Has Nephrite really moved on? And what is the Fuhrer really up to!

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Nephrite Levequis

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-''Where the hell am I?''Nephrite asked!He then began to sweep and dust off his own shoes.He pondered were her even was he took an old toothpick deep within his own pocket.He had struggled to get the toothpick out of his pocket.He could feel the cloth rubbing against his hard hands and the rough threads in the dark trenches of his own pockets. His huge hands roughly yanked from his pocket.At the time were he struggled to pull the toothpick from his pocket. Nephrite had saw that his pocket was inside out because of his thick hand that he pulled out of the raggedy pocket.Nephrite began to get self embarrassed because he knew that he was getting sort of chubby.Nephrite was still embarrassed even though there was nobody around in the cybernetic area that he had just been transmitted to.He looked around only seeing a bunch of forum's.His cloth pant's ripped as he continued to run. Due to the length of the cloth pant's his shoes stepped on the long pants while running as he ran when the pants leg ripped he had tripped instantly attempting to catch his own footing.In result he ended up only stumbling and as he got up he mumbled to himself ''Its already hard here and I have only been here one day.''Nephrite mumbled to himself as he slowly got up,dusted his pants off ,looked forward and walked on.''He thought to himself I am going to need some friends if I really wanna survive here.''He eagerly whispered to the only thing he had a small doll from his deceased father Nephrite the second.He gripped it tight and ran as far as he could.Nephrite had gotten tired very fast and angrily pouted. Nephrite may have been thick and not have been active but he was also very tall.He was 5'6 and only in the seventh grade.And although he was huge and very chubby.He was mentally active and very intelligent''I can do this''Nephrite said.He knew something special was going to happen here so he strutted down the huge RP guilds.''I hate him''Nephrite screamed after a few hours of strutting a long way.He had remembered why he was brought here in the first place.The fuhrer had placed Nephrite's mother in prison for false statements and lying in trial.She had took the his place for a small crime Nephrite Had committed.But the fuhrer had been recently divorced from Nephrite's mother after she was married to Nephrite the second.He held a grudge against her for something she had done in marriage with the fuhrer.But Nephrite doesn't really know what she did.But he searched for something called Morphos that could solve all his problems in life. But the Morphos was here in this cybernetic land.He knew that this place posed a challenge on his physical abilities and he would have to get active so he could come back to his mother with Mprphos.The fuhrer had been seeking for Morphos but never sent his men in this land because he knew it would only be a bad outcome for his soldiers.Plus there was an up coming war.He could not risk killing his men before a huge war.So Nephrite knew he could bail his mother out of prison.''I will succeed don't worry mama I am coming for you soon''Nephrite said with pride running off to the next area of this world.