin black tail twitched in curiosity. Who was disturbing class now? Another aide coming to call out a student? Or maybe a teacher with some files?

What walked through shocked him and he caught himself staring, although his face remained completely blank and looked more to be eyeing the teen up more then anything.

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Harken ran down the halls, his pierced ears flat as he skidded to a stop in front of the class he was late to. On his first day. He straightened out his appearance before walking in calmly, biting his lip as he waved shyly, all eyes on him now.
"U-Um, hi," he greeted. The teacher nodded and called him up. He flicked his white bangs out of his eyes, the longer strands of hair in front of his shoulders, and his silver pierced, white ears perked, tail swaying behind him.

He caught wind of some girls giggling, making comments about his appearance. Wearing all black made his white coloring stand out more. He had black skinny jeans with chains down the sides, and a black tank top, showing off his arms and shoulders. He knew he looked hot. People didn't need to point it out.

Once in front of the class, he spun of his heel to face them.
"I'm Harken, I uh... just moved here from Tokyo, so yeah," he greeted, waving. The teacher smiled at the 15 year old and pointed to a desk with a black eared male.
"You can sit beside Belle,"
"M'kay," Harken nodded, strolling over to this 'Belle' person. He swayed his hips, giving a mice show to any on-lookers. One of which, he noticed, being his new seat partner.
"Heya," he greeted.
The boy was... too proud.. He seemed like that kind that would bug him inncessantly about whatever, although he wouldn't want to say much anyways, but he didn't want to listedn to his life story either. He strutted like a proud peacock on full display and that made him annoyed, although on the outside, all he did was wave a little.

"Nice to meet you." He murmured robotically before going beack to ignoring the entire class and that overly flashy boy next to him.
Harken was surprisingly quiet through most of the class, only humming a little as he got bored. He finished what little work was given to him, and when the bell rang to signal the end of class, he sighed.
"Oya... Belle! That's your name, right? Un, what class do you have next?" he asked, standing up and grabbed his messenger bag.
He looked over at him blankly, feeling a bit surprised the guy had staid quiet all of class and decided that maybe he wasn't as irritating as he thought. "Civics." He mumbled softly in that ever monotonous tone. Then he grabbed his bag and headed for the door at a sedate pace, unlike the other's who'd bolted out the door like their tails were on fire. The thought made his tail flick with amusement, electric blue eyes looking about him. Now, where was that class again? If he remebered correctly.... He began to walk down the hall with a bit of purpose in his stride.
"Oy! Wait up!" Harken shouted, running after the boy and almost falling when he came to a sudden stop beside him.
"Um, I have that class too... mind if I walk with you?" he asked, tilting his ears back cutely, looking up at the slightly taller neko.
"I mean... if you don't mind," he added, smiling uncertainly.
"You see, I just moved here from an island, so I have no idea where I'm going," he chuckled.
He looked over, nodding slightly and continued on his way, a little pleased that the teen wasn't being a snobbish brat. He perferred the students who were like that very much. He pulled his glasses out of the pocket in his shirt and slid them on and suddenly nothing was blurry anymore and he could read the room numbers.

He looked over his shoulder a little to see if the flashy,, silver haired teen was keeping up before turning a corner and quickly moving down the stairs, ears pressing back in annoyance from his sneakers squeaking obnoxiously on the floor.
Harken followed, having slight difficulty keeping up. Not only did he walk slow, but he walked slow because he was clumsy. He paused a moment when they reached the stairs. His mortal enemy. He sighed before going down as quickly as he could, stumbling repeatedly. He held on to the railing once he reached the landing, going on to the second half of the stairs. He almost made it.

Falling forward after reaching the last step, he ran into Belle, knocking the black eared male down with him.
"Gah! I-I'm so sorry!" he apologized, suddenly feeling less and less confident on his first day.
He groaned in pain, ears pressing flat against his aching head as he got up and eyes the other carefully before leaning over and flicking him firmly on the nose to show his annoyance. "Watch your step klutz. Now come on, we have class." He held out a hand, eyes sparkling with a touch of humor. This boy wasn't so bad after all, even enemies with gravity. How cute.
Harken scrunched his eyes together when his nose was flicked, opening one, then the other, when he saw the hand and took it. He noticed the gleam of humor in the eyes he had pegged as emotionless, and couldn't help but blush, his ears falling back in embarrassment. He took the hand offered and got up, steadying himself before following the blond again, greeted by the new people in this class. The teacher here looked a little... excited. Hyper. All of the above. It was kind of scary.
"Well, you must be new!" the male greeted, hopping over to him.
"Go sit down, Belle, we need to introduce the new student!" he shouted, practically dragging Harken to the front of the room.
Belle rolled his eyes and walked to his seat in the back of the room, hands moving up to adjust his... not ther glasses... He frowned and patted his pocket, no, it wasn't there... Oh shit...

He groaned and slammed his face on the desk. They were on the stairs somewhere, most likely broken. He was... really and truely screwed. Without those the words on the boar would grow so blurry they'd dissappear, no matter how much he squinted. Stupid bad eyes... stupid Harken... stupid stairs...

His ears laid flat against his head and his tail thrashed, his face staying blank even though he was quite upset on the inside. Now how on earth was he going to do his assignments or learn anything?!
Harken said the exact same thing he did in his previous class. He would have been put beside some female waving at him, but asked to be beside Belle, since he had already sat by the boy before.
"Why, hello again," Harken greeted, smiling brightly, flicking his silver/white hair from his eyes.
"Uh... you okay?" he asked, noticing a thrashing tail.
He snapped his head up, face still blank. "I can't find my glasses. I need them to see anything further then a foot from me." He said, once again, his voice inflectionless. "I'm sure they fell off when you fell over."
Harken's ears fell back again, his shoulder's pulled up to his chin. Now he felt dumb, and shameful.
"I'm, so sorry!! I-I can, um... tell you what the board says. I'm so sorry, I feel really bad now," he said, hitting his head against the desk.
He wanted to growl at him and instead whapped him over the head. "Stop making a scene and destroying braincells please." He said slowly, even though he wished to snap it out. "Now write everything down on that board and I will copy your notes." He stared at the white eared teen the rest of class, making sure his attention never wandered. Now he'd have to take up another shift to scrounge up the money for new glasses... He began to plan out how he'd be able to manage his eating expenses and laundry, then visit his parents in the home... and homework... ugh then maybe if he trimmed a few dollars off of eating he could pay the bills and still be able to get glasses in the next month. Good. Now he'd make this guy repay his stupidity by taking note for him when they had class together, and would have to ask the teachers for copies at the end.

He heaved a sigh, looking tired and worn out, like he was middle aged and not teenaged. He may have to apply to another job too. Just what he needed...
"Hey, um... If you need new glasses, my uncle makes them. I could get you some for real cheap..." Harken offered, writing all the notes he saw.
"And, uh... since those probably cost a lot, I'll pay off my dept, like, even if I have to get a job... I just feel really bad," 'no, you think he's cute and don't want the cute guy to hate you,' the little voice corrected him, and he scoured.
"So... whaddya say?"
"Cheap?" Well, how could he say no to cheap! "Sure." He felt better now. He looked over and saw how apologetic the guy was. Maybe he could give the kid a chance...? Maybe. It was a definate maybe. "After school, can you take me to him?"
"Ah, yeah! Of course! I think he's visiting my dad though, so we won't be able to see him until after, but yeah," Harken smiled, flicking his bangs out of his face yet again.
"So, uh.... where are you from?"
"France." He murmured. This kid was getting in his good graces... and he really did stand out even when he did his best not to. So he wasn't from anywhere near here, obviously.
"Really?! Wow, have you ever actually seen France? I've always wanted to go..." Harken trailed off, giving Belle the notes he had taken.
"Um, are these good?" he asked, ears set back. He wasn't his usual self. Usually he was confident, not letting anything get to him. Maybe he had developed a little crush?