Harvest Moon, Anyone?

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  1. Hello, dear Iwakuians! Iwakuers? Iwakuans?
    Hello, dear people, and welcome to my thread. As the title implies, we're doing something to do with Harvest Moon!

    Barry, put up a fanfare!

    Thanks Barry.

    So, what's my idea? It's this one.

    See, there's this town, and it's a nice little town. It's got all the town things, but recently, the farm's not been doing so well. But nobody told you that - the person working on the farm, that is. So, you come in, all eagery-beavery, until you see the state of the farm.

    Barn, coop, stables, even the farmhouse? Falling apart. Fields? Filled with weeds, stones, branches, all that stuff. Fences look more like sticks lodged in the floor, even the gate at the entrance seemed like it'd disintegrate if you looked at it wrong. Surely one farmer can't handle all of this on their own, right?
    Well you'd be right. Its a good thing the mayor hired someone else to help out.
    My character is an intellectual - more specifically, an alchemist. Think Witch Princess, but a bloke, and works with potions. While he's no stranger to physical labour, and knows a bit about plants, his main area of expertise is researching and mixing potions. In this case, his task is to improve the quality of the soil and the crops in the area, keep weeds off of the land, and basically make helpful stuff until his services are no longer required.

    That's all I've got. Have you got a better idea?
    No, I'm seriously asking if you have a better idea. I'm just saying things off the top of my head.
  2. <w< I know we're already an RP together but I would DIE to do this with you!!! I love Harvest Moon more than anything!
  3. Oh, go on, then. We'll take this to PMs and discuss it.
  4. Harvest Moon!!
    I've never seen anyone that wanted to roleplay this, but I would love to!!
  5. Fantastic. Just PM me, and we'll get to discussions.
  6. Im super interested to do thissss. :3
  7. Ahhhhh... This is so amazing....
    Are you still willing to take on another partner?? :)
  8. Excellent. Just PM me, and we can get to discussing details.

    I'll take you on, then. PM me, and we can work out the details.

    That's it for applications, folks. I'm chock-full of RPs, so I'll see you all if I have to stop one. Ciao!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.