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  1. Aeryn made her way into Haven. Her gun holstered on her hop and her badge in her pocket. She pulled her car over and stopped, looking up at the newspaper store. She got out of her car, wearing jeans and a loose tshirt. She looked very unprofessional but she was on a vacation day so it shouldn't matter, right?

    She walked into the store. "Hello?" She called. She had been doing research and soon was brought here, to this small town, to figure out something about her past.
  2. A head poked out from behind a shelf, "oh! Sorry! Be right with you!" There was a clatter of paint cans being knocked over and a young man stumbled out from behind the tall shelf. His brown hair was strewn about and his blue eyes settled onto Aeryn as he wiped his hands on the paint stained shirt he was wearing. "Hey there, um, my name is Nils. I dont work here but Dan is out on break so I guess I will fill in for him." He rambled then quickly gave the new girl a sheepish smile as he noticed all the paint on his clothes. "I um..I am helping repaint the back room you see.." He looked down at the ground and back up at Aeryn as if in apology for his state of dress.
  3. "Hi. Oh don't worry." She laughed. "I was just looking if anyone knew where to stay? I am here for a while and I need a motel? Hotel? What does this little town have?" She questioned, shifting on her hip. She gave him a weak smile and crossed her arms. "Any hotels?" She questioned.

    She looked around the building, the walls were covered with newspaper clippings and photos. She kept looking, searching for photographs of her parents. The only memories she has of them was that they came to this place, to Haven. This is where they died when she moved away. This is the place that haunted her memories. She cleared her throat, feeling herself get all choked up.
  4. Nils smiled, "there is a nice little motel down the street, I am actually the caretaker of the place while the owner is out on vacation you see." Nils walked over to the the counter and picked up a clean shirt, taking his off and quickly putting the new one on. "You sure you dont need anything?" Suddenly the door opened and a silver haired man carrying an empty brown bag walked in. "Nils, you finish painting the back room?" Nils nodded and tossed a key to the man. "Yes I did Dan, everything should be ok." The older man nodded to Aeryn respectfully and breezed past and into the back room. "Well I better get going, its a little bit of a walk to the motel and it looks like it might rain." Nils smiled once again and walked towards the door of the store.
  5. "Thank you." She smiled and followed after him. "I have a car, if it is easier to drive?" She asked cautiously. She wished that she would be able to figure this out quickly, figure her story out and then leave. She had a deep sinking feeling it would not happen that way. She followed the man, looking back at her car nervously. It was a rental. She ran back to her car and climbed up, pulling up next to him.

    "You can give me directions? I will drive you?" She smiled politely, opening the passenger door and waiting for him to climb in. Haven was a sweet little town with so many mom and pop shops she didn't even see any big box stores, which she was loving.
  6. Nils smiled and climbed in, soon he was pointing out stores and various local attractions. When they pulled into the motel parking lot he jumped out and immediatly went to grab her bags. "It would be impolite of me to not thank you in some way for the ride." Nils smiled againand hefted the bags up and walked into the small lobby.

    Placing the bags down Nils went behind the counter and rummaged around for a room key. "So what brings you to Haven? We dont get many visitors and most of them are simply tourists who got lost." Finding a key he walked back out and handed it to Aeryn. "Room number 6, just down the hall and to the left."
  7. "Would you mind helping me with my luggage?" She smiled and took the key. "I am actually here for personal reasons. It seems my mother is from here so I was hoping to do some digging into her background." She smiled, hefting one of the bags on her hip, her gun on the other side. "I took some vacation time to kind of sort it out. It is a wicked cute town." She smiled at him.

    He was nice and seemed to genuinely care, despite all his nerdiness, which she didn't mind either. She went down the hall and opened the door. Inside was a typical motel room. She threw her stuff on the bed and grabbed the bags from him. "Will you be around? I might want to go sightseeing if you have time?"
  8. Nils blinked in surprise, fully expecting the cute new girl to dismiss him as soon as she had settled. But this was a pleasent surprise. "um yeah sure, I have the rest of the day off and spending time with a girl sure beats watching tv." Nils blushed a little as he realized he had thought out loud. "ah um sorry bout that."

    Nils snapped his fingers and the lights in the room turned on. "I will let you unpack and get settled," with a sheepish smile Nils backed out of the room. But nearly fell as he tripped over a black cat that had been standing in the doorway. "augh! Ms. Gibson! You really need to stop doing that!" Nils talked to the cat with an exasperated tone as he righted himself. The cat simply stared at Aeryn for a second then gave Nils an indignant meow as it wandered away down the hall.
  9. "Alright, will you be at the desk? I will let you know when I am ready. Thank you." She smiled and shut the door behind her. She unpacked slowly, making sure that everything was put where she wanted it to go. She would be spending quite some time here. She took off her gun and ran her hand through her hair.

    It hadn't been her choice to be a cop, she got thrown into the career. She didn't want to and sometimes regretted it. She finally got the room how she wanted and put her pistol back on her hip, making her way to the front desk. She smiled. "Ready?" She questioned, waving her keys in his face.
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