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  1. Setting:​

    A dark castle deep within a forest known as the Dark Misty Hallows. Some say that an evil force lives on the estate and that a great evil lives within the castle. Many are afraid to approach but there are some who are brave. Those who have tried in the past have never come back alive. There is a girl who they say lives within the castle but the people of the nearby town know nothing more. They think that she is a demon or some creature of the underworld. She does travel into the town but it is only to get supplies that she needs. Many say that the reason you only see her in town once every six months is because she has to find new victims to sacrifice. Many wish to find some who would be brave enough to try and rid their town of this strange evil. What the villagers don’t know is that the strange girl who lives there was cursed and she may be supernatural but she doesn’t claim to be evil. She waits for someone or ones who are brave enough to try and remove her and the Dark Misty Hallows curse.
  2. I'm most definitely interested! Count me in! (sorry about the inactiity in that other RP btw, kinda waiting for it's host to respond o-o)
  3. That's fine I'm glad your interested.
  4. Sounds interesting~
    I'd like to join.
  5. Great!
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  6. Hmm.. To tell you the truth, I never played a RP with demons and ghost etc.

    I am quite intrigued by this one.. Makes me wonder what's the story behind this girl and how we can save her somehow.

    I would be interested to see how this goes, though I might have to do some research on scary stuff etc.^^
  7. I will give more information on the girl in the OOC, because I plan on her being my main character. I came up with the idea because I'm big with the supernatural and unknown, but I'm new to the horror concept so I've been reschering on scary as well. I thank my best friend for that.
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  8. Okay.. Just let me know somehow:)

    I would like to know more about this, because I want to try something new. ^^
  9. this looks like my kinda thing! :] may I join? :]
  10. Okay I'll let you know.
    Yes you can join.
    I'm going to make the OOC thread because this is going well I think I have basically enough interest.
  11. YAY! thanks :]
  12. I'll get to work on my form, I should have it in tomorrow or the next day :] is it okay if I can havea halfbreed? if not I'll bring a demon :]
  13. It's fine I'm a half breed. That's why I gave them as an example. Can't wait to see the characters that everyone comes up with.
  14. great! thanks :]
  15. Your welcome. :)
  16. sorry it's taking ages to get my form done, I'm slowly getting through it :]
  17. It's fine take all the time you need. I probable wont start the RP till after next weeks Friday because I have a trip that came up. So there's no rush.
  18. Hey !~.

    I'm still interested in this. The trouble that I have is not deciding what my chara will be. ^^

    I don't want her to be a Demon, not a Vampire.. Uhh.

    So it's a question: can I make up a new Race ? She won't have like super powers as a demon or anything . But it will be something Mixed.

    If you at yes to this, the I'll make the CS in a day or two maximum.~
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