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    - I understand that I need to provide other players with opportunities to interact with my character, in order to keep the story moving

    - I have read this entire Original Post of the OOC thread, and still want to play!


    Dewdrop Valley is remote from the nearest metropolis, about a two-day trip by horse or carriage, longer on foot. As with most Harvest Moon settings, the technology is fairly rustic, so lets keep the toyotas and radios parked in some other genre.

    Dewdrop Valley is a town that is mostly exports of fresh natural goods, which it sells periodically to larger retail outlets in the city, who pay the workers of Dewdrop Valley for their fresh natural produce, lumber, fishing, meats, dairy products, flower bouquets, etcetera.

    However there is a dark legend rarely even whispered of about Dewdrop Valley, that the bountiful nature of the surrounding land comes with a heavy toll on the town, and that something evil lurks in the surrounding mountains.

    It'll be fun if we have more than just the traditional farmer characters, so lets try and flesh out the town a little!

    - If you want to write mature (sexual) parts of your roleplay, kindly transfer the characters invovled to private messages; the thread is open to people of all ages, and we don't want to disturb or offend anybody

    - lets also keep swearing minimal if you don't mind

    Do not limit yourselves to this list, this is just ideas, since we can't ALL be farmers!

    Blacksmith (Raiu, ravenleonardo)
    General Store
    Florist (Minibit)
    Baker (mittenkitten83)
    Hunter (Omen)
    Tailor (Spiritfire)
    Cook (Rogue Sandwich)

    For an assistant/apprentice position to any of the above, assuming you want to join the roleplay with your character already established in this role, please ask your prospective master/mistress if this is okay
  2. Lawl. I just noticed people rping in an OOC thread. It made me giggle.
    -Gives them cookies and pats on the heads.-
    I would totes join. But.. I am in so many rps right now.. I shall lurk.~ I LOVE Harvest Moon. <3
  3. Looking forward to you joining when you have more free time, Stacisaur! ravenleonardo, you're more than welcome to join the RP still, just go ahead and repost in the IC, and if you want ask a mod to delete your misplaced post

    common error n_n
  4. D: can I join as a baker?! I love Harvest Moon! :D
  5. You definately can! Looking forward to your intro!
  6. May I please join in mining? I love harvest moon.
  7. Little-Leilani, you sure can!

    Also, just a note, we seem to have several characters stuck in "corners" away from each other =/ I really dont want this roleplay to die for lack of interaction, so should we have a town meeting or something to get everybody together and doing something? if so what about?

    Not trying to tell you guys how to rp, just really excited to keep this going =)
  8. Yeah, I was noticing that too... Maybe a flower festival of sorts? It seems to be about midway through spring. ^^
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  9. Sounds good~! Thats pretty in keeping with the harvest moon holidays, too!
  10. Thank you.

    And yes. I think that we should have like a town meeting or something. Maybe a festival?
  11. We've decided on a flower festival, it'll start in about a half an hour from where everyone is in the IC thread; a little outline of a flower festival for everybody, since those living in the town should have a uniform idea of whats happing; feel free to add your own twists, rps are a group effort!!

    The flower festival starts in the early afternoon and goes until evening whenever everybody goes home. The town square is decorated with heaps of flowers of all kinds, its celebrated with picnics, snacks, and a swap of swag (ie; someone might have made a lot of handkerchiefs, small dolls, or similar knicknacks to give out)

    Its mostly meant as a social for everyone to get together and enjoy the flowers, but those who want to start games, vendor stands or dances or more organized activities are encouraged to do so
  12. Lumberjack/Carpenter Incoming!
  13. Would a hunter be alright? The butcher needs someone to provide him with the goods to sell. :P
  14. very true and imaginative! join away!
  15. Woot! Thanks, first post incoming.
  16. Could I join as the local Fisherman?
  17. yes yes you can! Also I'm just gunna put another note up at the top that this is a jump-in roleplay; if you think you can make a good character and keep up, go ahead and join! No permissions/signups required.
  18. Heh, pretty cool! I think I'm just going to join as a farmer, but the ideas of the flower festival seem really nice ^^
  19. Anyone else move we jump straight to the festival just to get things going again?