Harvest Moon: Under the Summer Sun

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    Julia wiped the sweat from her brow as she stepped out of the barn, water bucket slung over her shoulder. The weather was quite warm, and keeping the animals hydrated was almost a full time job in and of itself. Pausing at the gate, she looked off down the hill toward her hometown of Red Falls.

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  2. Stella walked out of her mother's flower shop.

    "Good bye Mother!" she said as she closed the door.

    Stella looked around the busy street, and then at the sky. The sun was beautiful today, and the weather was warmer than usual. She turned around the corner and came to a hill. She looked up and waved at the girl at the top of it.
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    Aela sighed as she came out of the forest with her bow on her back. Looking at the small town she smiled. Well she still loved the escape the forest offered but she would always have to return home. Walking through the small town Aela waved and had a few fleeting conversations before she finally made it home to the farm. Stepping inside Aela shouted.

    "Hey James, I'm home, where are you brother!" Sighing she rubbed her temples as he came running down the stairs to fall in front of her.
    "What am I going to do with you?"
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    Lilly stood behind the counter of her mother's pet shop, smiling down at a litter of newly born lab puppies. She loved animals, especially when the were so small and cuddly. She looked at them one last time, than walked out of the shop, locking the door behind her. She had made sure that all the cages were clean, and every animal inside had been fed, and by then the sun had begun setting in the sky. She hurried along home, her smiling and waving at everyone she passed by that she recognized. When she made it home her stomach growled hungrily, and Lilly went straight for the kitchen.
  5. Aela rolled her eyes as her brother picked himself up off the ground.
    "I'm going to go work, here, I got these for you" Aela was used to the role reverse, she would do the male role of providing while her brother took on the feminine role of taking care of the house and such. Not that Aela couldn't do the feminine part as well. It's just her brother was scared of the forest. Shaking her had at her brother as he excitedly took the bag out of her hands and took off to a back room, she briefly wondered when things would change... Or if they would at all.

    Walking out of the house Aela started on her chores, such as taking care of the horses and other animals. She watched as many people went by, some stopping to wave and chat others just waving or walking by.

    "Well, sometimes you just have to find comfort in the normal things" Aela whispered to her horse, Strong Heart, as she brushed him.