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  1. So yeah, I'm kinda just gonna skip the introduction. A few things I have to put out though.
    • I usually only post from a short paragraph to two, depending on what I can do on the time or circumstance.
    • I do anime-esque things, just a bit of a warning, some people don't like that.
    • I'm only up for MxF if it's a romance RP. I'm just really not that good otherwise, nothing against it.
    • My ideas need expansion, that much is certain.
    I have two base characters I want to play with, but a few fill in the blank scenarios. Though, for the first one, any type of character would work, even another supernatural-esque.

    Half Broken Android - Female
    An android suffering from constant glitches attempts to live half normally in public, either in school or out, and attempts to keep up the act. Only happening a few times in the past, but when people are suspicious of her true nature, she attempts to take them off the trail.

    Digital Simulated World - Either gender would work
    Some digital simulated world, where either two things could happen. In both, there could be transitions between the digital and real worlds. 1: It's an urban digital war between two factions, for portions of the city fought for by various players, while being extremely realistic. There's times of peace where life seems normal, and some other times war. Anything could happen between our characters in this one. 2: Just a simulated digital life, standard, in an open world where lots could happen with exploration, with various inhabitants from the real world or inside projections.

    I will add more if I see necessary, msg me for details and whatever else.
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  2. I like the way the second one sounds.
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