Harry Potter 1x1 Roleplay? :]

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  1. Requirements ::

    18+ Age range and maturity.
    Communication and creativity.
    Detailed paragraphs and fairness.

    I really love roleplaying, and recently I’ve been dying for a good Harry Potter roleplay. I prefer the Golden Trio Era, when Harry was still attending Hogwarts (no Marauders or Next Generation). I usually roleplay during the Half Blood Prince plot, since they are older, or I do a freeverse roleplay and we just end up winging it, creating our own plot and drama together. However, I am not just limited to the Half Blood Prince! I will do anything from Goblet Of Fire and past that. My character’s love interest is Blaise Zabini, and of course I am going to play your character’s love interest as well!
  2. Hey there! :]
    I like your style, and I feel like we can definitely work something out in the Potterverse. Would you be interested in using OC's and starting our own AU story or what were you looking for exactly?
  3. That sounds like a smashing idea, I like my OCs to be myself put into the RP situations, so we could be teens, muggles and we just got our owls to invite us to hogwarts and we enter the academy on same year potter does, or it could be interesting if we are older, so we have the first year full with original events from our story and them, in the second year we merge with original plot?
    Creating an AU - if our chars were there - how things could have been sounds cool to me.
  4. Okay so ideas.

    • We make our own trio/duo of characters and start off from Year 1. It can be just a girl and boy, or two boys and a girl with us playing the third person together. Your male can be the Boy Who Lived.

    • Characters are older, teenagers. They are rivals constantly trying to out-do each other and are from opposing Houses (like Gryffindor VS Slytherin). From Quidditch to classes, and the Duelling Club they've both joined to have a fair excuse to hex each other.

    • 4th Year. The Triwizard Tournament. 'Nuff said. (Not sure if you stopped at the Goblet Of Fire or finished reading it)

    Anything you like or want to change?
  5. I kinda like the first idea, because I like starting things from the beginning.
    But we can mix things up, what do you think of this setting:
    We start at first year, but we enter during the year of the tournament.
    We can be good close friends that meet in the train, but we'll be in different houses so we have kind of an healthy rivalry going on.
    And what if instead of a boy who lived we have a girl who lived and you're the main char, that would be a breath of fresh air to the story.
    Maybe, just maybe, twin bro and sis, that lived, but we were put with different families to undraw attention.
    your thoughts?

    I was reading the 5th when my personal life took a huge turn and I stopped having the time to read books, I don't like the movies (I enjoyed the first 3 kinda) but after that I think they shortened the story much things barely made sense).
    I don't remember the whole story accurately, I'll have to read the whole series again, when I manage the time, so you'll have to lead a bit on the story, but you can rely on me for improvisation and new chars!
  6. I like the idea of them being secret friends but healthy rivals because of the House thing. Honestly, I love Slytherin and Snape proved they can very much be heroes. So a Girl Who Lived? I wouldn't mind the twins idea either.

    Are we starting from when they get their letters, or perhaps show that they were friends even before they received acceptance letters?
  7. I was thinking we could start at the train station and meet there, trying to find the right platform. Our chars could then talk about how their life was before and how they got the owls and stuff.
    This was we start our story together but we also include that part of the story in past tense.
    I think it would be cool going with the twins idea and we were separated with distant family members, to undraw attentions, because when we are together our power could become greater.
    the protection spell thing could be a thing that would only work when we were together, maybe.
    So we'd meet in the train, become close friends, be placed in separated houses and later learn we're twins, let's say, speaking with Hagrid, that dude can't hold a secret very well, lol.
    What do you think?
  8. If you want you can go ahead and start the thread, I'll be offline till Sunday and then online all week till Friday.
  9. Bumping this~
  10. Could you play Snape for me?
  11. Yes I'd be honored to!

    What did you have in mind ? :]
  12. You never replied any further to what we were planning, you still up to that?
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