Harry Potter or Hunger Games

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  1. i need some friends for my boys! below will be their names pictures and general info about them. the younger aged photo is to start off harry potter and the older aged photo is for hunger games.

    Basil Tiberius Riddle (open)
    Nicknames: Prefers to be called Tiberius by everyone, Ty by friends, and Bae by family and love intrest.
    Age: photo 1- 11. photo 2-16
    Personality: oppitimist, would do anything for a friend, (Gryiffindor)

    Charlie Rowe (open)

    Nickname: Char
    Ages: 1) 1. 2) 15
    Personality: Trickster, brave, first to put his neck on the line (Griffindor)

    The Triplets (open)

    Sebastian "Bash" Pantalimon
    jhvjj.jpg hvj.jpg
    Lorenzo "Enzo" Pantalimon
    xx.jpg kjrbgsvavg.jpg
    Malakai "Kai" Pantalimon

    xxx.jpg kghcvkh.jpg
    Ages: 11 & 17
    Bash- Outgoing, thrill seeker, popular, soft spot for his brothers.
    Enzo- Smart, safe, mother hen of the group
    Kai- Loner, slow learner, late bloomer, needs a tutor
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  2. I'd be interested in any of thevHarry potter ones! Er, apologies if I can't find real life pictures of my characters, It's hard to find good looking resemblances.

  3. It's fine just pm me and we can work it out
  4. I'm totes up for the Hunger Games version.
  5. ok well the triplets are for harry potter only so pick one of my oother two characters and then pm me so we can work out the details
  6. Would also love to do a Hunger Games roleplay ^^
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