Harry Potter: Which house are you in? (And general Harry potter related discussions!)

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  1. So on Pottermore, you can be sorted into one of four houses.

    The Houses:

    Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffonfor

    I was sorted into Ravenclaw (I thought for sure that I'd be a Hufflepuff). There were a few questions asked to be sorted.

    My question is, do you agree with your sorting; why or why not?

    If so, what is you patronus?

    For me:

    I agree with my placement because I am a very curious guy, and love to learn. I'm a bit of a loner, and quite a bit of a thinker. I got a Phoenix feather wand, and my patronus (it doesn't ask this in pottermore from my knowledge) would be either a wolf or a phoenix.

    Also, what would be your boggart? (The thing you fear the most).

    I think mine would be to see my sister die.
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  2. I've always kind of seen myself as a Ravenclaw. I prefer to be alone, I deal with turmoil by going by myself or to the people I trust most in the world (eg: my mom), I value knowledge above most things, including glory honour and success. I can be kind of distant, and when I do talk I'm usually completely without filter (blunt, harsh, cold, etc) and I also really like the colour blue >.>;
  3. Ooooook, that was a surprise. I've done a couple of tests before and I was sorted into Ravenclaw, but this one put me on Slytherin. o.O I don't know if I agree... At least in Pottermore it says Slytherin's students are like brothers.... >_>U
  4. I got sorted in to Ravenclaw. O____O I was so sure I'd be a griffyndor!
  5. JK Rowling created Pottermore. That is why I believe it.

    I thought the Ravenclaw welcome had quite a bit of rude things mentioning other houses but eh.