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  1. Well! My current concept work is a species of crustacean humanoids with shells/chitin on their backs and a soft underbelly front with humanoid fronts. Maybe a retractable shell “helmet” with two or three sets of arms and four feet tall max. Faces should be human like with a set of large eyes and a smaller set beneath them, maybe mandibles combined with a normal human mouth, no noses? Slits maybe, and hairless. digitgrade legs too.

    Status is displayed by body modifications on their shells, indentured servitude/light slavery is common, nearly all of them steal compulsively and hoard anything of value.

    Extremely difficult to find anything that remotely looks like what I have in mind. The concept being small crablike humanoids viciously fighting each other over property on a mud planet.
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  5. Anya raise her brow at him, “Lucius can get himself killed trying. Papa, you trained me to be the killer.”

    Alena laugh, “She’s right. She’s the guy in this relationship.”
  6. C A P T A I N

    Crew Member
    Full name: Rek’Sai Imsahru
    Alias/Nicknames: The shark
    Gender: Female
    Species/Race/Breed: Ku'Rhom
    Birth Date: 12/05
    Age: 48
    Last Known Residence: Battleship Leviathan
    Crew Position: Captian
    Allegiance/Alignment/Clan(s): GTG, Members of the Leviathan

    Visual Identification
    Height: 8’ 10”
    Weight: 437lb
    Build: Muscular for a Ku’rhom, about average if by human standards
    Eye Color: Dark Blue
    Hair Color: Maroon roots fading into lighter red at the tips.
    Skin Tone/Color: ■■■■■■
    Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: Deteriorating jaw due to the Izkah virus, vertical scar on her right temple, decaying flesh around the bottom of her rib cage.
    Description: [​IMG]

    Sexuality/Preference: Straight
    Allies: Members of the Leviathan, sparse connections within various GTG friendly stations. Mercenary band from Euphrates known as The Trident.
    Enemies: The remaining crew of the Orsen run SS Inquisitor. The crew of the Naki run SS Warlock.
    Likes: A fair bit of quiet time to herself, having a plan, things going to plan, relative order in terms of an organized workplace, revels in chaos on the battlefield.
    Dislikes: Nosey people, people that invade her personal space, when things fall out of control.
    Hobbies: Improving on the firing range, dueling/sparing with crew members, keeping tabs on her crew and a few other variables.
    Personality: Driven, cold and at times dismissive when her space has been invaded or when she is tired. Blunt, rarely bullshits or takes bullshit from others. Extremely concerned with her piers perception of her in terms of her physical state and how the Izkah virus has affected her body.

    Her approach to running the ship as its captain is rather hands off, provided her crew submits semi frequent reports on what they are working on and how it is progressing. The more reports she fails to receive the more involved she will be in managing what their tasks are.

    ► Weapons: [​IMG]
    ► Combat Attire: [​IMG]
    ► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Metal necklace she has wrapped around her forearm:

    Fighting Style
    ➣ [General/Preferred Style]: Up close and personal. Rek’Sai uses a short sword and a parrying dagger. She may not be innately strong but using Psionics she is able to put a considerable amount of force behind her strikes. With Psionic Enhancement she is deceptive to duel as her weapons have a greater reach than the material plane displays. When in a tough spot she creates a barrier around herself to block incoming damage before it even touches her armor. When forced to fight at range she uses the Synapse assault rifle. While it is rarely effective, the automatic nature of the rifle allows her hit more shots when at close to medium range.
    ➣ [Weapon of Choice]: [​IMG]
    ➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]: Ku’rhom telepathy.

    Psionic Path
    Path of The Fist:
    ☆ [Telekinetic Combat]: Rek’sai is able to enhance her physical strength by using telekinesis to hit harder and dodge quicker.
    ☆ [Orbital Field]: Creates a barrier of energy around her body, enhancing the durability and protection from her armor
    ☆ [Psionic Enhancement]: Like the barrier she creates around herself, she surrounds her weapon with invisible energy, effectively extending the range of her weapons and piercing armor that offers little to no protection from energy weapons.

    Relationship Status: Single.
    Family: None she cares to keep in touch with.
    Known Languages: Galactic standard, Ku’rhom Standard, Human Standard, bits and pieces of Auron profanities.

    Personal History/Background: Throughout her life Rek’Sai has tried her best to ignore the impact the Izkah virus has on her body. As a kid she always tried to get into fist fights to prove that the virus wasn’t effecting her by showing off her strength. As she aged the virus made it self quite well known with her body. After so many fights in her adolescence her jaw was the first to show visible damage from the virus. Her jaw is riddled with pockmarks revealing the underlying muscles. The same Deteriorating flesh can be found around the bottom of her rib cage.

    Rek’Sai believes the reason her people are so prone to the virus and have yet to be rid of it is their over reliance on their psionic powers. Where as the Quai have resorted to removing their body so that there is nothing to infect, she believes that the medicine to defeat the virus has already been found. Due to her race’s decrepit state their bodies just haven’t been physically strong enough to overcome the virus’s deterioration. Through daily workouts she has retained the strength that the virus is trying to drain from her. Unfortunately she hasn’t grown any type of significant muscle mass, however due to her efforts the Izkah has for the most part failed to weaken her strength.

    As soon as she could leave her homeworld she did so to seek out a school of psionics that taught how to turn her mental prowess into physical strength. After traveling aimlessly from station to station she ended up on the Euphrates and fell in with a band of Auron/Human mercenaries known as the Trident. With a nack for navigating gained from her aimless wandering of the galaxy’s largest space stations she was a quick fit for the Trident’s flagship, the Leviathan. Aboard the Leviathan her Auron companions taught her how she could shape her psionic abilities so that her physical weakness could be covered up.

    Most commonly, whenever a job was complicated it was by an Orsen or Naki outfit interested in only the value of what was being transported or otherwise guarded. These infrequent scuffles over the years helped Rek’Sai accrue a significant understanding of combat tactics as well as develop her own style of dealing with hostile threats. Her years serving the Trident as navigator and and eventually tactician reached the ears of those gathering a crew to pilot a ship that was to carry a VIP in the possession of a key to the mysterious Gates scattered across the galaxy.
  7. [​IMG]
    Location: Bartering Hall
    Time: Afternoon
    Interactions: Zealots
    Damn it, she cursed to herself in her mind. The man was dancing circles around her. Even though the crowd would undoubtedly be on her side she was at heavy risk of tarnishing hers and the Unity Fighter's reputation. She couldn't allow that. She'd have to do the one thing she didn't want to do: concede.

    "I will consult with my superiors, thank you very much. However, I will promise you this and all citizens of the Catacombs this, too: we will not allow any ill to befall anyone as a result of your grandiose claims. Even if no other Fighters are there for your 'ceremony', I will be and I will be watching you very carefully," her words were authoritative, however that was more a result of a well-concealed rage bubbling beneath the surface than much else. "Now, you've made your speech. You're obstructing this man's business," she continued, gesturing to the stall in front of which they were preaching. "I'm going to have to ask you to disperse and allow the market to return to regular operation. If you don't comply you are eligible for breaching the public peace - something we will not abide."

  9. I grab my boltpistol and commissar hat.
  11. Ew Reimu.. don't like her.. I have to hate just one so I picked her.. Tewi and Suwako are ok.. but kinda meh to me..
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  13. Naaa.. I like Yuka Mokou Kaguya Yuyuko and Cirno.. Oh and Yukari.. And BYAKUREN! My new love!
  14. Nothing except Yukari in that list is acceptable.

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