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I have many stuffed animals and a ton of shit in my room.

And I was thinking, -I don't think I have ANYTHING that I had when I was younger.
Like, none of the stuffed animals I had when I was seven, or any of the dolls I had when I was four. None of my dance shoes or dresses or anything in that matter.

So, my reason of creating this thread is to ask this: Do any of YOU have anything from your younger/childhood days still?
If not, what is something that you WISH you still had?

For me, I wish I still had all of my horse collection. >.> Those damn things were valuable to me in my younger days.
I also wish I still had all of those old CDs from back in the day. Like BackStreet Boys and Nsync. Even if I don't listen to them, I still wouldn't mind still having them for the memories. ^^;

​So... What about you?
I was gifted a teddy bear on the day I was born, and I still have him, even if he is starting to show signs of his age. He's still the comfiest teddy bear I own.
I think the oldest item I've kept is a plush Elmo my Dad gave me when I was a baby. I was probably 2. That Elmo was my friend throughout the years because I was too shy and antisocial to make REAL friends. That thing went with me to Chuck E Cheese, played in the garden with me, slept in my bed... Because of those fond memories, I will never rid of him. It's also a treasure from my Dad. That man may not be fatherly to me, but I miss him everyday he's not around.

Poor thing is in bad shape, though. Mom told me he was washed a lot because I was always hurling on him, being the sick child I was. v__v So he's extra fragile from so much washing machine damage.

There's a picture of the little guy. He's dressed up in the first outfit thing I ever had, and he's wearing my first pair of shoes.
From the gift shop where I was born, someone bought me this little stuff rabbit - only about the size of my palm, now.
I still have it with all my other stuffed animals. x3
I have a lil locket necklace from when I was a baby!

Everything else I had to leave behind when I fled from Georgia. ><

....I really miss my Barbie Dolls. >>; I know I wouldn't play with them like I did back then, but maybe if I lucked out and had a daughter... t____t They were my favorite thing. I even freakin' roleplayed with Barbie dolls! Dressed them up and had them going on wild very non-child like adventures! XD
Old stuff is old. I still have some of those things, though. I've got my first stuffed bear still, somewhere in the house. A small, blue bear. I have an old record player that I used to play with as a kid, along with a bunch of old singles and LPs (including an old Flying Tigers song). When I was six years old, I used to pretend to be a radio DJ.

Some things you do as a kid can really be a precursor to what you enjoy as an adult.
I have my comforter from when I was 5-6 years old. It's kind of falling apart now so I don't use it unless I NEED too. Some of my original drawings were saved by daddy && one of my favorite dresses to wear ^^.

The one thing I really love is this VHS of me singing and dancing around the house. It's random babble, but so heartwarming!

most of the stuffed animals or dolls i own are from when i was like 9 or 10 (yes, i gave up on dolls LATE) so they don't count haha!

im jealous of anyone who has a childhood stuffed animal D;
I have a stuffed toy Dalmatian that i was given when i was 8 months old, and i still have him :D Throughout my childhood he has gone everywhere with me, sleepovers, in bed with me, holidays, camping trips, even to the zoo. He's had numerous repair work from my dad, in fact his whole head has come off on several occasions XD

I've also got a teddy from when i turned 1, and PC games such as Barbie riding club and my little pony. I never play them now, but i used to love em as a kid.