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Harry Potter M/M

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Riley, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. I need someone to play Harry to my Draco for this plot:

    After the war, everyone goes back to Hogwarts for an "eighth year" because half of them didn't attend Hogwarts during seventh year, and no one was able to take their NEWTs after the Battle of Hogwarts anyway. Harry is with Ginny at the time, but finds that it is more out of obligation. It's what everyone expects him to do, so he goes along with it and doesn’t argue. Soon enough, Harry finds a thrilling new romance with Draco Malfoy. Whether it's because they saved each other during the war or because they had always secretly loved each other is unclear, but they quickly fall for each other. Harry finds himself making excuses to get away from Ginny and his other friends in order to spend precious stolen moments with his new secret lover. All through eighth year they continue this clandestine romance. At the end of school, Draco expects Harry to break up with her to be with him, but Harry knows that if he does, he will lose all of his friends and family.

    We start at the beginning of eighth year and work through all of the romance and heartbreak.

    What I want for a partner:

    -Someone who can write at least two paragraphs per post. I want to know what your character is doing, thinking, feeling and saying.
    -Doesn't get annoyed if I post something a bit lengthy. Usually I hover at 300-400 words, but I have been known to go well over 1000 words on occasion.
    -Replies on a somewhat regular basis. Every day would be nice, but every other day is fine too.
    -Over 18 who is willing to do mature scenes when the plot calls for it.
    -Likes to develop the plot through PM conversations. I always have tons of ideas to play off of.
    -Has a basic grasp on grammar, spelling and sentence structure.

    I think that's it. So yes! Please play with me :)
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  2. I am interested! I've never played Harry, but I can definitely try, and the plot is compelling ^^ pm me to discuss things?
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