Have you ever cheated?



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PLEASE, watch the video before responding:

Okay, seriously though:

Have you ever cheated? Why? Would you do it again?

Inversely: have you ever been cheated on? How did you respond?
I can honestly say that I've never cheated on anyone, but I have been cheated on.
It's not a pleasant feeling, and it feels like a little part of you dies each time that the person does it.
That video's great.

I've never cheated.

I have been cheated on, though. He was an ass about it by sending me filthy pictures as proof, which I really didn't need. I stopped talking to him. There was no need to say it was over, because it obviously was. He's one of the reasons why I hate people so much.
lol, that was pretty funny. What's even funnier is that I used to get my hair cut by the same barber for years, and when I had to go somewhere else IT DID feel like cheating!

I have made mistakes and such, but I've never full on cheated on someone.
Funny video lol

I've never cheated on anyone. I've been cheated on and I hate the feeling. I can't do that to someone else.
I have never cheated on someone, but I have been cheated on. D:

The opportunity to cheat never presented itself - at least not in the form of someone I'd be interested in. (Plenty of moments where someone ASKED me to cheat but I didn't dig the person. XD) I've always made sure to end to end my relationships if I knew it wasn't working out anymore. I never let it get so far that I'd start thinking about other people before it was even over. D:

There's two kind of cheaters! The ones that cheat because they don't want to admit their current relationship is unsatisfying and they're afraid to let it go or be alone. ....And then you have your greedy assholes that just don't give a shit. >>; I try not to put myself in situation #1, and I am not a #2 person... XD
I haven't cheated. I don't know if I can say I was cheated on either, as the closest thing to a relationship that I've been in was online, and the cheating if there was any was emotional. Feels not good. Probably part of why I don't feel confident about my future in terms of romance, because the closest that I've come before I was apparently inadequate.
No to both. Never had a desire to cheat and all of my relationships have ended well.
Never cheated, have been cheated on.

I was 14, my then girlfriend was 13, and she slept with a 17 year old, my brother's friend.

Fuck that fucking shit. It's not funny and it ruins lives. I'm lucky that I had already realized in some part of me that I didn't love Tess, that it was boyhood infatuation.
No sleeping was involved, but one of my ex-girlfriends had a crush on another dude and that relationship went south. Never looked back, still friends, but her folks still totally wanted me to be with her. I was probably the first man (not boy) she brought home: could talk politics and economics with her father, decor and house-flipping with her mother, was on the fast track to a lucrative and sexy career as a doctor, well-mannered, polite, responsible--hell yeah, they wanted me around. Her loss, obviously. Now I'm engaged to the love of my life. If I think another woman is attractive, I tell my lady and try to convince to do a threesome. She hits me. If I think a man (like Patrick fucking Stewart) is attractive and I try to convince her into a threesome, she laughs then hits me again.
No I've never cheated... never was in a real relationship anyway so I have no idea. And I don't think I ever would...

I've never been cheated on but Ive been used to get to my bestfriend.... I was crying for a long time and my friend beat him so badly she had to take anger management for a year.