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  1. If you are unaware of this manga, you can read it online free here (http://www.mangahere.co/manga/heart_no_kuni_no_alice/) and if you enjoy the book series, please support the author Quinn Rose by purchasing at your nearest book store.

    I do understand that there is many versions of the Alice series, this is because it is based off of a video game. What we are doing now though is the HEARTS series, the first of the book series Quinn made. That means the amusement park, clock tower, hearts kingdom, hatters mansion, and then the villages surrounding the territories and all of the woodland areas. You may speak of the Jokers, but please (if you've played the games) do not refer to the diamond and mirror realm as it get's confusing and this will be during the times of the hearts/clover beginning books. The Joker(s) still existed and the role holders knew about the Joker(s), but Alice does not.

    Setting: In Heartland, Wonder World. The characters have already met Alice, but she has only been here a very short (as in only 6-7 time periods) while, she had yet to develop full relationships yet. In fact, she still doesn't even have a place to stay, last night she had begged the Clock Maker to let her stay awhile. Yet, that doesn't mean she has a permeant home until she leaves to meet with her sister. It is currently sunset at the start of the RP.

    Clock Tower -
    Julius (Taken by Talisin)
    Ace the Traitor Knight of Hearts (puck2robins)

    Hearts Castle -
    King of hearts (open)
    Vivaldi the Red Queen (Taken by Cry)
    Peter White Prime Minister/Rabbit (Open)

    The Amusement Park -
    Mary Gowland Park Owner (Open)
    Boris Airay (puck2robins)
    Pierce {Works also for the hatters!} (Open)

    The Hatters Domain-
    Blood Dupre (Noceur)
    Elliot #2 Mafia Man (Talisin)
    Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum (Open)

    Of no denomination:
    Alice: (Taken by yours truly I suppose)

    Also, if you would like to play a faceless you are always welcome to! You could play a faceless gang that wants to take over a certain area, jealous of the role holders, or whatever you like. I don't mind!

    Rules: You can play up to 2 characters.
    You are welcome to make the character slightly your own, there is no point in saying you can't because every character will always be tainted by it's player. That's just how it goes. Please stick with the basis of your character according to the books. (I suggest you read the Heart No Kuni No Alice wiki on your character as it has ages and height and eye colors blah blah blah. As well as personality stuff that is helpful in fandom RPs)
    Obviously stick to the rules of the IWAKU site. This is a 17+ game, meaning there is welcome to be swears and gore and suggestive things. Obviously if things get too heated, black it out until next morning. Easy as that.
    This is a romance game, but there is only two females. Because of this, you are welcome to make the character bi or pan or whatever. I won't be offended, but if you want to go the traditional route to try to keep it as close to the book as possible, then you are welcome to stay like that as well.

    Also this is an OOC, so yeah. Welcome to ask questions and stuff, I will add things to this post if more people take characters and such.
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