Has Byakuren had any attention yet today?

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  1. Alexandet
    "Oh I see for a secend I thought for a second you were going to say me just to mess with me"I say and laughed," I am guessing Jack didn't like that."
    "Yeah he probobly will..." i say and not agreeing. As I fist bump her and she grabbed my wrist and i tried to follow her habd movements. She had seemed hurt when she thought I wasn't going to do the handshake but had immidetly cheered up when i did.
    "Of course I wouldn't do that abd leave you hanging. " i say and grin

    I am reading when I feel the weight of his chin on my shoulder. He then ruffled my hair and keeps reading over my shoulder. He nuzzled himself their telling me not to mind him. I sighed
    "Alright....but I am not slowly down reading if you can't keep up." I say teasingly turning to look at him. I then noticed how close he was. I go back to reading.

    (Ok this is so cute i need to draw this XD)
    He still hugged me as I burried my red face in his chest. He stroke my hair and I could hear what he is saying as he kept teasing me.
    "A-alright I guess this is something I am going to have to get use to." I stutter then pout.
  2. He DOES!? Where might I find this pron?
  3. You believe the words of an incognito too easily.

    Go figure.
  4. You get my hopes up for nothing... I've been deceived...
  5. My lot here is to guide, not directly influence.

    Ply the treacherous highways of the Internet to the Land of 'Boorus. You will find his name. Eventually.

    Or if you think you've shat enough ramen in a lifetime, head to the Nippon realm of Pixiv, which, for many weeaboos, is navigable only for those who have attained sorcerous abilities.
  6. [​IMG]
    Location: Bartering Hall
    Time: Afternoon
    Interactions: Zealots
    Damn it, she cursed to herself in her mind. The man was dancing circles around her. Even though the crowd would undoubtedly be on her side she was at heavy risk of tarnishing hers and the Unity Fighter's reputation. She couldn't allow that. She'd have to do the one thing she didn't want to do: concede.

    "I will consult with my superiors, thank you very much. However, I will promise you this and all citizens of the Catacombs this, too: we will not allow any ill to befall anyone as a result of your grandiose claims. Even if no other Fighters are there for your 'ceremony', I will be and I will be watching you very carefully," her words were authoritative, however that was more a result of a well-concealed rage bubbling beneath the surface than much else. "Now, you've made your speech. You're obstructing this man's business," she continued, gesturing to the stall in front of which they were preaching. "I'm going to have to ask you to disperse and allow the market to return to regular operation. If you don't comply you are eligible for breaching the public peace - something we will not abide."

  8. I grab my boltpistol and commissar hat.
  10. Ew Reimu.. don't like her.. I have to hate just one so I picked her.. Tewi and Suwako are ok.. but kinda meh to me..
  11. (...Demi is making me freaking melt on the floor)


    "I...what?" My cheeks surely have gone to blood red and I swallow anxiously. She tells me that I don't look in a mirror much and I know exactly where that's heading "Er...no...I don't...I've never really liked my smile..." I admit slowly "It also squints my eyes and my cheeks get too dang big for my face..."

    She does admit it's mine and I realize quite sheepishly how nice it had looked on her. Narcissistic much? I bite my lip and just chuckle softly "But thank you for saying it's unforgettable. I would certainly think so. It makes me look like an adorable rodent after all." To prove my point, I force myself to smile widely, squinting my eyes and letting my cheeks build up.

    When this starts to hurt my face I stop. I eventually nudge her again and then plant a kiss on my hand before patting her cheek "Are you feeling better now dear? You look much better." I comment. "Perhaps we can..." I glance anxiously down at my lap "Perhaps I can bring up some hot chocolate again?"
  12. Sakamoto
    "Alright..thats true. You just worried me." I admit rubbing the back of my head. She snuggled up to me after i finished wrapping myself up...i playfully hugged her close to me. She then asked about what happened and i frozen not sure how to answer. I said i would tell if she asked but...i grt quiet looking down. For a second i fight with myself about telling her.
    "Nothing..." i then say quietly. Not sure what to say as those words came out.

    I laughed at her joke
    "Yeah a good cause..wouldn't be lying." I say with a shrug and smirked. I smiled as she laughed ay my joke glad she was thinking it was funny. She then twirled on her hair and said even if she was she wouldn't tell me
    "Aww come on thats harsh. " i say with a grin. I go over and spin in a chair.
    "That really hurts that you say that..im a good haker also im your friend. I ak offended." I say acting hurt.

    He ruffled my hair and I laughed.
    "You're getting all mushy again." I say teasing him as I playfully nudged him.
    "Anyways you're not such a bad person to hang out with anyways. " i then say teasingly," You're my favorite person."
    I then booped his nose and laughed. This was fun I get now why he liked messing with me. I then go back to reading

    He seemed surpsied as i declined his offer. He then says how he will just find someone else to hug. I pout as well and walked over to him and grabbed his sleeve before he could fully turn around so he wouldn't eave.
    "No....I do wanna hug." I admit to him
  13. Nothing except Yukari in that list is acceptable.

    99% SHIT TASTE

  15. Winnifred

    (I keep forgetting this has only taken the span of two weeks...XD)

    I laugh as he asks me to come back. "Be patient my dear I'll be back before you know it." I wink at him and glance through some movies. Once I grab one that I think he would enjoy I place it into the disk holder and return to the bed, where I plop down next to him and rest my head on his shoulder. I'm still worried but I try not to express it. I trust Saka a lot but I also know that if he truly did see something bad then I wouldn't be shocked if he kept it to himself. But what in hell did he see? I guess it didn't matter. I glance up at him sleepily and I offer him a smile


    "I've got my eyes on you." I tell him and poin my two fingers at him, smirking still. "Er I've been on it a few times. They actually let him keep it because he was using it for 'charity'. Taught kids in the neighborhood how to drive responsibly on it." I chuckle softly "The kids appreciated it." I shrug at him "I mean I would totally join you at the lake." I chuckle softly "Well I always thought I would just end up being a single...er...lady...? Dude? I don't know. I just know I will have an insane amount of dogs by the time I'm twenty three."


    She moves my arms and an inhuman gasp escapes me as I force myself to look at her. She says that was the sweetest thing anyone had said to her and my face becomes more inflamed. "I-I can't believe that. Someone must have said sweet things to you before. You deserve all the sweetness in the world Ri. You do."


    She gives me a quick kiss on the lips and I blink slowly in surprise, although I am not dissatisfied by it. With a bright smile I tilt her head towards mine gently and I give her a soft kiss. "I can't believe I am saying this but I really enjoy hugs now. I really enjoy your affection and I really enjoy giving you affection." I admit with a small blush.
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