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  1. He Saved Me
    SympathyForYou & Erka
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    The air was chilly for the young eighteen year old as she made her way down the street. Her Friday night was spent with her in the library on campus. And it was seen in her light eyes that she was simply tired from looking over the material she needed to know. She was going to have a huge test next week and she thought it was good to get some books for it. Big heavy, books were in her arms as she shrugged with them along with her bag hanging on her shoulder. Christina was the smart girl. That was how she was classified as she moved about. Her long dark brown hair fell around her as the wind pushed it back and out of her face. She was glad for that as she continued to walk.

    At this point, it was very late for her to be out. It was dark and nearing ten o'clock. The young girl didn't really plan on staying out as long as she was at the moment. Usually she would be curled up with a pillow in her bed at the moment. But she just shook her head as she passed a dark alley way. At first she didn't pay any mind to it until she heard a noise. It made the short girl stop in her tracks as she looked inside. A quiet cry could be heard though the hairs on the back of her neck stood up. Something isn't right.

    There was something off about what was going on around her. Nobody was near her as she glanced around to see she was alone. But she couldn't be.. Something had to cry out in the alley way. Being the girl that liked to help, she took a step toward where she heard it. "Hello?" Her small voice called out, surprising her as she was able to open her mouth to speak. This was bad. She needed to leave. Her feet just kept moving forward toward the alley. Soon her body was consumed in the dark as she glanced around. "Anybody there?" She called out once more, not seeing anybody before she felt something against her feet. It scared the poor girl as she cried out and dropped her stuff all around her.

    Looking down, bright green eyes stared up at her. A beautiful black cat cried out once more before disappearing behind a couple of trash cans. Her heart still was racing as she let out a light laugh. "It was only a cat.." She spoke quietly to herself, feeling a little silly as she moved to grab her stuff. But her hair soon stood up on the back of her neck. Something still wasn't right as she felt somebody behind her. "Guess again." They called out in a dark tone as they grabbed the back of her jacket and threw her into the brick wall. She knew she must have scratched her cheek as warm liquid was falling down her face. "Hello sweetheart." The man growled as he pushed his body into her back, which forced her into the wall more. She couldn't help it as she screamed loud. That only seemed to irritate the man as he pulled himself back and flipped her around.

    Christina was soon staring up at her tall, dark attacker. His scarred face glowed down at her as a smirk touched his lips. "Don't scream, okay?" He growled as he cut open her shirt under her jacket. Her bra was showing now as he went to touch her. That's when she panicked and started to scream again, even starting to hit him to get hi away from her. He didn't like that as he pushed her back against the wall. She hit her head and it was hard to concentrate as she hit it pretty hard. "Shut up!" He snapped as he went to pick up the knife she hit out of his hands.
  2. Isaac flew high above, having spent his night patrolling the city and finding nothing so far. This was unusual for him, and while he was bored he decided it was probably a good thing that this city could apparently go at least a day without any violent crimes.
    He contemplated this, thinking of the many criminals he'd 'dealt with' in the past three years and the rate at which he found them. It had certainly been slowing down lately and he wondered if perhaps he had finally eliminated all of the violent criminals from this area. Concentrating on his own thoughts, he almost didn't notice what was happening to the girl below.
    He did, however, notice her screaming. Isaac landed quickly, drawing what appeared to be a short sword from where it was kept at his side as he grabbed the man. Isaac's unusually calm attitude while stabbing the man made it quite obvious he'd done this before.
    Isaac looked over towards where the girl was as he dealt with the man, to see if she was hurt or had run away already. Usually when he did this any uninjured victims often ran away at the first chance they got, so he was concerned for her when she didn't seem to try to run when the man went to retrieve his knife. "You alright?" He asked in her general direction.
  3. The girl could barely think about running away. All she could focus on was that her head hurt. Christina didn't pay much attention to the young man that swooped down to save her. Her eyes would focus on him before she could feel them shut. All she could think of now was falling asleep. She struggled not to as she slid down the wall and fell to the floor.

    "My.. My head.." She said to him as he called out to her. It was bleeding slightly in the back and from the way the man hit her, she's surprised she didn't pass out. All she knows is that it is sore and she will have a bump on it soon enough. Reaching up her hands to touch it, she pulled back from it quick at the sharp pain.

    Looking at the guy who helped her, she tried to smile as she reached for her things. She needed to get up and leave. That would be better for her as she moved to stand. Her hands shooting out to hold onto the wall to keep her up. She was trying not to focus on the man as he stabbed the one who attacked her. She didn't like it and she just looked away, trying to balance herself out.
  4. Isaac made sure the guy who attacked her would die, however slowly. Rapists were his least favorite criminals and he always let them suffer the most, as they did to their own victims, and he considered the intention to be just as bad as the actual crime.
    That being done, Isaac moved over to look at her and see how badly she was hurt, as it was clear to him by now that she was injured. He saw the injury on her head, and that her shirt had been cut open. He offered his jacket to her, deciding to at least fix one problem now and deal with her injury later. "I will help you get home. Where do you live?" He asked. The girl could barely stand, so he knew there was no way he could just disappear into the night as he often did and leave her to find her own way home.
  5. "Thank you." Christina said, glancing back at him while making sure to not look at the dead man on the floor. Blood seemed to cover the alley because of him but she knew he helped her. She was glad he helped her. She moved down to grab her stuff when she felt something get pushed her way, she saw the jacket as she glanced down. The girl almost forget that her chest was exposed with her white bra underneath. Usually she would be embarresed but at the moment she could care less. Taking the jacket from him, she wrapped it around herself before grabbing her bag from the ground,

    Bringing her bag to her shoulder, that was light as she reached for her books. She may be sore but she needs her things. She can't just leave it in an alley way. Balancing the books in her thin arms, she tried walking toward him. Which resulted in her bumping into him. She reached out with a free arm to hold onto his to keep her straight. "Sorry.." She said quietly as she leaned into her savior.

    "I just live up the block at the Tailgate Apartments. Apartment 6D." She said, glancing up at him. He was an odd one. Her eyes searching his as she didn't focus much on anything else. She knew she had to be a sight to see. Dry blood on the side of her face, her shirt ripped open, her head injured, and her barely being able to walk.
  6. Isaac put his sword away and wiped his hands off before taking the books from her, figuring it'd be easier if he carried them since she was injured. He let her lean on him, helping her get home, and was glad it wasn't far. He looked at her as they made their way to her home, seeing that she was looking back at him and wondering just how odd she thought he was; he knew the gold webbing in his eyes made them odd, he had wings, and he had just killed a man right in front of her. He felt a bit bad for her for that, she must be scared, as well as being injured.
    Once they reached her home, he waited for her to unlock and open the door, glancing at her. "Do you live with anyone else?"
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