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  1. ...where you stumble across a character reference image that's basically PERFECT, when you weren't even looking? And when you've long ago given up on finding one because it's just too specific?

    One of my oldest characters is named Oz. I've had the fucker for long before I started using Ozzie as a nickname, and I haven't used him in a while because now it's awkward, seeing as I'm nothing like the guy. But shit, I've had him since I was an ickle bitty teen. And it's always been a bitch to find the right character art for him, because he's got a weirdly specific hairstyle and he oozes personality. The guy's a celebrity wizard, ferchrissakes.

    So I was browsing through dA today trying to find art of mages/priests for a completely different character, mostly just clicking around through all the halfway decent art of dudes I could find. And I came across this:



    The only part that isn't quite right is that Oz has green eyes, not blue, but other than that it's spot on. I never thought I'd find something. o__o

    Has this ever happened to you guys? Or do you have a character who is also a pain in the ass to find an image for?
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  2. I have always been one to use my own artwork for things, but recently I have been finding images that don't match every specific detail I would like.

    They tread the line of the concepts I have in mind this happened very recently too, with two characters I made. Yngvildr and Skeggiold, while I'm probably going to draw the idea I have for these characters eventually, the images I found to use were so close to my original ideas I decided to use them until I can replace it with my own.

    Maybe spending so much time on Iwaku is rubbing off on me :)
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  3. I like this picture. It reminds me of a character from Drakengard 3, what he'd look like when he's younger though. Aw, I love this picture. Yeah, sometimes I have images in my head for characters I try to describe but also want to have a picture of them. Trying to search for one just right is a pain.
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  4. Yeah, I'm playing it at the moment, trying to beat the last level. It's strange, bloody, and comedic. I would recommend it.
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  5. To keep from derailing this thread, all I will say is that I now absolutely need to go look up exactly how much crazysauce it is.
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  6. I was reall happy to find a great no wait a spot on pic for my Character Athen. It was perfect. It just jumped out at me and that was it. For others it was a pain and still its. I get close enough and run with it. Others I stop looking but for him, it was perfect.
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  7. ON the off chance I find a pic I'm looking for while I'm looking, I get really really happy. Although by that point I'm very highly critical of EVERYTHING so I'm usually not at my full happinesses.

    Although once my friend drew a picture of two characters from a book we're co-writing and it was so perfect, I was fangasming over her concept art for our own book.
  8. Oh Kitty drew a pic for me once. It came out great. A small commission and I still have it. I put it someplace safe so I'll find it in 6 months to a year but I know I have it. :)

    *Happy thought* The rp was short lived but I love the picture and remember it now. I should dig it out and frame it.
  9. I honestly can't say that I have. Though there have been random timers I've gone off on Google to explore the images, in hopes of finding something that may be similar to one of the few characters I've created, and so far I've been incredible unsuccessful. Though for two specific characters I've used before, I've always intended to draw them up myself and scan them so I can digitally store them.
  10. It happens, especially in character art threads on other forums.

    Or often yet when you find a picture and all you want to do is write a story for them!
  11. Rarely. I've recently adjusted to using images, since most people seem to prefer them over descriptions, but I always have a hard time finding ones I like. Hardly find something that matches my head-canon when it comes to descriptions, though.
  12. At first I never used pictures, then when I started playing on Iwaku I'd sometimes draw my characters (badly), but now I usually look around for non-specific characters with just simple search tags like mage or warrior. When I do so on deviantART, I'll find one awesome picture and see equally awesome pictures in the related section, then more and so on, then end up stockpiling potential RPCs to use later. Sometimes I screw around with Hero Machine too, but I havent actually used anything I made with that. Male models aren't that great.
  13. I wish I could draw but I cant so I just look for pictures that might work. I love http://digital-art-gallery.com/picture/gallery/sci-fi
    they have the best art I've ever needed for my chars. I had to share the link. Its just that good. My little Kip is from there.
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  15. Nope. I don't really use pictures for characters unless I drew it or I had it comissioned; I think I used to waaay back in ye olde days when I first started, but even then I would find a picture and describe that, rather than trying to find a picture that matched my description.

    I don't mind pics in roleplay if they're accompanied by a well-written description, but I get slightly annoyed when a pic is used in place of written description, so I tend to aovid them altogether. The odd time I've found a pic that looks a bit like a character of mine, it's met with a "That's neat" and then I leave it.
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