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    Play :music::

    The fuck?

    Jacob stared into the undescript source code of his query with narrowed eyes. He checked the file source again from hard media to verify but doing so only stated the obvious. The file was missing. He'd try another angle.

    This couldn't be right. He had just been working on the database earlier today, the file hadn't been moved and the information was too important to delete. If he couldn't access the information, the prospect of avoiding another pissed off client would be at the top of his to do list.

    All the same, nothing just disappears. Once again, the netrunner would try something else.

    Miner stared blankly into his interface with a deadened expression. This wasn't right at all.

    Had someone cracked his interface? That couldn't have been, there would have been flags. Furthermore the act of cracking a neural interface was akin to finding a needle in a pile of needless while inside hurricane. The brain didn't exactly function on binary code, because of it security often took care of itself.

    So what the hell was going on?

    Miner stared at the text scribbled against his display as the quality of the words began to blur and distort. His sense of tactile touch began to diminish and the world about him seemed to loose it's sheen. Details became foggy and the Netrunner could feel his mind attempting to force himself back to consciousness. Looking back to the screen, he was able to make out one final display message from the interface.

    Miner woke in a cold sweat, his eyes still feeding information from the database he had seconds before thought lost. The heavy weight of helmet interface sat against his neck with all the appropriate wires feeding into his skull rather than the usual market standard. With the upgrades on his person, it wasn't a needed process as much as it was a nostalgic one. Doing such fed direct data to both the artificial and real eye.

    And like an idiot, he'd apparently fallen asleep again with it on. Dreams and sensory input to real situations are often finicky things.

    The sleep deprived Netrunner pulled the device from his cranium and tossed it against his bed. The helmet bounced atop the dusty mattress before rolling to a stop against the corner. Next to the sheets sat a tacky oak foot table that had been stacked with nothing but aluminum beer bottles of all sorts of makes. Most of which, cheep and synthetic brands of swill. Besides that, there wasn't much to the single bedroom apartment. Stacks of computer equipment, terminals and wire conversions were stacked against the walls in no particular order. Overlooking the bed, sat an open window that carried air in from the alley beyond. Glancing to the street beyond it, a dark train of thought ran through the edges of his mind.

    For a brief instant, he considered what it would be like to fly through that window.

    The dull hum of a police siren shook him from his thoughts and back to reality. Slowly the runner ran a hand over the stubble of his head and picked himself from his place against the wall. Glancing over the stockpile of empty bottles, a clear enough objective topped his bucket list. He needed a drink.

    Hell after that? He needed several.


    Q: The fuck did I just read?!

    A: I'm glad you asked that disembodied internet voice. This is how The Cosmic Weiner Dog kicks of RPs! I'll give you the reader's digest of what I'm looking to do with this RP.

    Noir + Cyberpunk + Psychological thriller dealing in dependence of technology and the breakdown of borders between what is digital and what is human. That being said, this is cyberpunk and there will be plenty a helping of action, subterfuge, politics and intrigue as well. They just won't be playing lead fiddle per se.

    Q: Awesome! What do I need to join?

    A: I'd like this to be a relatively small RP with a solid group of 1 to 3 people. Unlike most RP projects I take on, I'd like this one to be more of a personal narrative between characters. Considering this, I'd not at all be opposed to making it a 1x1. In fact, I'd kind of prefer it at the moment. That said, I'd not be opposed to making it bigger.

    In other news on that subject, I want this to be a very stylized piece. Meaning theme songs, pictures, alternative use of media. Iwaku supports quite a bit of media content on the site, lets use it to it's full extent and doll up the heck out of this eh?

    Q: But Cosmic, if you wanted it to be a 1x1 why didn't you post it initially there in the first place?

    A: Because reasons.

    Q: I like it so far! What's the plot?

    A: No fuckin' clue. I know I want it to have the basic feel of a Noir, set in a cyberpunk world and deal with issues with where the psychological line crosses between the digital and the physical but I don't per se have a set in play plot. I have ideas, and If I was running this as a shadowrun game, I have enough material I could run it spur of the moment. But It's not a shadowrun game. It's long hand media. As a result I'd like to discuss with my potential partner/partners the direction best suited for our play styles.

    Q: How regularly am I expected to post if I join this?

    A: twice a week. I'm kinda busy, but if we can stick to that rotation I think this thing'd be pretty snazy.

    Q: What Gender roles are you looking for?

    A: Hrm... Good question random disembodied voice. So like I said, I want this piece to be stylized. Since we're playing the angle of a Noir at it's base component a MxF role would fit the archetype. However, other dynamics would fit in play just as well with some tweaking. Because I'm not planning on making Romance a focal point of the RP, the gender requirements aren't so carved in granite. As said I want to tailor this to individual play style rather than storyline and try to build a long running piece.

    So Yeah.

    If your interested, Drop a line and I'll throw down a Character model. Tell me about your play style, what you'd like to see and what kind of character you'd be interested in digging into.
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  2. This is an interesting concept. I'm definitely interested. I always envision a hacker, but I think that comes with the genre, or someone who just lives in the gray area of society.
  3. Dooooooooesn't tell me a lot. Gonna have to go a bit more in depth into what you're looking to do before I okay it.

    I'm looking to make this a Noir, not a cookie cutter go here do this action rhomp.
  4. yeah, I didn't really go in depth on that post. In all honesty, I kinda just put it there as a place holder >.>

    Anyway, I'll try to put more effort into that when I have time.
  5. Not place holding anything until confirmation. This is gonna be something small, so I'm scouting out someone who I think will fit what I'm looking for.
  6. Actually, I think I'll bow out of this. I just don't think I can actually give you what you're looking for and I also don't think I would be on enough (at least not as often as I used to be)
  7. This seems interesting. I would like to join.
    I'm new to the site but not new to role playing as I role played on another site before.
  8. The intro reminded me a lot of Neuromancer, classic cyberpunk material. I also like the way you structured this - it has a nice hook. Good luck with this project mate
  9. Hey man, hope this is still going, and if so, it'll be my first endeavour on this website.

    More to the point, I like cyberpunk a lot, and I like the idea of this being noir-esque. If this is still going/happening, which I sincerely hope it is, then this is the sort of character I'd be imagining.

    I have a basic outline of a character that I use for cyberpunk based RPs: a 20-ish year old guy with no former education, a drop-out who ended up in the low-level criminal world but managed to weave his way into the slightly nicer line of work available. By that I mean theft, breaking and entering and the like. Very much the more subtle stuff than contract killing or curb-stomping somebody 'cos they didn't pay their drug money. With that in mind, he'd be squeamish when it comes to harming others. I'd have him with a basic understanding of hacking and neural-interfacing: he'd use them as tools, without too much understanding of the inner workings, and would leave that up to somebody else. Therefore, more of a hands on kind of guy. I'm tempted to throw in a stimulant-drug addiction for fun, a doe-eyed innocence of the world that is slowly being beaten out of him, and a general hopelessness when it comes to his future, as he doubts he'll ever get out of the underworld.

    We're talking about a nice boy, good at what he does, bright if not academically smart but with a nerdy streak in him, fit enough to run from the police, and used to dealing with people he knows he's inferior to, but with an underlying string of cynicism, general angst/anger (in the sense that he's too smart to be doing what he's doing but doesn't have a choice), and a drug habit, which would piss him off even more.

    In terms of setting, depending on how high tech we're going, he could have augmentations or implants, but that's really more details than anything.

    Relation to your character ? Given the little I know I can only hypothesize, but if your guy gets into any illegal dealings, then my guy might be who he ends up hooking up with. Or on the contrary, they could be enemies if your guy happens to piss one of his bosses off. Or we can go for a bigger, underlying plot as well. I'm quite open.

    I'll be honest, I'm best suited to world-building and brainstorming, and it's been a long time since I've roleplayed (although I started when I was 14, not sure if that's a proof of talent or not though), but I'm keen to get back into it. I'd be up for bi-weekly posting, and I'm happy to have this intimate. I like the opportunities that cyberpunk offers, and the freedom it grants you.

    If you're looking for a more hacker-ish based storyline, I'm more than happy to adapt, as I really just want to join this RP (don't ask me why).

    Hope that wasn't too wine-induced, and hope to hear from you soon. Cheers.
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