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  1. [BCOLOR=transparent]Kalaya ran into the hospital room, looking down at the patient. The woman had a large scar across her arm, stretching from just below her elbow down to her wrist in a staggered line. Kalaya smiled, although the patient couldn't see her. She put her hand on the woman's scar and closed her eyes, getting ready for the feeling that was about to take over. [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]The feeling, the dredge as most healers called it, felt like every vein in their body was about to burst. Headaches were common and so were other after affects. Being a healer was a tough job. It was an amazing feeling, being able to take away someone’s pain and make sure that they didn’t even have a scar after. The bad side is that the healers take on the pain, take on the scars and breaks in their bones. It was a tough job and not many people were naturally born this way, but with the help of technology and genetic mutating it was becoming more of a possibility.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“How does that feel?” Kalaya asked quietly, looking down at the patient.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Yes, thank you.” She smiled and got up, looking down at her arm. No scar remained, no trace that there was even a large gash.[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Don’t let it happen again.” Kalaya smiled and left the room. She adjusted the cloth that covered her face, making sure that nothing but her eyes were showing. Healers had an odd dress code. Most of them purposely wore long sleeve shirts and jeans to cover their scars they had gotten over the years. Many also wore a white cloth that covered their head and faces.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent](Jump in at any time! Try your hand at a healer or a patient. PM me for questions!)[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Malys sat on a bench just outside the room, her small legs clad in white pants were does, a single white sleeved elbow rest on the higher of the two knees to prop up her head. Migraine. And a severe one at that. She looked exhausted, though with the white surgical mask over her face, her eyes were all that was visible. Her slouched position made itself upright as she looked up to see Kalaya exiting a patient's room. More and more people had been coming in recently, and the amount of healers was staring to seem less and less as time went on. "How'd it go?" She asked blankly from behind her bright mask. Her and Kalaya had both been there for what seemed like a lifetime, at least to Malys.
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  3. "Another scar for the collection. Jagged one at that." Kalaya muttered as she walked with Malys. "What about you? Any good ones today?" She smiled even though she knew nobody could see her. Malys and her had an unspoken bond. They had become healers a long time ago and clung to each others friendship. Without Malys, Kalaya didn't know what she would do. Pain passed Kalaya's eyes but only for a moment. Sometimes that happened, the pain seeping out.

    "How much longer of a shift do you have? I think I am almost done." She grabbed a clipboard as she walked by the nurses station. "One left. Broken arm..." She whispered the last part. "My arm is going to be killing me once this day is over." She laughed.
  4. There's was so much pain in Hayes, he felt as if he was going to explode and die. He was in an abandoned field, in the middle of basically no where. He was born blind, so he had no idea what the world looked like. Was it green? Was it blue? What color was this "sky" his parents were always talking about? He had a feeling he was going to die blind. Thankfully, he had a phone on him. He felt the power button, and spoke into the phone.
    "9-1-1," he shouted. He hoped the phone recognized his words.
    He waited, and prayed to Jesus, to Buddha, to God that someone would answer the phone.
  5. Karen was hastily following the nurse in fount of her, who was giving her a crude, somewhat quick tour of the place.While waving to two other nurses she explained "Your a newbie, so don't expect anything too hard yet; a small cut or broken finger maybe, but no more." Karen nodded, she had heard the story's of what a scar or broken bone was like.Making it back to the administration desk;the nurse,( Jane was it? Karen couldn't remember,) piled paperwork into her hands, the promptly left her to it.Karen had a deflating feeling that this was her for the next few months.Dreams of helping people in need disappeared almost instantly, replaced by ones of slaving through paperwork until the late shift.The phone began to ring,it was the emergency line!There were no other nurses in sight."Figures." She thought to herself as she picked up the receiver.
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  6. Juliet ran the length of the field as soon as she saw the crumpled body on the floor. It had taken her and her team of two others almost an hour to get to this place. Why would anyone be out here? What was the real emergency? Karen had given her a brief rundown of the odd phone call she had received. Someone had phoned in saying they couldn't see and didn't know where they were. Karen had asked the man (or was it a boy?) if he could turn on his GPS tracker (smart girl for a healer who had just started working). Juliet and her team had been able to track the call.

    Juliet winced out of her thoughts as she heard and felt the moans. She was not a healer, but she was an empath and could sense how injured someone was. If a person could make it to the emergency room, she and the healers who had been there longest would dole out the minor injuries between the ones that worked there. If a person wouldn't be able to make it to the emergency room, someone on her team would take the pain away. Unfortunately since these were so severe, her team members were changing constantly.
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  7. Hayes wanted to survive these pain wounds, he wanted to brag to all his grandchildren in twenty years about his survival in a random field. But the pain struck him every single second, and he moaned in pain. Please get here soon! Please! I don't want to die! He repeated that over and over in his head.
  8. Kalaya listened as her name was paged through the hospital. She picked up the phone and dialed the number. She listened and shrieked. She had to go! "I'm so sorry, I have to go." She got into the car waiting outside and they took off. When she reached the checkpoint she noticed Juliet. They had worked a few times and when she noticed her facial expression she knew it was bad.

    "Juliet? What's the status?" She questioned, running over to her. Kalaya was one of the elders. She had been there a long time, healed many patients. She could take on the pain and the dredge better than most.
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  9. "I don't know!" Juliet exclaimed. "I just feel an immense amount of pain," she said through clenched teeth and a few tears. She had finally made it to the heap on the floor about the time Kalaya had showed up. "I really can't give you any more information!"
  10. "Okay. You are doing great." She walked up to Juliet and put her hand on her shoulder, taking some of the pain from here. "Over there..." She said quietly, pointing to a body. It was crumpled up. She ran over to it and leaned down. "It's bad. Call backup." She yelled back to Juliet. She leaned down over the crumpled body. "I'm here. Tell me what happened." She gently placed her hands on his shoulder. She immediately started taking the pain away, slowly.
  11. Juliet called the ones out who had been waiting in her car. She preferred surveying a situation without them so she could only read the patient's levels. Since Kalaya had arrived so quickly, Juliet hadn't been able to wave them out yet. She gave them the signal and they rushed past her to the man lying on the ground. Juliet was so burdened with pain, she was not able to move quite yet. It was easier when the healers had taken away the pain because they knew how to deal with it better.

    She tried to send positive and uplifting vibes their way.
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