Heart of an Incubus



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There are tales of succubi falling in love everywhere. Why is it that incubi don't have any stories? They do fall in love.

Name: Melissa Kosre
Age: 17
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Princess Melissa Kosre is attending a courting ball. Across the room, she caught the eye of the most handsome man there.

She can't stop thinking about him. His face is etched into her mind, and every time she blinks, it pops up again.

But even now, when she searches the room for the fifth time in a a row, the man is nowhere to be found.

"Just give it up", King Kosre says, sighing. "I think you might've been hallucinating."

But she does not obey her father.

Why does she care? She should wave it off, but she just can't seem to let it go.

"This is so unlike her", Queen Kosre whispers to the king.

And at that very moment, Melissa saw him again. She had found him!

The man walked out of the room, and Melissa quickly followed. There was no way she was letting him go.

She started to run, her blue heels clopping on the tile floor.

The man walked down a spiral staircase, and she followed, but all the torches weren't lit. She stumbled down the stairs blindly, and bumped into him.​
Name: Sorren Hildegron

age: 18

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Sorren quickly reacted to whatever bump into him, had he known he was being followed it probably would have been easier say something.

For the moment he just felt around for a way to get through the halls. When he grabbed what felt like a woman's hand he led them down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs was a medium sized room, three torches were on each side of the room, pitures of the king and queen, and a round table.

Sorren didn't know why he brought her here of all places. He easily could have taken her back up the stairs, bring to her friends or family and be done with it.

But... For some reason, he just wanted her to be alone with him for a while. He scratched his head and looked away from her for a second.

He kewpt his eyes from her, because it was hard to speak while such a cute girl is looking you right in the face.

"Uhh.. My name is Sorren.." he said, holding his hands in his pockets.

Even so he didn't mind, he was to focussed on her alluring face and stunning eyes to be mad. Even if she was beautiful, he was still abit curious about why she decided to follow him.

her golden eyes was her most atractive feature to her, the flames revealed the beauty within her eyes, how they shined similar to that of the stars.
Melissa looked up at him, trying to find the right words to apologize.

"Melissa", she replied smiling a little.

She didn't know why she had followed him. As far as she knew, he was just a stranger at the ball.

She knew that the right thing was to say goodnight, and go to bed, but she didn't seem to will herself into it.

Not when such a handsome man had looked at her like that... and most certainly not when she had looked back, and couldn't keep him off her mind since.

Sure, she had tried to block his image from her mind, but she couldn't. Her entire evening had consisted of searching for him, and here he stood, right in front of her.
"Well Melissa, may I ask why you've chosen to follow me" he asked, he laughed a bit under his breath, seeing how it was easy to talk to her, but not look at her.

Though it felt awakward, it also felt.. natural. Such an amazing looking woman almost seemed unnatural, but then again, so did this moment.

He tried to look her in the eyes at least once during the conversation, as he was about to say something a window on the far side of the room blew open, letting a chilling breeze.
Melissa's arms had goosebumps all over them. She rushed to the window, and used all her strength to push it shut. She then took off her black vest, and stuffed it in the crack of the window, stopping it from opening again.

She stepped back from the window, and tried to smooth down the hairs that had been blown out of place, but it just made a bigger mess.

She sighed, and let the end of her braid out of its ribbon, and slowly unraveled the braid of dark red hair.
He hadn't realized how long her hair really was out of a braid, it was amazing. Sorren noticed that she seemed cold a bit, it may have been minor, buthe still wanted to help. He walked up behind her and placed his arms around her, to see if she'd get any warmer.

Sorren could feel her getting warmer, so he held her closer for better effect. It was working normally, from his angle she was warm, but even so he didn't let go of her. It was just something about holding her..,. that felt so right to him, so..warm.

From holding her like this she'd probably feel wierd, so he tried to break the ice a bit, just enough to get them talking. "How do you feel, better?"
Melissa stop unraveling her hair, and tried to get his arms tighter around her.

"Much better", she replied, smiling gently. She closed her eyes.

Again, Melissa's common sense was screaming at her, telling her that she shouldn't be here. Melissa ignored it.

She had never felt this way before. She was...tingly. Deep inside Melissa, she wished she could stay in his arms forever.

Of course, she was confused by what this meant. But she didn't wan to go anywhere, either.

Melissa rested her head back, onto Sorren's chest, and let out a quiet sigh of comfort.
With his arms around her Sorren could feel something building inside of him. A feeling that felt so..blessed, so peaceful. And yet, some what daraing as well.

He felt her pulling his arms tighter around her, so nessled up close to her and took her hands into his. He could feel the cold melting away from the two of them, quickly filling their bodies with a comforting feeling.

When she lett out a sigh, he grinned with a happy look in his eyes. Sorren intwined his fingers with hers, whispering in her ear, "Is this ok, should i stop and let go?" Instead of waiting for an answer, he just held her tighter and rubbed her arms.

This moment was to heart warming for him to actually stop. He didn't know why, he just couldn't describe the way he was feeling at the time. She was so beautiful, so enchanting to him. He wanted to hold her all through the ball. And if she allows it.. He'll do just that.
"No...don't ever let go", Melissa whispered back softly.

Oh, god, this was so... so right.

Melissa's heart skipped a beat, then excelerated into a drumming in her chest.

"Let's stay right here, Sorren", she whispered. "Forget the ball, forget everything. I want to stay right here, as long as possible. With.. with you."

It was true. Melissa wanted to stay. With all of her heart ,this was the only thing she wanted. And she had it--right here, wrapped around her.

She squeezed Sorren's hands, and tried to snuggle as close to him as possible.

There can't possibly be anything in the world better than this, she thought.
His heart jumped at the sound of her words, his feelings had risen to a point where he was controlled by his emotions. While up above, the smooth sounds of balls music could be heard from down stairs. Soft notes of violens, with gental sounds from flutes.

Inside Sorren, the music spoke to him, and moved him to do what he's disred this entire moment. Quietly but loud enough to hear, he whispers "Melissa.." and gazed into her beautiful eyes. He lifted one hand to move the hair out her eyes, and moved the other hand down to her waist.

His heart was beating loud in his chest, the desire in his body was no longer controllable. He leaned in slow, closed his eyes, and passionately kissed her. in that instant.. That one memerable moment of desire and true feelings.. Sorren instantly realized, he was in love.
Is this what it means to be in love?, Melissa thought to herself, while raising her arms so that her hands would rest on Sorren's neck.

She kissed him back smoothly, knowing, that no matter what she did, there would never be anything better in world than this.

The warm, tingly feeling she had right now would be with her every time Sorren was around. Maybe that's why she wanted to stay with him.

She hoped from the bottom of her heart that this was the man she would marry, out of all the people dancing upstairs.

Her heart raced, as her fingers began to sofly twist his hair this way and that.

She wants to give herself to him. She can be his, and only his. And he would be hers.

Melissa was surprised at how true her feelings were. Never in her life had she been so sure about anything.
His love for this woman was one of kind, most chances for something like this was literally once in a life time.

Sorren closed his eys as held held her, day dreaming of a paradise, one that they had with just them and a family. Where their happyness would never have to come to an end.

Sorren knew his love was true, because of the way he looked at her, the he held her, and how their kiss felt everlasting. Moments like this.. You wish would never end, but every happy moment comes to an end eventually.

As the two stood in the room, holding each other, others were searching for her. Sorren couldn't hear their loud steps on the way down. He was too caught up enjoying his time with Melissa. Sorren kissed her again, and has he finished, the king's advisor walked in on them.

"What is the meaning of this" he shouted, he trotted his way over with a look of disgust apon his face. "If your father knew of this.. Herecy to the Kosre bloodline." The man's words could barely be said, his anger clouded his ability to speak.

Sorren held her behind him and focussed his eyes forward, he wasn't going to let anyone take her from him.
"Henry, don't! It's not what you--"

"I don't care", Henry replied, cutting her off. "Now, your father wants to see you right now."

Melissa sighed. After giving Keith a kiss on the cheek, she followed Henry to the throne room.
From a endless moment of joy to a brief moment of pain. Sorren thought that if her father wanted to see her, then this mite be something big, and possiblyt something to do with them.

His heart began to sink just from seeing her begin to leave. But the matter was between her and her father, he still couldn't leave her to face his wrath alone though. Sorren loved her, more than anything.

He waited for the two of them to take a head start, then followed behind them. The stairs were no longer dark, so it was easy to keep up, Sorren would keep close but also at a distance. That way he'd be able to save her if she needed him.
As they got to the door of the throne room, Melissa started to worry more and more.

"Wait here", Henry said, and went into the room.

Melissa stood outside, the room, waiting for Henry to come out and get her.

"WHAT?!", King Kosre yelled,his voice bounding all over the castle.

She gulped. "no...", a soft whisper escaped her lips.

The throne room doors opened, and she slowly walked in.

"How could you?!", the queen screamed at her daughter.

Melissa's eyes welled up with tears. "I...", she started to say, but had absolutely nothing to say. Nothing could excuse her actions. But, all the same, nothing about what she had done was wrong, at least in her mind.
He couldn't believe what he was hearing, the way they shouted at her, all because she'd fallen for someone. It was madeness in Sorren's eyes.

What was so wrong with him and her being together, whats the difference between them he thought to himself. And every answer was nothing, they were two lovers with deepl feelings, just like everyone else in this world. The only difference was that she was royalty and he was a commoner.

As he heard her tears developing up, Sorren jumped to his feet and rushed throught the door, with an angered look on his face. The ferosity in his eyes could been seen for miles. He wanted to fight for her, save her from such a madman of a father.

"In the name of my ancestors and kin before me, you have no right to decide her fate" he shouted, "Do with me as you will, but I shall allow no harm to come to my beloved."

"She has her own body, mind, and soul. Most of all her own free will, I shall defend these to the very end, even if I must rebel agaiunst the king to do so. What say you king," he snarled, "Do I speak madness or truth? What say you?"
"Madness, madness!", the king shouted furiously. "Not only are you a commoner, but you have ruined her reputation as a maiden! If it gets out that Melissa Kosre willingly gave access ((hehe)) on the first night of courting, she'll be unable to marry!"

He refuses to call me his daughter..., Melissa thought.

"Father, stop it! I'm not going to marry anyone other than Sorren, and if you can't respect that, then I'll cut all ties with you, and the Kosre line will be finished!" Melissa shouted at him.

"How dare you speak to me like that, you wench! Go to your quarters, and don't even think of coming out for the next week!"

"Gladly", Melissa replied, and walked swiftly up to her room.

Wench...hm. That's a new one, she thought as she closed the door.
Sorren reached out to his die an grabbed Melissa's hand, "No you don't have to leave." He turned to her and held her hands in his, his heart was mixing together with both rage and love.

He held her close and looked back her father, with a sharp glare and defiant will, "I love your daughter, with my every being, and like I said before.. I shall defend her to the end."

A moment of siulence eased over the room, the king starring him down, the crowd in the room viewing the couple as they stand prepared for whatever may come. Sorren watched closely at the room, his eyes on the guards in case of a man hunt and his arms tight around Melissa if they tried to take her from his arms.

Sorren layed her head apon his chest, he whispered in her ear, "No matter what happens, I'll protect you. One way or another."
Melissa looked up him, crying. "Sorren, stop...you can't do this for me. I don't expect it..and I don't want that from you. Please, just go. I'll do what father says..."

She slowly untangled herself from Sorren, and looked away from him.

Melissa simply walked to her room, and barricaded the door. She didn't want anyone to see her. Not like this.
Sorren stood in the center of the room almost broken. He knew that she didn't want any harm to come to either of them, so she had no choice. Sorren had to understand that, but the way her parents begn to laugh behind him made him sick.

He hated the fact that not only was he unallowed to be hers, but the fact that he can't do anything about it. She out ranked him, out classed him, and so much more.

"You see" said Henry, "She knows who her loyalty belongs to", "You're wrong!!" shouted Sorren, "She is not some object to be commanded, she is human, she bleeds, she loves, she thinks for herself as well you. The reason she obeyed was to save me, not to show her loyalty. I'm willing to pay a price none other will." He tightened his fists, and held down his head, taking in all of his emotions before speaking."I'm willing to fight you for her, a duel."

Sorren stared towards the two thrones and approched them slowly. "I shall make an offer you can't refuse your majesty. If i win, you allow her to be open to her own free will, and marry those of her choosing. for the next part Sorren took a deep breath and braced himself for his own words.

"If i lose, I must perform a task of your choosing. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. " Now who's the madman now he thought to himself. "I don't care what happens to me, as long as she is safe, my life means only to serve. "Now, what say you?"