Hearthbrin War Effort

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    Hearthbrin War Effort


    In cold Hearthbrin, northern continent in the world of Noroth, humans and other civilized races have long struggled to establish colonies despite the “barbaric” inhabitants of the chilly land. These colonies are often besieged by enemy war bands, but the rich resources and the ancient relics to be found are often worth the frontier lifestyle. However, recent troubles have required the settlers and the outlying tribes to fight side by side as often as against one another.

    Abarad Hessta, a priest of Indulgia, has claimed the warm caves of Hearthbrin as his holy temple and is attempting his own apotheosis. His goal is to become Indulgia’s lover, a great god in his own right. He will stop at little to do so and his first offerings were in blood. His next will be the lands and peoples of Hearthbrin itself, subjugated and captive.

    But the races of the world are rallying against him, fighting back on great battle fronts. Once meager settlements and tribal areas have become front line arming stations, great walls, and bustling craft cities. While elves and catfiends attempt to keep some nature in the great towns, others push for wartime progress. Most cities belong to one of the many factions, but the city of Ladriva, a walled and magically warmed city just twenty miles back from the front lines and on a fjord coastline, is a melting pot for races and factions. It is here supplies are gathered, councils meet, and the war effort is fueled and plotted. And should the front lines fall, it is here the last stand of Hearthbrin will be held.

    This game takes place in the world of Noroth, the same world the Hollow Vale game takes place in. The games are separate but may subtly influence one another. Please check back to this OOC regularly as it will be updated with new information.


    In Ladriva, efforts are being made to gather scrap metal and old belongings to forge new weapons and shells. A great rally is being held, but with all of the varying factions crowding the streets more than normal, tensions are running high. When rumors begin to spread that the Nyshta Skies, a group of ariel mercenaries currently hired by Abarad, are visiting the town to perhaps change sides, those tensions start to mount. Are the guard really going to allow these Skies into town? Are the Skies really just a mercenary group or are they spies or infiltrators?

    This session will be a highly social and dramatic session. Future sessions may involve drama and combat, but this session should include only minimal combat. Please make a character you will enjoy playing, as you will likely be playing them again. I do require you to run your character by me before playing so I know how to tailor the plot. You may play someone from any of the various factions and species in the playable list. They must be part of the faction they originate from or a settler group or other political entity. You may not play one of Abarad’s standard or special troops. Anyone wishing to play one of the Nyshta Skies must clear it with me and must be available to plot.

    Acceptable races:

    Humans (open)
    These innovative creatures pride themselves on politics and technology. They are especially good at making war. Humans can belong to any faction they choose to ally themselves with, though most will side with Barrivin Kingdom. Humans are tenacious settlers in Hearthbrin and it was they who had the first settlement where Ladriva now stands. They are not built for the cold and thus wear heavy furs and leathers over their armor when leaving Ladriva.

    Elves (open)
    Shorter than human by a few inches on average, these delicate creatures are nature loving and proud. They consider themselves the oldest race on Noroth. Some scholars claim they are actually descended from dwarves and fae, though. The elves deny this with their last breath and scowl if it is even mentioned in passing. Elves are allied to the Great Wardenship and take their duty of watching over the world seriously. Sometimes a bit too seriously.

    Dwarves (open)
    Dwarves are arguably the true oldest race of the world, fae being from another world entirely. Dwarves are impeccable crafters and have joined the war effort as much to show off their weaponsmithing and armor craft as to protect their mountainous homes. In fact, they dislike being in such an open place, especially with aerial troops nearby. Dwarves prefer their feet on the ground-- and everyone else’s there as well. They are generally allied to King Dojoth Stoneheel, no matter where they hail from.

    Fae (open)
    From the Green World, some fae have chosen to live in Noroth. They are all magical but very physically delicate. Despite this, some fae don armor and fight, but the most use magics and stay behind the lines, lobbing spells. Fae are allied to no one in particular. They live for magic, it is their calling, and they will generally pick a group to bond with and stay with that faction unless given good reason to leave. Fae are taller than humans and have long, leaflike wings. They can come in many skintones, from blue to green to red.

    Gnomes (open)
    Shorter even than dwarves, gnomes are even better at technology than humans. Their similar lifespans are believed to be the drive behind building bigger and better things. Whereas humans are good at making war machines, gnomes are particularly good at making other types of useful gear. Some employ fae, whose magic can enchant their goods to become even better. Gnomes are generally allied to the dwarven king Stoneheel or to a trade guild.

    Insectoids (open)
    Bipedal with one set of three fingered hands and one set of scything talons, these fierce insects were once a tiny race before magically enlarging themselves. Now standing close to eight feet tall, they are fiercely loyal to those they side with. At the moment, the Insectoids are allied to the Orcish Queen Mashadva. They are exceptional at working with textiles and many are employed to make the banners for the war effort.

    Goblinoids (open)
    Goblinoids are varied races all allied with the orcs. The Orc Queen Mashadva rules with an iron fist, trusting only her closest advisors. Orcs are generally better fighters than mages, but there are exceptions. Goblins are more likely to be mages or thieves and, though the orcs tolerate them, they rarely trust them. The good thing about goblins is they breed quickly. The bad thing about goblins is they breed quickly.

    Centaurs (open)
    Centaurs are generally tribal, though some have allied with the elves in stewardship of the world. Great archers and wonderful foresters, they are fleet of foot but not at home in cities. Contrary to what one might think, they are absolutely fine with horses being used as work animals (there are a few extreme exceptions like Kirkus Vanifey, who believes all hoofed creatures should be free). Centaurs are exceptional makers of wooden weapons and are surprisingly skilled lapidaries.

    Kobolds (open)
    Small, scaled, and chittering, kobolds aren’t on anyone’s list of immediate friends. However, their skill as trapmasters, spies, and thieves has earned them a place in the war effort. They are unfortunately rather racist and tend to work only with other kobolds. This very fact has prompted the quick rise through the ranks of a very tactical (and surprisingly diplomatic) kobold leader named K’thish. He is a general in the war effort and his advice on the council is invaluable. He also ensures, both through other kobolds and handpicked subordinates of other races, that the kobolds do their jobs with minimal griping or stealing.

    Catfiends (open)
    Somewhere between a komodo dragon and a large cat, the bipedal catfiends are heavily furred on most of their body. However, the skin beneath the fur is actually scaled, leading scholars to believe that the catfiends arose via odd experiment or chaos magic at the beginnings of their existence. Whatever they once were, they are now tribal, reverent of spirits, and make amazing shamans. Despite a fierce appearance and very independent natures, they will listen to others if those others aren’t trying to steal their land. Unfortunately, Ladriva itself is built on one of their ceremonial huntgrounds and they help the war effort only with the understanding that someday they will get their land back. There are two schools of thought developing, a more colonial acceptance in some of the younger generation and a fierce adherence to the old ways, the latter being wider spread. Those catfiends in Ladriva answer to War Leader Anfos Firepaw, a member of the council.

    Noroth World Details

    Noroth (open)

    The world of Noroth is an intricate place, full of many peoples trying to live in various states of war and harmony. Four major continents and a handful of large islands dominate the world along with five oceans.

    Geography and inhabitants

    The four major continents of Noroth are:
    Barrivin- Home to humans, elves, dwarves, “good” fae, gnomes, and werecreatures. This mountainous continent has many coastal inlets and steep valleys. The peoples here are more political, though they will declare war if needed. It is situated in the northeast portion of the map.
    Irrishkin- Home to insectoids, goblins of various sorts, humans, centaurs, and giants. This continent is varied, going from heavy plains to swamps to steep mountains and sheer cliffs. The peoples here range from warlords to tribal. It is situated on the southwest portion of the map.
    Hearthbrin- Home to gnolls, kobolds, owlbears, Catfiends, and merfolk just off the shores. This continent is cool, with long, hard winters and mild summers. It is situated on the extreme northwest portion of the map. This wild northern wilderness is difficult to survive in. The merfolk care little for ground dwellers except as a chance meal, gnolls, kobolds, and owlbears tend toward violence, and the tribal Catfiends (who look like a cross between a cougar and a komodo dragon) dislike anyone intruding upon them in the name of progress.
    Dashkos- Home to fae, elves, and centaurs. This continent is pleasantly tropical with volcanic ranges and black sand beaches. It is in the extreme east just south of the equator. Each of the peoples who have moved to this paradise live by their own rules, common towns for nonnative species being cutthroat and often controlled by the black market and pirates.


    Magic is varied, anything from light and life magic to necromancy. There are so many schools of magic that they will be detailed in sections where they are most prevalent. The biggest schools of magic are Fae Sorcery, Life Magic, and the Holy Arts.


    The dominant religion of Noroth is that of the Sun Lord and the Moon Maiden. Hailing from the Gold World, the Sun Lord and Moon Maiden are great dragon gods who have taken on the burden of caring for the mortal world. While there are many other dragon gods, only a few deal specifically with the races of Noroth. The Sun Lord and Moon Maiden are the masters of Light and the Tides. Dealing directly with them or even one of their mortal dragon emissaries is dangerous and as likely to land you on a deadly mission as it is to grant you a boon.

    There are many other demigods and tribal deities that interact with the species of Noroth; these will be discussed in the various regions and peoples sections.


    Politics vary by region. The world is in a constant state of change with borders being rewritten by geographic shifts, war, intrigue, marriage, and betrayal.

    THE OTHER WORLDS (You will not be playing in these, but your magic is drawn from them)

    The Black World (open)
    The black world- A parallel world of shadows that is a warped reflection of Noroth and used by practitioners of shadow and stealth magic. Home to the Demigod Veil. It is not an evil world, just one of stealth, subtlety, and whispered songs. Thieves and shadow mages both draw their magics from here. Invisibility is an oft bestowed power from this realm with shadow walking being rarer. Other powers include shadow form (ephemeral form), evasive shadows (harder to hit), and Fleeting Shadows (quicker than usual at casting or fighting).

    The Grey World (open)
    The grey world- The world of the dead, ghosts, spirits, and necromantic magic. Used both by shamans doing ancestral work and necromancers raising the dead. It is a neutrally aligned world and is a place to go before reincarnation. Home to the Demigod Shroud. This world is dangerous as the lure of peace can captivate the spirit worker and pull her in if she is not careful, causing dangerous illness or death.

    The Green World (open)
    The green world- A parallel world of fae and wild magic used by those who practice sorcery or faerie magics. Home to the demigoddess Blaze and the demigod Ash. This world is a lush and magical paradise and almost every action is magical. Fae who choose to leave give up the majority of their powers while in Noroth or other realms and only regain them upon returning for a full 24 hours. Sorcery, wizardry, and bardsong draw their powers from this realm.

    The Blue World (open)
    The blue world- A parallel world of questions and answers along with dreams and prophecy. Using the blue world can lead to madness if overdone. Home to the divine prophet Argaras, who was once a seer of great skill as a mortal before his apotheosis. Any magic to do with prophecy, pre or retro cognition, dreaming and prophecy comes from this world. Many wizards work both with green and blue magic.

    The Gold World (open)
    The gold world- A parallel world of dragons, light and blessings, beautiful but dangerous as the energies tend to burn through one if overused. Used to a lesser degree by clerics and those who channel holy magic, to a greater degree by those who use straight life magic. Home to the Sun Lord and Moon Maiden and the Dragon Council. This world’s magic can be addicting and beautiful and deadly even as it heals.

    The Violet World (open)
    The violet world- a parallel world of excess, where debauchery, pestilence, gluttony, disease, and indulgence run wild. This magic must be harnessed very carefully so as to only gain the boosts one wishes. Used by divine whores, blight doctors, vermin masters, etc. Home to the demigoddess Indulgia, this world is a constant temptation for sinners and the weak willed. It is not evil, however, and some such as divine whores provide a great service with its magic.

    The Red World (open)
    The red world- a parallel world of ingenuity and war and darker creatures such as demons and will sprites as well as divine protectors who war constantly with the darker influences. Used by battle mages and clerics as well as both holy and unholy leaders alike. It is also a world of invention and the better war machine. Home to the demon prince Varin and the archangel Victoria. Magic of the red world is damaging and warlike. Some wizards even embrace this magic and become war sorcerers or the like.

    Your magic may overlap several worlds. Even those with no magic sometimes have allegiance. There are theories that berserkers draw strength from the red world, for instance. A thief bard will have black and green magic. Items can be imbued with other worldly magic, as well, so keep that in mind.


    1) No godmodding.
    2) Keep fights fair. If you don’t know how to do turn based chat fighting, let me know. I will run over it before the game starts.
    3) You are welcome to make powerful characters within reason. I have final say of what is too powerful. You don’t have to be of the same level as other characters, but you shouldn’t be able to do everything, either.
    4) This goes for skills, too. You cannot be a master of all trades.
    5) Those who are going to play must also remain in an OOC chat. This is so that we can facilitate smooth gameplay and handle any disputes or questions.
    6) Do not try to break or distract from the storyline. It’s there for a reason.
    7) Each episode will focus on different people. Everyone will get to play, but don’t be surprised if you have to wait a while to bring your full storyline in.
    8) I will provide teasers for each new episode. In cases where there are time skips, feel free to RP or write about what your character does between episodes.
    9) Character sheets must be filled out by your second session.
    10) I am the GM. That means I am god for this. I will be playing powerful NPCs, messing your characters up, and doing what is necessary to move the story along. If you cannot handle this, don’t play. That said, I won’t kill characters unless it is either exceedingly necessary or I’ve talked to you about it OOC and you’ve okayed it.


    You may use this sheet or come up with one of your own.

    Talents and Gifts:
    Important Gear:

    Unformatted version

    Talents and Gifts:
    Important Gear:
  2. Put me down for this,

    Name: Wrathful Onxy Hymn

    Age: 28


    Occupation: Musician and Mercenary

    Onyx's story starts with his Murder, he mistakenly bedded a married woman and was killed in anger by her husband.

    From the culvert he was dumped in, dark powers contacted him while he was somewhere between life and death, and made him an offer. Serve them, and and he'd have vengeance. He accepted and was very creative in exacting it. He performed for the city, and used his new found power to drive the man who killed him to kill his friends, family, and even his wife, before returning his sanity, causing him to take his own life in grief. His new masters were pleased.

    Talents and Gifts:
    Dark Musician - Onyx's music can evoke the baser human emotions such as; Rage, Lust, Sorrow and Fear into his audience, moreover he can direct this ability as he wishes, targeting only a portion of his audience, or even a single person should he be so inclined. While he has the ability to Inspire his listeners with joy, courage, and other such positive emotions, he gains a certain stigmata from his dark masters for doing so. His performance is also so compelling that only the strongest of will dare interrupt him.

    Necromantic Harmonics - Well into Onyx's performance the dead will start to rise, though they can only rise at night and will only last for that night.

    Undying -Having already Died once, Onyx is can take a royal beating before finally going down, his natural durability is comparable to a fully armored knight.

    Onyx is cold, though not unapproachable, and those that stay around him quickly learn that he's possessed of a phenomenal self control, shrugging off blatant insults as if they were nothing.

    Onyx's desires redemption, though he cannot openly move in defiance of his masters. His only hope for redemption comes in the Very evil he commits, He can only hope to create enough noise, that it will attract a hero to come and stop him, and burn the darkness out of his soul, so he can begin to make amends.

    A Dark Musician travels, selling his skills to the highest bidder before turning on those he once served, the rare survivors report mass paranoia and sedition, and growing tension, turning soldier against commander, citizen against ruler, and even brother against brother before the great crescendo, when the dead rise up to take the living.

    Important Gear:
    Soulsteel Gituarklave - It is essentially a hybrid of a magical broadsword and electric guitar, It's sound provokes Rage and Animal Passion in it's listeners, with a minimal exertion of magical energy he can amplify the instrument properties to fill an large amphitheater with sound.
  3. WIP!

    Name: Cassadel Broyka

    Age: 158
    Appearance: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/311/2/d/kayrun_the_blood_elf_warrior_by_xxmirrorximagexx-d4fec19.jpg
    Occupation: Stable-hand
    Talents and Gifts:
    Personality: Brash, arrogant. Jock-type. but may have a soft side.
    Important Gear:
  4. GMK, contact me over skype and we can go over some ideas for fitting your character in.

    Everyone else who is interested, I'm thinking to do this the night of Wednesday, the 27th. Will this work and if so, what time? I'm leaning toward seven central but that can change.
  5. Moving the game to Tuesday the fifth at seven central. I know you guys don't have to have character sheets in yet, but please let me know if you are coming so I know how many to expect.
  6. Because apparently I cannot edit my original post at the moment, here's information on Ladriva City.

    Ladriva City (open)
    Ladriva City

    Driving the war effort in Hearthbrin is Ladriva City, a cosmopolitan melting pot of culture and all that comes with that, including drama, racism, dispute, and a barely held together alliance against a common enemy. Ladriva itself is a shining, silvery stoned symbol of the war effort. It is here that supplies are organized and sent to the front, it is here that weapons are forged and clothing stitched. Here, hunters and fishers set forth into the surrounding lands to help feed the armies and the peoples of the City. Caravans of crops come through Ladriva to be prepped into war rations that will be carried in every hungry soldier’s pack. Short term medical facilities care for those too wounded to stay on the front lines and soldiers who are on leave often come to Ladriva for entertainment, companionship and rest at one of the city’s establishments. There are hostels and barracks, shops and tradesmen of all sorts. All assumedly working for the war effort.

    A mere ten miles from the war front itself, though this varies some each day, Ladriva City is protected fourfold. The first two layers of protection are the city’s double wall, which also serves as storage space and on duty barracks between the two thick layers of wall, and the soldiers and guards who man the wall and the bay. The other two layers are the magical shield that not only protects the city proper but also regulates the climate within so the frigid Hearthbrin doesn’t make the effort that much harder on civilian volunteers and the aerial corps that patrol on winged horses.

    Within the city, there is a mix of cultures. While the architecture is predominantly human, dwarven, and elvish, there are influences from each of the several species that live within. Each species has its own area of heightened presence within the city. Some kobolds, catfiends, and fae have set up tent villages around Ladriva, while the rest of their people stick to their own sections. The majority of residents find a great deal of work to occupy them. Thus, crime is less than one would initially assume in such a city and poverty is low. However, crime is not nonexistent.

    There is a known black market in Ladriva. At one point, a section of northwestern wall was compromised and, rather than completely restore it, a new section was built around it. This remnant of two layer wall, surrounded by a new, single layer on the outside, is home to a thriving black market. Here, everything one could want for spells, weapons, and illegal goods can be found. Though the war council knows of its existence, the black market causes relatively little trouble to the War Effort and has in fact been useful from time to time.

    To the central south, the War Citadel looms, a shimmering edifice with blunt corners and watch spires. It is no doubt that this is where the power in town rests, and guards and soldiers are on constant patrol. Here, the War Council meets and lives. Here, their advisors and couriers and visiting nobles will find work to be done. It is very rare that something isn’t happening within the War Citadel. Not every member of the Council is always there. Very often, a representative sits in while the general or leader goes out on the battlefront to inspire troops.

    Just to the east of town, beyond the walls, down a steep cliff and protected by harbor walls of its own is the harbor. Here, fishing and warships prepare to sail or return with tired soldiers or hauls of fresh catch. Leading down the cliff walls are steep paths, but these have been augmented by pulley elevators to haul supplies and troops. There are marine and naval barracks built into the base of the cliffs and numerous pulleys, hoists, and other gear sits upon the docks. The curving walls extend partially into the sea, and are mounted with cannon and other long range, anti ship and anti air weapons.

    Toward the gate to the north of town, the barracks spread out from the wall, holding more soldiers either in training or waiting to be sent to the front. Near the northern and wall barracks, pubs and brothels have become common, though these sit back from the main northern road into town. Nearest this central northern road, there are several shops, though this isn’t the market proper. Along this road and near the central part of town is also the hospital, across from which is the medical training center.

    Coming into town from the north, before one reaches the center of town, one will run into a large tent colony of the type mentioned above. Past this, there is the center of town. This is the administrative center, housing for nobles and other wealthy people who do not stay in the citadel, and meeting halls for public reservation.

    To the northeast, there is residential housing for the families and off duty soldiers who prefer houses to tents. Following along the wall, one comes to the eastern quarter, which is comprised of food packaging, goods and services distribution and the quartermaster’s office, the marketplace and the best restaurants. To the east southeast, fletching, artisan crafts, and specialty stores exist. Continuing to the southeast is residential housing and various necessary businesses for the town’s civilian residents aside from the dwarves, tent dwellers, and those who live above their shops.

    The southern road is lined in shops that cater to newcomers and soldiers arriving for their first or a return foray into the war effort. This thick line of shops serves a more important business, though, separating the residential areas from the southwestern guild headquarters. These headquarters and their associated buildings, training grounds, etc. fuel the business and independent soldiers of Ladriva and give them places to meet and discuss items. It is very important to ally with a guild if one wishes to become a productive merchant or craftsman. Or even other, less savory professions.

    As one enters from the south, two huge buildings dominate the curved road at the end of the main southern road. One of these is the War Citadel, while just to the east of this is the smaller, but still impressive, temple to the Sun Lord and Moon Maiden. This temple is made of a pale yellow stone that is found nowhere else in the city and was imported by the clerics of the temple at a cost that has raised some political hackles.

    To the west, the manufacturing district emits plumes of smoke from foundries and smithies that are carried, along with textile fumes and other effects of production, out of the city by the incoming ocean winds. Due to the proximity to the ocean, timing is strictly regulated and evening manufacturing is discouraged because of the prevailing easterly evening winds as opposed to the westerly day winds. Even so, the town often smells of remnants of smoke and chemicals in the evening.

    The northwest is predominantly dwarven housing, however, there are also many tent villages. This leads to conflict between the proud dwarves and the prouder catfiends and has lead to many a tavern scuffle between the two races.

    Along the walls, as well as outside them, large scale weaponry sits ready for any invasion. Signal fires are ready to be lit upon the walls at any time they are necessary. Horns also sit high on the walls to act as alarms should attack come. At the midpoint between each set of cardinal directions, a mage’s tower sits, complete with library, the mages within practicing their art and contributing to the magic that powers the city’s shield. Throughout the city, various churches, temples, and shrines to the many demigods and angels can be found.

  7. Name: Loxa Ven

    Age: 34

    Appearance: Loxa is lean with well muscled legs. She is of average height for a human female, making her one of the shorter members of the Nyshta Skies. Dark tan skin is relatively free of scars, but years of flying horseback has left her face pitted and lined. Only when she smiles does one realize she isn’t closer to her early fourties than mid thirties. This impression of greater age is aided by the fact that more of her hair is silver than black. It is rumored this is one reason she keeps it cut short. Loxa’s eyes are faded green and ringed by thick lashes. Bold eyebrows are often drawn together in a grimace that has been trained into her expression by years of squinting. She wears a wedding ring on her left hand along with an engagement ring with three settings, one of which is missing its stone. Loxa can usually be seen in the blue dyed leather of the Nyshta Skies, however she does wear other clothing when not on official business.

    Occupation: As second in command of the Nystha Skies, Loxa’s main job is making sure everyone is doing what they should be. She general sits out most political meetings, her only allegiance being to the Skies. Her job is to make sure Glaver Sky’s orders are carried out.

    History: Loxa was born in Mountainshore. She grew up in the city, fascinated by the adventure stories she read. For the longest time, she fully intended to be a bard but found she didn’t have the patience to actually write the wild stories in her head or to memorize history. So she turned to her second interest, breeding horses. In doing so, as a young woman she became quite a skilled rider, a skill that transferred to riding flying horses. This was noticed by Keresh Sky, then leader of the Nyshta skies, who recruited the young woman. By this time, Loxa was yearning for adventure and the life of a mercenary was exciting. Though she found it was less adventure and more grit, she stuck with it, not in small part due to Keresh’s son, Glaver. The two fell deeply in love, conducting their affair in secret. However, the Skies fell out of favor with the local Lord who owned the land their base rested on. In an attempt to forge a political alliance, twenty three year old Loxa was offered as bride to the Lord’s youngest son, twenty year old Grafda. Grafda himself is not the most savvy and had very little in the way of looks or personality and thus had few marriage prospects at all. Furious at both Keresh and Glaver, she nearly left the skies, but her loyalty outweighed her anger and Glaver assured her he still loved her. She went along with the marriage, taking time from her career to give birth to two children, a daughter and a son, at age twenty-five and twenty-seven. Though the daughter is very clearly Grafda’s, the son favors Loxa and could very well be Glaver’s. Soon after her son was born, Glaver was found in the bed of another woman, an elf named Trinix who he later wed. She died two years later in childbirth and he has yet to take another wife. Loxa still loves Glaver, but it is clear the love is unrequited. He has moved on and though he commands her loyalty, he does not hold her heart. Glaver now leads the Nyshta skies, Keresh having died in battle five years ago. His decisions haven’t been the best, and now he seems to be trying to remedy that. Loxa’s daughter is now nine, her son is about to turn seven, and she hasn’t seen either for more than a few days time in three years. Though she is a noble, she doesn’t advertise it outside of her homeland unless she has to, going by Loxa Ven rather than her official name of Lady Loxa of Scour’s Glen and keeping her identity as a noble a secret so that she and her husband are not hung as traitors for her mercenary work and his connections.

    Talents and Gifts: She’s an expert sky rider. She also has quite a talent with a wand or crossbow.

    Personality: Serious when on the clock, she nonetheless has a sense of humor and the ability to relax when not working. She’s lived most of her adult life as a mercenary and noble’s wife and chooses to stay out of political or religious arguments. She doesn’t disbelieve in the gods, she just chooses to avoid them.

    Secret: She hates Abarad and would genuinely like to see him fall. She hopes that Glaver does something to get the Skies out of their deal with Hessta. She is married to a minor noble and is thus nobility herself though only through marriage.

    Rumors: She’s actually in Ladriva to assassinate one of the war council. Which one varies with which rumor is currently being spoken. She keeps her hair short to hide the grey. She lost her husband in a freak accident. She’s actually married to Glaver Sky.

    Important Gear: Flying horse, tackle, safety harness, wands of fire, ice, and webbing, saber, leather flying armor, crossbow, bolts, a good deal of money, noble’s signet which she keeps hidden.

    Second character/glorified NPC

    Name:Kenithus Silver, the Fallen

    Age: 56

    Appearance: Kenithus is an older gentleman with a bald head and many battle scars. His face is a tapestry of thick, twisted scars on the left side, as though something tore into his face in a very unorganized manner. These scars miss his neck but continue down his upper left arm. The scars are pale against sun tanned skin and are not the only ones. Numerous smaller scars map across his body. Kenithus has hazel eyes and often wears an expression of sorrow on a plain face. His most prominent feature is a hawklike nose. He stands straight and tall at 6’3. However, he often walks with his head bowed and wears only simple, coarse robes belted with a plain rope. No shoes adorn his feet unless he must leave the city. Though he usually carries no weapon, he does carry The Book of Light and Reflection, a thick holy tome used by devotees of the Sun Lord.

    Occupation: Paladin Combat Trainer

    History: Kenithus was a great and renowned soldier in the last Great War. As a paladin, he was a shining force of the Sun, a defender of the innocent, and a sworn man of good and justice. He’d spent his life training and was one of the Church’s most well known heroes. However, during the war, he was sent on a mission to destroy an enemy’s base with a force of other paladins. Intel underestimated the force that awaited them and Kenithus saw his men, his friends and brothers, cut down around him with no chance of survival. Kenithus threw aside his sword, instructing the survivors of his force to do the same. They were taken prisoner and underwent great torture. Only he and two others survived til an exchange of prisoners sent him home. But by then, Kenithus’s powers had fled him. His remorse was so strong, his guilt so much that not a spark of the Sun Lord’s gift came to his call. Rather than pursue another path, he fled, seeking answers, seeking peace. Peace, or at least a semblance of it, came with the life of a penitent man, walking the world unarmed and devout and without a shred of power or pride. His faith is strong, he has found forgiveness with the Church, and yet his power remains lost. He has finally returned to civilization, be it the furthest outlying bits of it he can find. He now trains paladins in mundane combat, should they ever find their powers cut off for any reason. The only swords or weapons he lifts are training blades. He denies himself a real weapon.

    Talents and Gifts: Kenithus was once a paladin of the Sun Lord and might someday regain holy powers. He is very talented with blade and shield, however he uses them only to train others and keep himself in shape. He is skilled with words, if a bit harsh and zealous at times.

    Personality: Kenithus is a quiet man unless he finds the need to be loud. He chooses not to draw attention to himself, rather to come and go as needed, dispensing hard won wisdom to those he feels require it. He is very serious, hardly smiling, and can usually be found reading from The Book of Light and Reflection on the training grounds near the War Citadel.

    Secret: No one outside of the highest officers of the Church know just how his force was surrendered. The two survivors told no one that he gave them up. As far as the populace knows, he is a war hero. Most do not understand why he wears the robes of a penitent and he is unlikely to speak of it.

    Rumors: He murdered someone in cold blood, he fought a friend to the death, he performed an unforgivable sin, he fell in love with another soldier.

    Important Gear: A copy of The Book of Light and Reflection
  8. Name: Latnina "Cat" Faolain
    Age: 36
    Appearance: Latnina is a bit on the taller side for a human female, but, this puts her at just about the average height compared to the rest of the soldiers she has worked with. She is built on the heavier side as she has been building up muscle mass for quite a while now, however, more than a few hardships and the need to move fast has prevented her from becoming overly built. She has a soldiers tanned skin although she is naturally fair and while her face only has a couple small nicks the rest of her body has more than its fair share of scars. He hair is a dark brown and much to the amusement of many of her comrades she has keep it long throughout the years. Her eyes are also a dark brown, thickly lashed and set into almond shaped eyes. She is most often seem smiling or grinning but, when she thinks people aren't looking saddness will cross her face. As for clothes she just wears a thick tunic and woven pants, along with leather fur linned boots and a thick woolen cloak to keep out the winter chill.
    Occupation: She currently has no real job, she used to be a Captain in the army, leading a battalion (fondly called Only Luck by the soldiers), but, she resigned her post just before this war started.
    History: She grew up as the only child to a well known black smith and his wife. She was always a bit much for her parents to handle, always getting into trouble and running around with the other village children. She always thought of herself as an equal to any of the boys her age and so she was distressed to find that all of them got apprenticeships while she was expected to help her mother with the household chores. So one day she went to her dad and asked to be his apprentice, at first he just kind of laughed and told her to go back inside but, she refused. After insisting that he should judge only by her ability not by what he assumed he let her help him out in the forge. It was a lot of hard work and truth be told she was not very good at the blacksmithing part, but, she was relentless impressing her father. By the time she was 14 her muscles had grown strong with the work and her skin had become hardend by the heat. So when battle training was offered by one of the local Lords, Latnina was one of the first to arrive. It was hard but, after three years she completed her formal training and was drafted as a foot soldier into her home countries army. For six years she served as a common soldier before she was premoted, she spent the next four years moving her way through the ranks eventually she ended up at as commander of the 13 Battalion. It was during this time that she got her nickname "Cat", hanging out with some of her comrades in a bar when two other soldiers came up completely drunk and asked her what a "pretty little kitten" like her was during in the bar and then they tried to grab her. One ended up on the ground and the other ended up with his face pressed into the bar table and she said "I may look like a kitten but a cat always has claws" and it just kind of stuck. There she stayed until she met Tarnan, one of the Captains in the Battalion. For about a year she tried to keep things strickly professional but, their relationship grew and things became serious. It happened when she was about 32, she was scouting ahead with Tarnan and several others, leading her battalion back for a bit of rest, when they walked into an ambush. It was a brief but devistating fight at the end of which Tarnan lay dead and Latnina found herself sending back the rest of her scouting party while she rode hard for the nearest village. During the fight one of the rogues had struck her in the stomach and as she rode she could tell something was very wrong. By the end of the day she had lost two lives that of her would be husband and that of her unborn child. She took only a day of recovery and since she had stopped at a small out of the way village none of her soldiers knew what had happened. By the end of the week they were back in their barracks and Latnina resigned her post. She has lived the last few years in a small cottage outside of Ladriva's walls only about a half days ride from the city. She does often visit the city to meet friends, hang out with the soldiers, wander around a bit and maybe sparr a little with some of the new recruits. Since the start of the war she finds herself visiting more and more often helping out in whatever way she can even if she is very reluctant to take a more active role.
    Talents and Gifts: Getting along with common people. Highly skilled in sword play and other arts of war. Known to be a very good tactition. While she is not the best at all weapons she has trained enough that she is sufficient in the use of most.
    Personality:Latnina has always been very nice, a little blunt, prone to giving out tough lessons and even tougher love. She has many friends something that is good and bad when it comes to her previous line of work, but whenever she comes to the city you will see her go out of her way to check in with those she considers friends. As someone who has fought sexisim she is very respectful to all those she meets, however you better hold up you end of the deal as first impressions are very important to her and if you do something stupid you will have to really work at getting her respect back.

    Secret: She misscarried the child of one of her Captains. In her heart she wants to join the army again but, she needs something or someone to give her enough of a reason to come back.
    Rumors: That she once ate a cat while her battalion was stranded during winter and that is where she got her name. That she had an affair with someone on the War Council and that is why she left. That she killed one of the commanding Generals and so she was discharged.
    Important Gear: Her sword, Amran, her horse Lord Gradeo, a long bow and a quiver of arrows, her under armor that she was issued when she became a commander, and a standard issue soldiers pack which carries; basic dried provisions, some rope, twine, needle and thread, a basic med kit, blanket, a change of clothes, and a water proof cloak.
  9. Just a note, not sure if this made it in elsewhere. Ladriva City itself is very recently built, being established on Catfiend hunting grounds within the last ten years.
  10. Do not remember reading that but, that is an easy change. Latnina can have been employed by a king to the east of the continent and the 8th-14th Battalion have been moved to Ladriva to help with the war effort. And after the whole quitting thing she could have moved to Ladriva and now this craziness just happens to end up very close to home.
    How does that sound? (I will add the changes in tomorrow once I am at my computer, my phone is just being unreasonable).
  11. Sounds good, though most humans are allied to the main kingdom. That doesn't mean there can't be others, just that it's going to make politics that much more interesting. Sorry for not having more up world wise. Trying not to overwhelm everyone with everything at once.
  12. That's fine, and just on a side note I have never actually done a chat rp so I might need a bit of an over view to how its going to work.
  13. Name: Ninth

    Age: 237

    Appearance: Despite her age, Ninth looks young; with light green skin, brown hair and piercing, dark eyes, she is a spitting image of her mother. She is quite tall and her curviness attracts more attention than she would like. When relaxing, she is seen in robes and other than that, walks around wearing the garb of a soldier. One defining scar stands out, a healed-up wound starting from the middle of the breastplate, down to just above her belly. The other scars are tiny and long forgotten. Her wings are transparent, yet beautiful and intricately lined with darker green.

    Occupation: Wanderer

    History: Born in a land that thrives on magic, Ninth was a hopeful and bubbly Fae; her parents were excited about their new arrival and were proud parents. As she grew, more and more of her fellow Fae began to notice that she was not as adept as the others. Her ability to use magic was fleeting and it seemed to only flare up when she was sad or angry.

    This made her a laughing stock among her kind.

    Years of being ridiculed turned Ninth bitter, determined and angry; making up for her loss of magic, she started training with swords and her fists- becoming quite the adversary. She was still unprepared for the Great War and did not participate. When she turned 230, she left her home to seek more knowledge and possibly find out why her magic is useless. Years of wandering led her into town, where she started doing odd jobs and even made somewhat of a stable home.
    The magical spurts had worn off, it seemed and her existence was peaceful, until one day a thief pushed her buttons.

    Fueled by anger, she tried to harm the intruder and ended up starting fire to her home. All of her hard work was destroyed and in self-defeat, she simply sat there as her home burned. Willing (and hoping) to die in her failure, she simply closed her eyes and waited for the end. Surprisingly, she was saved by a lost (in her opinion!) Paladin, Kenithus and since waking, has vowed to help him as well as return the favor.

    Whether he wants it, or not.

    Talents and Gifts: Despite her attitude, Ninth can read people easily and can say do whatever is needed to please. She is skilled with hand-to-hand combat and is considered pretty handy with a sword.

    Personality: Ninth is outwardly stuffy and somewhat of a prude. She carries herself with an air of superiority. When she is alone or around those she knows well, Ninth can drop the façade and loosen up a bit; normally witty and sarcastic (which she blames on her age) enough to make anyone grin. She is quite smart and loves to learn, as well as teach.

    Secret: Even though she acts like she dislikes working with Kenithus, she chose to stay by his side, purely because she could tell he was lost. He saved her life and she feels that by giving him motivation and support, eventually, he will allow her to return the favor.

    Rumors: She destroyed an entire village in anger, the reason why her magic backfires is because of a curse, she once killed a man with her bare fists

    Important Gear: Silverglide, her sword, is almost always strapped to her back.
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  15. Name: Faydric Aureval

    Age: 87

    Show Spoiler

    Although several decades old, Faydric is still very young for an elf and appears to be barely out of boyhood. He stands at around 5'7 and his fair-colored hair reaches the middle of his back. Lithe and light of build, he has slender limbs and narrow shoulders. This along with his delicate facial features make him look somewhat feminine, but the icy steel in his pale grey eyes makes most people reconsider taking him lightly.

    Occupation: Mage/Advisor

    History: Hailing from Barrivin, Faydric grew up sheltered in the heart of the sylvan territories protected by the Great Wardenship. Although curious by nature, he had little reason to care about the affairs of the world at large until after he had come of age as an elf. By the time he had turned 45, an age which most humans and other races would consider well into adulthood, Faydric was only beginning to become aware that the outside world was much more complicated and less peaceful than the life he had known up until then. Border skirmishes between humans and elves were becoming more and more frequent as longstanding tensions between the two races seemed poised to lead to major conflict. Ultimately,the outcome of this tumultuous situation would permanently shape Faydric's perception of the world and the people in it, particularly in regard to humans.

    After a fire consumed part of the elves' forest and nearly destroyed some homes, evidence was discovered that appeared to indicate it was set deliberately. Suspicion immediately fell on the nearest human settlement, and after attempts at peaceful negotiations failed due to mutual distrust and decades worth of bad blood, the elves mobilized to besiege the humans' village. Over the weeks that followed, large-scale violence nearly broke out several times as the terms of the elven occupation grew progressively harsher. Both sides marshalled forces in anticipation of the clash that would lead to war, but it never came. In order to preserve the fragile peace between the two races, a treaty was formed to guarantee an end to hostilities. The conditions of this agreement, however, required that the villages involved in the outbreak of the conflict each select a group of young people from among their inhabitants as part of an "educational exchange". Although this was made out to be a great honor for the prospective "students" and publicly lauded as a way for both sides to learn each other's ways and thereby help to forge a long-lasting peace, many feared that these young villagers were basically being handed over as hostages or prisoners of war to ensure neither side would attempt to lash out against the other in the future. Despite these misgivings, it was inevitably concluded that this was most likely the best chance to establish peace and avoid bloodshed for the time being, and both sides relented to participate.

    As a student of magic regarded by many to be among the brightest of his generation, Faydric was selected to live among the humans for 10 years, after which he would return home. While he feared what might happen to him in the strange and unknown place to where he was headed, Faydric went along with the exchange out of his sense of duty to his village and his people. After saying goodbye to his family and relocating to the human village, Faydric almost immediately regreted his decision to go along with the plan. All the humans he met openly scorned him or at best treated him as if he didn't exist. In addition to this, he and the other young elves who had come with him were kept seperate from one another and not allowed to move about freely unescorted. Although his human hosts were sure to allow no harm to come to him or the others, it soon became apparent that his stay there would be spent in a gilded cage. The longer he remained among the humans, the more his resentment for their kind and their disregard for the world around them grew. His only solace during this time was the study of magic, and as time went on his anger and contempt for humans deepened considerably, always seething beneath the surface but never allowed to spill out and reveal him as anything more than a peaceful and compliant participant in a diplomatic ploy for the greater good of all.

    There was, however, one small light of hope and comfort that blessed Faydric's stay among the humans. It came in the form of a young servant girl named Tamarin who worked in the house where he stayed. She often delivered him meals as he studied alone in his room, and although at first both of them were too timid and mistrustful to talk to one another, they gradually struck up a friendship that made Faydric's sojourn somewhat more bearable. The two of them often traded stories of growing up in their respective environments, and Tamarin's unassuming kindness and willingness to listen might have even changed Faydric's outlook on human-elf relations. But one day towards the end of his stay in the village, it was discovered by the owner of the house that the two had grown close, and after that Tamarin was no longer allowed to visit or talk with Faydric. He spent the remainder of his last year among the humans completely isolated and alone, which only served to renew his disdain for the majority of humans once again.

    At long last, the time came for Faydric to return home. The day he departed the village was the last time he saw Tamarin. Their reunion proved bittersweet, as neither dared to reach out for the other in front of all the villagers that had gathered to see the elves off. As Faydric was carried away in the back of a wagon, he stared back at the one and only human he had ever cared for and closed that part of his heart off forever, knowing it would not serve him well to be overly sympathetic towards them now that he was rejoining his own kind. Once he returned home, he continued his magical studies and grew to be an accomplished and respected sorcerer.

    Many years later, as stirrings of war began in the far north of Noroth, the Wardenship called for the wisest and most experienced members of the elven community to gather and determine what their response would be to the situation in Hearthbrin. Once it was decided they would contribute to the war effort, Faydric was selected to serve as one of the Wardenship's advisors to the joint council in Ladrivas. Despite his relatively young age, they believed his experience living among humans would help to ease any tensions that might prevent the two races from working together harmoniously. Although not initially eager to deal with humans again, Faydric conceded that he might be able to help. And so he made the journey to Hearthbrin, where he has served the council ever since.

    Talents and Gifts: Faydric's talents lie mainly in statecraft and diplomacy. While hie is a gifted mage, it is his ability to mediate and diffuse contentious situations that make him useful to the council and the war effort. He often helps both sides of an argument to see the other's point of view, thereby easing conflicts and allowing negotiations to proceed more smoothly. As a result of his role as an advisor and representative, he has become skilled at maintaining a constant calm and professional demeanor. This means that he has to closely guard his own feelings and emotions so as to not jeopardize the important proceedings he takes part in.

    Personality: Faydric is seemingly a very withdrawn and uncaring individual. His brusqueness is often mistaken as him being cold or callous, but in fact it is all a part of a carefully constructed image he keeps up in order to prevent his own personal feelings from affecting his work. He is actually a very passionate and emotional person, but prefers not to let that show for fear that someone might use it against him. He bristles at anyone who doesn't respect the gravity of the things he deals with and he despises fools. This goes doubly for anyone who exhibits these qualities and also happens to be human.

    Secret: He often pays visits to Ladrivas' red light district to see someone

    Rumors: He has a half-human child. He sleeps with young male prostitutes. He likes to masquerade as a divine whore.

    Important Gear: Faydric has a large chest in his quarters where he keeps his personal belongings. These include a large collection of spell books as well as several different changes of robes.
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