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    What are you most proud of yourself for having done?
    (This can be so many things, from having perfect attendance at work to mastering something you never thought you could do, or even just trying!)
  2. Well, I have been helping people out in rl with personal issues.

    I have made alot of my friends feel like my home is their home.

    ^Those are two things that I'm really proud of.
  3. I made it through Katawa Shoujo without crying.
  4. I helped an old lady by taking her cart to the cart collection area. It also turned out that it was her birthday, so I wished her happy birthday.
  5. Most proud? Standing up for myself!

    Everyday, all the time.
  6. For every skill I have attained through my life by practice or studying, surely there is someone in the world better at it than I am. But I'm fairly certain that I am the only unique combination of said skills. So I am proud of myself.

    Although that doesn't get me very far. Every day at work I feel dumb.
  7. I'm proud of getting a 4.0 average for the last two semesters of college, I'm proud I at least tried to make it through the military, and I'm proud that I have been able to create a positive view point on Catholics for several of the people I've been friends with over the years.
  8. I'm proud of my emotional strength. I've weathered through a lot this year and it's still not over. I've had to move away from my family, get a job, go through a family member passing away, moving again twice (into an apartment and then driving back to California) and settling back with my parents. And now I'm applying back to school at my original community college. XD
  9. What is pride?


    I WILL
  10. In other words, Vay is most proud of his ability to make friends despite all contrary opinions voiced. =)
  11. I am proud that the newsletter has been posted on time every month for almost two years! 8D
  12. *remembers the old days of the newsletter and shudders*
  13. Having a girlfriend who is my world. And being a beta tester for video games on me free time
  14. This year I'm proud of afew things:

    Continued recovery from addiction and having had the opportunity to speak in detox centres.

    Graduating college with honours.

    And to have been able to continue to contribute to the development and management of start up Non Governmental Organization.
  15. I am proud of myself for a lot of things. I am proud I have learned to let go of people who are not good in my life. I am proud I have graduated college. I am proud I camped in the desert for three months. I am proud of the things I am capable of fighting through. I pride myself on little victories like upselling a customer into a nicer car at work. I am proud of being happy with my job. Idk. I think I'm pretty awesome.
  16. I am proud over that I did so good with my music subjects in school :D
    I am also proud over that I am able to learn Japanese even though I sucked at every other language tried to learn xD

    Hmm... I am proud over going down 12 Kilos while I went to high school since I were overweight when I started there :)

    And that's all

    Yes, I am very proud of myself for fighting those demons in my head that tried to convince me that living was not worth the hurt and fear.

    And still going, despite their little resurgences...
  18. I'm quite proud of my having finished an entire draft of a lengthy work of fiction, but that is tempered by my awareness of the work editing will pose. I have untempered pride in my recent grades. :)