Heart of Texas.

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  1. A rich city boy(gay) is forced to move to the country and live with a hillbilly(straight) and his mother. they go to school together by day and in the evening are put to work out on the farm. The obvious gay guy is often bullied as to where the hillbilly keeps to himself most of the time, besides talking to a few classmates here and there. He is stubborn and gets irritated real easily, at first he finds the boy to be a nuisance and annoying but he slowly finds himself falling in love with him, along the way refusing to believe himself to be gay but the more time around the city boy, the more he realizes the truth about himself.

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    Name: Ko Tanaka

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Personality/info: Very isolated from females but he associates with males in order to keep himself from being the outcast. He puts on fake smiles and jokes with them during class but is still always found eating lunch and walking alone outside the class rooms. He is stubborn and can be very rude. He is an artist and a really good guitar player.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: He lives on the farm with his father. With a younger brother and a mother of his that's past, he hasn't been the same. He is very stuck up even though he was very joyful as a kid. He spends his days out at the field when he's not at school, eats dinner in silence with his father, and then goes to bed only to repeat the same thing. His father and him don't talk and even though he has gotten countless of offers, he hates getting close to anyone romantically or just in general. He never talks to anyone for more than a couple minutes as well and uses small phrases

    Ko walked down the stairs, the sun having not past the valley horizon yet it was a very bright blue outside. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed himself a bottled water and made his way to the exit. He stopped before putting on his shoes and trailed into the living room where he narrowed his eyes and shook his head, disgustingly, at the old man that sat in the recliner chair with bottles of empty beer around him. Ko snapped his teeth and walked back to the exit. He slipped on his shoes and held his backpack strap with one hand as the other clinged to the water bottle. He walked from the house in silence and shoved the headphones into his ears after clicking on a song from his tiny MP3 player that was shoved back into his pocket. He walked from the driveway and down the 2 mile long path that led to the main street where the city bus would pick him up and take him into the tiny town about 30 minutes from his house.

    He got to school, wrapping up his headphones around his MP3 as he approached his locker, ignoring the other kids that piled into the school, laughing and talking amongst each other. After opening his locker, he ignored the falling pink envelope and shoved his backpack in the tiny space, grabbing his mathematics book and the homework from the previous school day.
    "YO! Tanaka-kun!" He looked over his shoulder at one of a few acquaintances hes made upon coming back. he gave a soft smirk with one hand hanging onto his backpack strap over his shoulder, the other stayed dug into his pocket. "Did you do the homework?"
    "Forgot again huh?" Ko smirked as he looked to the classmate that rubbed the back of his head nervously. He shook his head and walked to his first class with the boy following close behind him.

    His first day was nothing special. It was the same as every other day and Ko knew it wasn't going to change. After school he got off the bus that dropped in off in front of that long pathway, that led to the back of the giant farm land, and he began walking with the music blasting in his ears. Upon approaching the tiny 2 story, white house in the back, he pulled his earphones from his ears and narrowed his eyes as he looked at the black BMW parked just out front of his home. "What the-" He mumbled, approaching the house​

  2. Character Info

    Name: Raymond Kito

    Age: 14 almost 15

    Gender: Male

    Personality/info: Will interact with but is distant with a lot of people. Has a great fear of rejection. He will try to be friends, but if he feels like there is nothing there then he may try and avoid you all together. It makes him happy to make others happy and enjoys going outside a lot. He talks with a lisp and can act super effeminate. Because of this he has been the target for many attacks.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Bio: Ray lived alone with his mom all of his life. People all around kept saying that because of only having a mother this made the kid gay as rainbows. The boy was kicked out of lots of schools as a result of 'causing a disturbance in the peace' which basically means no one liked his obvious homosexual traits. Friends were rare espeically since the kid cant stay in one place long enough to actually make them. Once a friendship starts there Ray goes to that other school. Most could call Raymond a mamas boy. Since no one would spend time with him the only one that the boy could spend time with was his mom. Recently the only available school kicked Raymond out again and no one else would take him. There was one that could accept him, but Raymond needed to move. His mom had to keep a job back in the city. The best part was this school promised that no kid gets kicked out. They deal with problems head on. To the 14 year old though that just meant more trouble.


    The car ride to the farm was a long and hard one. His cell phone was dead so no texting friends or anything. The boy already painted his finger and toe nails to complete perfection and no good music was on the radio. "How much longer mom?! Who even is this guy again?" The mother sighed. "Ray my precious angel. I told you already that it was a friend of ours before your father ... well you know. We moved into the city though since the country really was not for us. I know this really bums you out honey, but there is no other way for us to continue your education." "They don't like me anywhere I go mom! Why not homeschool! I suggested this so many times!" "We can't homeschool honey you know that. If it was possible, but you don't qualify. Trust me they all are nice people and really will help you out! Just have to work out on their farm in the evening!" Raymond did not like what was being said one bit. Putting a hand on his face with an elbow on the car seat and prompting his head up his face was looking rather upset. "This sucks. I hate we live in the south."

    They reached the home and Raymond knew that no body would accept him there. The guy was not really into believing stereotypes, but when you get beat up, kicked, spat on, stomped and shoved to say the least it was pretty safe to say that the gay boy believed in the hillbilly stereotype. Taking his sweet time to go into the back and get his things the kid had a suitcase full of clothes, make up and accessory's.

    The boy had to be stronger then he looked, because lifting those two bags was not a small feat. Keeping fabulous as he would put it takes a lot of effort. Effort that the boy clearly was willing to put in.
  3. (@SilenceAndSorrow Message me)

    Upon stepping up to the house, he looked back at the car before actually opening the front door and walking in. In silence he shoved the earphones into his pocket, with the music still playing, he looked around. he walked into the kitchen and at the sight of its emptiness, he walked back past the front door and listened to the distant chatter in the living room. With narrowed eyes and a soft glare, he looked at the two strangers who sat on the couch in his living room.
    "Oh there he is. Ko come-" His father was cut off when Ko turned to walk away, refusing to listen to anything else that he had to say. He didn't want to be dragged into this mess, whatever it was. His father was now behind him, grabbing Ko's arm before he managed to walk up the stares. "Don't start with me boy" His father snapped. Ko stared him down and tugged his arm from his fathers grip before walking back downstairs. He stood in the living room and the old man approached the scene once again with a smile. "Sorry bout that" He said to the strangers. He cleared his throat and patted Ko's back as if they were a happy family. "This is my boy" He said with a proud tone that was obviously fake. Ko waved. "He's about your age son" His dad said to the very feminine boy that sat on the couch next to the clean lady.

    "Pleased to meet you" Ko lied. He studied the two. They were definitely not from around here and the boy was OBVIOUSLY different. They dressed almost proper and the lady seemed to be a lawyer or some type of business woman. She was dressed in a suit and Ko automatically knew that they were city folk. What were they doing here? Ko felt as if he was going to find out.

    "Uh, Ko. This nice ladies husband is the man that bought us this house and the man that gives us money to survive. He was my best friend in high school and we are going to thank him by accepting his son into our house" The last phrase sparked ko's interest of annoyance. "He will be attending your school and working with you out in the fields as of tomorrow." Ko cursed himself. He looked to the boy who was not cut out for that type of work that ko does. There was no way he would survive 5 minutes. Ko knew the punishment if he was to talk back to his father. He merely nodded and looked to his dad before going upstairs to change, readying himself for the days work.
  4. [BCOLOR=#000000]Making his way into the house was a experience that felt like a reverse Wizard of OZ. The world in the city where color was bright and people were friendly. Things were just wondrous and that was the lovely home of OZ to going into Kansas ... literally this place was literally a farm that felt like it was just filled to the brim with black and white coloring. Although it was pretty clear by this point there was not really much in the way of options for the boy.

    Staggering like a zombie over to the couch putting the suit cases down on both sides of his long slender hairless legs on both ends of his legs. Looking over at the dad it was continuing to become clearer and clearer this was not his home. Taking a look over to the kid his eyes bulge for a moment. Taking a moment to shake the painted head and glancing at the kid again only one thing was on the males mind. God damn that boy is fiiine! Those clothes though! No way does he have the same interest. Probably a basher. They always are. Eyes following the kid coming back into the living room by force. Well that man sure knows what the definition of tough love is. Not my type of tough love, but it's all the same.

    Like a respectable person Ray kept those two shiny lip glossed lips together listening to anything that was said and kept a proper gentleman. "Nice to meet you." The boy said with a very high pitch and a tone that said a totally different story. Blinking his eye lashes together over and over the boy was going to say the rehearsed lines his mom made the gay boy say over and over.

    "Thank you for the chance to go into this fine school and live on your fancy ranch sir. I really hope that my stay here will bring you great fortune and help you out. It's awesome that I get to be on a ranch!" The boy darted his eyes over for a moment as if to say Was that good enough mom?! "Its very nice to meet you Ko! I bet all of you will become great friends! Family even!" Dear god she was laying it on thick. "So may I ask where my room is? Want to kind of set up my place and all."
  5. Upon getting half way up the stairs, he smirked. at what they said, shaking his head and continuing on, only to be stopped by the call of his father.
    "Hey! Ko! Come show this boy his room" Ko didn't say anything. He stayed at the middle step and waited. "Okay son, you can go up" the father smiled to the, well mannered, gay boy who eventually stood up and made his way up the steps. Ko walked on ahead and turned right, down the hall he opened the 2nd door on the left once reaching the 2nd story and opened it. He was the first to step inside. He took the toys off the bed that once belonged to his dead brother, and looked to Ray. "You will sleep here." He pointed to the single bed pressed against the large window that overlooked their entire land out towards the main road. Ko walked past him and out into the hall where he stopped. "The bathroom is next door use whatever you need. Kitchen is down stairs. I leave at 4:30 am every morning for school. I'll wake you up ONLY tomorrow to get ready so if you aren't at the door at 4:30, i'm not waiting. I have chores to do after i get home, so DON'T bug me unless it's urgent.-" He paused as the lady from downstairs shouted up goodbye before leaving. The black car could be seen out the kids window, driving off down the road, slowly, and to the main road. "Oh yeah, and DON'T talk to me at school" He said after hearing the car start up. At that last line he left to his room, changing into his work clothes and making his way out back to the barn
  6. The boy with his hand upon his face looking rather bored came alive once the father spoke up.

    Hey! Ko! Come show this boy his room!

    Oh don't adgitate the boy, he looks so emotionless that if you make him feel something you may over fry his circuitry and blow a fuse!
    Even in his brain the boy had sass. Going up to both feet and walking over to the stairs with everyone else the kid stared up at Ko. Ko ... Ko. Sound's nothing like a country name. It sounds Japanese really. Oh what I'd give to be reading some yaoi instead of doing this. The boy looked over at the father. OK son, you can go up! Does this kid not have a will of his own? Does daddy dearest need to keep giving orders or does the boy really don't want anything to do with me? I can honestly see both. Walking up the steps it felt like a stairway to a mountain. Such a long climb and taking so much out of him. Getting up to the top step and going into the room he saw Ko at the bed taking toys off the bed. What is those for?

    You will sleep here. The bathroom is next door use whatever you need. Kitchen is down stairs. I leave at 4:30 am every morning for school. I'll wake you up ONLY tomorrow to get ready so if you aren't at the door at 4:30, i'm not waiting. I have chores to do after i get home, so DON'T bug me unless it's urgent.-

    Well what a sweetheart you are asshole. Seriously people wonder why I don't talk more. With cunt's like this guy what point is there talking to them?!
    "Bye honey! I've got to go! You know I love you! I'll visit you for the holidays and don't forget to call!" The boy was silent not answering her. Sitting in his bed letting the woman leave the boy clenched his bright shorts tightly. This sucks for sure.

    Oh yeah, and DON'T talk to me at school

    "Ya I get it. Don't want to be associated with the faggot. Nobody does." The boy said starting to unpack his things and started to get his stuff. His clothes were first. Believe it or not there was butch outfits in his wardrobe. The boy loved to transform himself into whatever, but he really preferred being his true self. Putting the suit case into a nearby closet and the make up with it the boy laid down on the ground sighing. "This is going to be rough I can tell."
  7. The rest of the day wasn't anything worth while. After talking to the city boy and changing his clothes, he headed out back to the fields and did what he did best, work. with his earphones tightly, snug, into his ears, he did his chores as he worked hard throughout the day. Sweat rolling down the sides of his face till the sun had set and darkness took over, that's when he threw in the towel and called it a day. With the moon at it lowest point in the sky, he locked up the barn and took the towel from around his neck, and wiped the sweat from his face. He walked through the back, taking off his shoes before entering, and opened the fridge to snatch a fresh cold water bottle. The kid wasn't anywhere to be found, thank god. He cracked open the bottle and looked into the living room where his dad sat, chugging back another beer, his 10th one tonight probably.
    "That you ko?" He called from in front of the t.v. Ko walked back into the kitchen, setting his water bottle and the towel on the counter.
    "Who else would it be?" he mumbled quietly as he grabbed a pan from under the stove.
    "Don't sass me boy!" The father grumbled. "Make me somethin" He demanded. Ko didn't respond, the clanking of the kitchen items would have been a good enough response, letting his father know he was already on it. After making his fathers food, and washing his dishes, he took the food to his dad and make his way upstairs with his towel and water bottle. He walked past the bedroom door with the boy inside, and walking into the room 3 doors down on the opposite side of the hall. He closed his door loudly "Slam that damn door again Imma slam your head in it!" His father yelled from downstairs. Ko didn't respond. He felt like he didn't have to after the laughter that followed his fathers threat. He removed his clothes and showered before turning in, not bothering to eat dinner.

    Ko got up at 4am, only needing 30 minutes to get ready, and walked down the hall. He opened the bedroom door and with his toothbrush in his mouth he bent forward and shook the kid that laid asleep till he seen his eyes open.
    "Get up, i wont wait for you forever" Ko mumbled, still in his night clothes, sweats and no shirt. After seeing the boy sit up Ko walked out of the room "Towels are in the hall closet if you need to shower. Don't be loud or we'll both get it" He warned, walking back to the bathroom, leaving the door cracked. He rinsed his mouth from the toothpaste and combed his hair just in time to see the boy entering the bathroom as he was leaving. He squeezed past the kid in silence and walked to his own room, closing the door to change. After he was nicely cleaned and ready he made his way down the stairs, still no sign of the kid. he looked at his MP3 player's time, 4:25am. He walked into the kitchen, deciding to get breakfast, for the first time in forever, as he waited the extra 5 minutes for the kid to come down
  8. (Sorry. I really don't know what to put. Its short I know.)

    The feminine male was staying in his bed not really wanting to interact with any of the yokels in the house. Staying inside his room was going to be the best option at this current moment. Looking over his phone seeing if anyone texted him the boy didn't see anyone send anything. Not to suprising. Sighing in sadness the boy started to write in his journal about how much he hated this aragnement and wished his mom would of done something else instead of being here. Glancing over the side around the room with a weak glance the boy starts to rub his palms against the close lids start to rub upon them. "Egh. I'm not going to get anything form this day." Laying down upon the bed with the covers slightly pulled over him. "Its still early, but fuck it I can lay down and rest." Taking his hands and slowly rubbing the make up off his face. Once it was all off the man actually looked more manly and with the right clothing could pass as a regular man.

    Waking up in the morning thanks to Ko, Raymond starts to toss around in his bed rubbing with the fingers this time and sitting upright in the bed. Unhappiness waves all over his body and a annoyed grunt leaves his lips. Getting up to both feet the man gets into the bed room just ignoring what the other had to say not really caring what the country bumpkin had to say. This was his dad not Raymonds. That meaning Raymond really would not be touched, least not in his mind. Getting the tooth brush that was taken with him and started to clean his mouth. After a few minutes of cleaning he changes into a simple muscle shirt and loose shorts and finally sandles. Walking downstairs looking almost like a totally different person. "So you gonna take me and show what we need to do country boy?"
  9. He sighed and looked at the boy who looked as if he was ready for work. He shook his head and looked at the time. "Fuck it, we're already gonna be late" He knew if they left at an any later time that they wouldn't make the bus, at least if they took the truck, they would still make it to school. Ko looked at the boys selection of clothes and knew it was probably his fault he got the wrong idea but knowing it was a weekday, Ko kind of just assumed that he meant 4:30 am to get to school. "Uh,kid, We're going to school." Then he wondered if he probably changed in that because he didn't have the uniform. Ko grabbed the boys hand and took him upstairs and into his room. He walked over to his closet and pulled out an extra shirt and a pair of black slacks with a tie. "Here, you probably don't have yours yet. Change and i will go grab the truck keys." He said leaving him alone in Ko's room. Ko walked down stairs and grabbed a paper and pencil from the messy drawer by the fridge and wrote 'Taking the truck, kid made us late for the bus' he stuck it to the fridge, under a magnet and looked around, spotting the keys hanging from the wall from a nail. He grabbed them and walked outside with his bag. He approached the old, white, chevy truck and opened the door, unlocking the passenger side, he started the car and waited till the boy walked outside in the proper clothes. It was a bit big but it was fine, he would have to deal with it just for today. Upon seeing him load up in the truck, ko waited till his door was closed till he shifted the truck in reverse then back into drive after pulling out of the drive way.

    The whole way to school was silent. Ko didn't find it awkward and didn't bother to think anything of it. He parked in an empty spot in the parking lot and turned off the car, shoving the keys in his bag, he hopped out and locked his door. He walked on ahead, not bothering to wait up for the boy but if he did follow he would just walk faster to where he probably could barely keep up. Upon entering the school, ko turned around to face him. "The office is down the hall on the right. Big sign that says' OFFICE' go in there and tell them you're a new student" He turned to walk away in the opposite direction of the office but stopped. "Oh yeah, and don't talk to me" He mumbled to him before meeting up with the group of guys that called over to him
  10. [BCOLOR=#000000]The boy thought that getting up so early was for working on the farm. What school started at like 5 AM?! Then again it would seem that it was the case. The boy was dressed to go out and work, not go into school! "You got to be kidding! You could of told me what you were getting me up for!" The boy said with an annoyed grunt. Rubbing his head with both palms and shaking it a little bit the boy knew that changing had to be the next available option. Then again the information about uniforms were told to him. Unifroms sucked and they were like Nazi oriented things. Sighing softly the boy felt his hand get taken and pulled upstairs. Is he really grabbing my hand? This really is going on? Doesn't the guy realize that I'm gay? The boy got into the room and started to change. This was not anything like his typical wear and it felt like an awful thing latched upon his person. It was all starchy and itched. Not much room for accessorizing. This was honestly making Raymond sick to his stomach. Then again not really like there was an option in the matter but to wear these garments. Looking down at the uniformed body this felt so not him. Then it was time to leave and the boy rushed into the truck. On the way to school nothing was really said. Not like there was much to say anyway. It was clear that Ko wanted nothing to do with the boy. Why put any effort into a relationship when it was clear Ko was not interested?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Going into the school building with a pink backpack on and a Hello Kitty design upon it the male worked into the office getting all the information straightened out. The people in the office looked funny upon the kid and realized that was no country boy. Once the information was set a locker was given and combination. Opening it up and getting his binder full of foulders and spiral notebooks the man got his flower pattern binder going into the second period as all of it took long enough to go a whole hour. Going into the second hour which was math the boy sighed softly. He hated math with a passion. Sitting down in the far back of the room the city boy looks at the board with a hand upon his cheek waiting for the class to start. [/BCOLOR]
  11. When lunch time came around, Ko looked at the time on his MP3. He stood from his desk as the other students were piling out of the class room. He walked to the hall, out of his class room where a group of guys, some from the previous morning, had approached him.
    "Tanaka! My man!" A loud one said with a laugh. Ko looked to him and rolled his eyes as he continued walking. "You going to tutor me in math?" he asked, walking backwards in front of ko. Ko looked downa t him and laughed.
    "You wouldn't even get it if i DID tutor you" Ko snapped in a jokingly reply. The rest of the guys laughed and high fived eachother at the come back.
    "Aweh! Tanaka! Don't be like tha-" The group stopped after watching the kid bump into the feminine boy that had taken over Ko's house. Of course his friends didn't know that. "Hey, sorry...dude?" The kid questioned at raymond. The group laughed "Man! You must be the new kid. You look like a really masculine girl but ugly" he laughed and shook his head as he walked forward, leading the group away from Raymond, leaving Ko and him in the hall. He stared down at his new roommate coldly, not bothering to stick up for him. "Yo! Tanaka! You coming?" He called back. Ko closed his eyes and brushed his shoulder against the boys upon walking past him to follow the group.
  12. [BCOLOR=#000000]If they sticked around Raymond would have tons of comebacks ready for the big hick of a man before him. The simple fact of the matter was though Raymond didn't really feel like wasting his energy upon those types of guys. Ray was half tempted to go Oh I'm sorry. See I just got up late this morning. If I had proper time I make myself look better then any of you could hope to look! but side against it. The boy thought it was just best to not let the stuff phase him and thus take their power away from them. Men were seriously fucked up anyway in his mind. Keeping silent and pulling a pink pen out the teacher came in starting to write terms upon the board. [/BCOLOR]

    The entire class no contact was made between the two and the man just finishes early and gets up and starts to leave the class "What the hell are you doing?" "... Um going to the next hour? My homework is done and so is all the notes." "Bullshit! Show me!" Sighing softly the boy pulled out his notes and shows that all the terms were written down perfectly and all the work that was due tomorrow which was suppose to be worked on til the hour ends was totally finished written in #2 penile. "Um. Well I didn't say you can leave! Now get your ass down in your seat!" "You gave us class rules and it said we can leave if we wanted to after all the days work is done." "I AM THE FUCKING TEACHER! I CAN CHANGE THE RULES WHEN I WANT! FUCKING GO INTO YOUR SEAT!" Rolling his eyes the boy sat back down in his seat.
  13. After school was when Ko met the kid at the truck, he already sat in the driver seat, looking down at his MP3, going through his songs and deleting the ones he didn't like anymore or just grew tired of hearing. At the sound of the creaking door to the old truck, he looked up and over at Raymond. The boy had climbed in, despite his shortness, and plopped himself right down in the passenger seat. Ko pocketed his MP3 and took the keys and gave it a turn as it started right up, the loud engine, roaring as he pressed the gas. He put the car in park and was out of the schools parking lot within seconds of him loading up into the car. He drove that long drive that he took to get home, glad he didn't have to take the bus today because he really didn't feel like walking. He pulling into the long pathway that led to his house and driving at 5 miles per hour, they rolled down the dirt, rocky road till they approached the house in the back. He narrowed his eyes at the sight of his father that came out of the house and sighed, putting the truck in park and turning it off, he stayed within the truck a bit longer with Raymond. "Go upstares and change into some work clothes" He said in a whisper. "Stay there for at least 10 more minutes after you have changed, before coming back down stairs" He warned before getting out of the truck and carrying is backpack along side him. He approached his father and they waited till the boy was inside before anything happened.
    "You son of a bit-" slap. that was the sound that was heard just beyond the door from the inside of the house. Ko stayed outside and argued with his father about taking his fathers truck, knowing sooner or later he would get it. Ko accepted the punishment before walking back inside 15 minutes later, seeing Raymond dressed and ready for a hard days work at the bottom of the stairs. With Ko's hand over his cheek, just below his eye, he snapped his teeth and walked upstairs, coming back down with a new set of work clothes and a band aid over the area he had covered.
    "Lets go" He said, wanting to get away from this house, leading the way out the front door and to the back of the house where the large red barn was.
  14. Once the bell rang for the class to be over Ray got up and walked out of the classroom rolling his eyes. "Stupid asshole hick. Only wanted to make me look stupid in front of all the other hillbilly redneck fucks." This line of thought kept going til the feminine boy went to the next class and more of the same stuff happened. Arguing, some punches to the shoulder and gay slurs hurled at the kid which was allowed by all teachers and one even trying to get an exorcism going to 'get the demon out of him.' Which was a laugh and a half to him. Pretty sure this was illegal for many reasons, but the cops or authority figures were gonna not gonna do Jack nor shit and Jack left town. After some time the boy made his way to the truck refusing to speak. Hearing the country music blast from the MP3 player was annoying as all hell and the feminine boy was tempted to take the player and launch it outside that window to break it.

    Go upstares and change into some work clothes. Stay there for at least 10 more minutes after you have changed, before coming back down stairs.

    OK that was odd, but whatever. The boy really didn't like arguing with people so he did what was asked of him going into the room to change into similar work clothes from the morning before the mistake happened. When coming back downstairs and following the other out into the barn Raymond started to pipe up. "So first of all what was all that about? Making me stay in that room? Also if you don't want me to talk to you in school that is fine, but keep your boys away from me. I've got enough shit to deal with in my life and bigotry. Finally, what is with that band aid?" The boy kept quiet so long that all the questions seemed to just come out at once.
  15. "It's none of your business and they do what they want" he said to the boy coldly, avoiding every question with just a simple sentence.he unlocked the barn and walked in, leaving the giant lock on the door after pushing it open fully. he walked to the first stall on the left, where an all white horse stood behind a wooden gate. He walked up to her and petted her snout before walking away and grabbing a pitchfork. He shoved it against the kid, the pointed side down, and looked at him with his cold blue eyes. "Now listen cause I wont repeat this" he snapped again. Walking to the back of the barn where the giant stacks of hay had piled up. He picked up one, the grip causing his muscles on his biceps to show as he held it on his left shoulder. he looked to the boy and jerked his head to the hay. "Grab one and feed the other horse" He said, looking to the black horse in the front of the barn, on the right side, right across from the white one. He smirked and walked to the calm white one and groaned as he set the hay stack in the wooden cell of the horses cage. "There you go..." He whispered. After setting the hay stack down he watched the kid walk over to the male horse who had gotten excited. Making noises and pouncing around in its cell. As Raymond would approach, the black horse would grab at the hay, snapping the rope that held the front half together, and allowing the front half of the block of hay, to fall on the floor, some on his pants. Ko chuckled as he leaned against the white horses gate.
  16. It's none of your business and they do what they want

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Fucking asshole.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] Is everyone in this backwoods inbreed hick town just a series of total assholes? Seriously I am starting to think of just flipping out. Who am I kidding? Mom and I know that would never[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=#000000] happen. Not going to try and be nice with this guy anymore that is for sure. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#000000]A simple sigh leaving his lips as the man entered the barn looking around at the animals that were on display. Dear god the smell was nothing like what you would find in the city. Honestly made the city kid want to hurl right there. Watching Ko interact with the animals it was almost like seeing a totally different person. Someone who was nice and didn't act like a total dick. Watching the male shove the pitchfork in front of him made for a bit of a surprise. Geez do you always need to be so dickish?! Got to admit though. That bod. Whoa that bod. It was something to behold. Going over to the stacks of hay Ray picked one up as it hanged form both hands as the boy stumbled with the stuff in both hands looking the total opposite of Ko carrying it. Raymond walked over to the black horse and was shocked at how it just latched upon the hay like a vampire to a human host. Eating that stuff up like candy and making the rope break and dirtying his clothes up. Looking over to see that country bastard laugh. "You think this is funny? You see this as amusing?! My clothes are not cheep! You knew this horse was uncooperative didn't you?! I'm just one big joke to all of you freaking rednecks arn't I?!"[/BCOLOR]
  17. He watched the kid get mad and it only made him chuckle even more. He hadn't laughed this hard in a long time. In return, he approached the kid and smiled down at him, picking a piece of hay from his head gently, then holding it up between them. He smiled down at Raymond and poked his forehead "You aren't so bad city boy" Ko gazed at him with his bright blue eyes before turning to face the black horse. "Hey buddy, lets not harass him ok? Can you apologies?" Ko said. The horse made a sound of rejection and Ko stared him down till the Horse licked the boys face, leaving the side of it in saliva. Ko laughed and covered his mouth to contain it but it was no use. He chuckled behind his palm. He placed his hand on his hips and petted the snout of the black horse. "He likes you" Ko chuckled as he watched the boy.
  18. Is this guy bipolar?! One moment he treats me like a total piece of trash off the street and now the guy is laughing and giggling like were boyfriends and showing me around the barn! Just what in the hell! "I don't think I'm so bad. All I try to do is be nice to people. Well when people are not total unapologetic jack asses to me that is." When the man turned over to make the horse 'apologize' Ray at least was happy that the country child was good enough to at least do that. "Does he? A moment ago the thing was seeming like he would attack me if the gates were not separating us. It's just a bit hard to believe for me." The male sighed and looked around the stable. "Are there other animals around? IF so how wild are they?"