Harry Potter MxM. Incest- or not!. Active.

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  1. Just a few rules, not many:

    - Post often please, and be active
    - Post at least a few sentences for each character
    - No mindless porn
    - Only MxM pairings
    - Have fun!


    I want this to be a Fred/George/OC (Or Harry). The twins are already together, though include another character potentially during The Goblet Of Fire (If the OC is included).

    I'd love for you to play Fred and George, but I'm desperate to try this out so I'm perfectly willing to do something different.

    If you're interested, pm me or post here!
  2. - Still looking :)
  3. - Still looking :)
  4. OH MAN I would love to rp this :D I haven't played as Fred or George before, but I'd love to do this ^-^
  5. Oh wow, a response! :D

    YAY! Pm me?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.