Have you ever fallen in love in a dream?

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  1. Have you ever had a dream so intense of feeling that you fell in love with the other person in your dream? That they were your girlfriend, or your fiancee, or simply someone you met, and within the confines of your dream, you experienced an incredible moment; a series of events, or even a life-time, and in that dream, you fell in love?

    The dream itself is unimportant, but if it's vivid enough for you to recollect, you're welcome to share.

    I've experienced this recently. A tall, nigh-Amazonian blond with a powerful, domineering presence was my girlfriend. We were perfect for each other. Aside from that, I don't remember the details of the dream. I think it was just a series of dates.
  2. What's strange is the dreams where I genuinely fall in love, I'm a nicely built, beautiful man. c___c; Either with a boyfriend or a wife. If it's boyfriend, we battle against the close minded society so we can win our rights to get married and if it's wife, we have a happy life with children. I'm not sure why this is; maybe because I'm pretty much a dude in a chick's body.

    Those are different enough to be separate from the more realistic ones involving people I've met.
  3. ...I wish.
  4. I've had that happen a couple times. The part that sucks? You know you'll never actually meet the 'girl of your dreams'.
  5. The REAL kicker is:


  6. I've had a dream like that but I don't remember it very well. I only remember that everytime I have a dream like that it is like beauty and the beast.
  7. I have them everry once in a while. The wierd thing is that the woman that I fall in love with is always the same person.
  8. Dream 1: I was 8 years old and at school. David Hasslehoff was harassing the girls, including the one I had an obsessive crush on - an exotic brunette like Eva Green. I beat the crap out of the Hoff and smashed a vase over his head. The girl was so impressed that she ran away with me.

    Dream 2: I was racing across the world, a bit like Indiana Jones, following clues, jumping between rooftops, running down streets. I had one name on my lips: Balam - and I knew she was the girl I was meant to be with. I spent months searching for her, till finally I was descending through Oxford University, breaking into secret vaults and storming arcane libraries. I found the girl - an athletic tattooed warrior type with short blonde hair. And we had some kind of witty exchange that I can't remember. Turns out Balam is the name of an angel.

    Dream 3: A party at an English mansion. I'm sitting on a windowsill overlooking the peacock garden, not really mixing with anyone. This scruffy-looking tomboy-like girl with dark gypsy hair sits beside me. We start singing a song by Phil Collins (don't judge me!) and it pisses everyone else in the room off. Then we run away and start hitchhiking along a country road.

    Dream 4: Something about a church and lesbians and someone getting busted for smoking pot. The details escape me.... >__>
  9. Eeeeeeyup, I have.
  10. I can't judge you for an artist I enjoy.

  11. I had a dream when I was...7 or 8 or something. It was a vague dream, but I remember looking at the stars with a girl besides me and saying how beautiful they were and sighing. I've never really known what she looked like, but she returns to my dreams every so often, especially when I'm feeling really stressed or depressed. Those dreams are always very soothing dreams.

    I've started considering her as some sort of guardian angel, and I'm still very much in love with her ^_^;
  12. My dreams (the ones I remember anyway) tend to be surreal with very little in the way of other people. So no.
  13. Gods, those dreams are always amazing... They happen often, but details are ALWAYS different. Though the girl tends to be the same one.

    ...I'm always pissed when I wake up, though, just because I HAD to wake up... e.e
  14. I haven't ever fallen in love in a dream, but I've formed very strong friendships in them. These dreams usually end badly, with said friend dying or being taken from me in some way, and I wake up feeling horrible and depressed and it bugs me all day :C The one I remember most was that I was bffs with this silver dog and mountain lion that could talk. We would just lay in my front yard and chill and it was awesome. Eventually they told me that they were both really sick and were going to the vet to see if they could be cured. I woke up while I was waiting for them to come back with the news.
  15. I've had them, I just don't remember them all.

    I remember this long, epic dream where I was a thousand year old witch caught in the middle of some pointless war. There was a bodyguard for Teh Ebil Queen who looked like he came straight out of the Matrix. He rocked my world and then went off to die, also pointlessly. I woke up depressed.
  16. You lucky bastards! All the dreams I can remember are about being chased by some foul looking guys while this song playes in the background:

  17. I had a dream that I was in a loving relationship with my college friend; who, while cute, isn't really my type(not chiner enough). We don't really talk much since we belong to different groups.

    I woke up the next day STILL thinking that I'm her boyfriend and kissed her cheek before class started. OH SNAP, SON! People gave us the oddest stares. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE! My acting all boy-friend-y made her think that I was COURTING her and started acting all lovey-dovey too! My friends thought it was a very elaborate prank so they went along with it too(at least, that's what the bastards told me).


    In hindsight saying, "wait, what? But SHE'S my girlfriend!" while pointing at the girl who ISN'T my girlfriend wasn't the smartest move I've made.
  18. i Have fallen in love in a dream
  19. I have had many 'love' dreams. I adore them, but when you wake up you feel like you lost someone important to you... Or at least that is how I feel. Then there's the dreams where someone you know that has passed away in real life is alive in the dream, but you know they are supposed to be dead so you take advantage of every single second you have with them... Those dreams really bum me out, and make me happy at the same time.
  20. Everyone I fall in love with in dreams tends to quickly become corpses. Kind of depressing, really.