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  1. So um... Hi iwaku people! Im a college dropout who wants to enjoy her regained life and whats better than going back to old good rp shenanigans right???

    Anyways, Im looking for group roleplays but that doesnt mean I wouldn't do onexone if you ask me for it.

    I usually play action/fighting settings, let it be sci-fi or fantasy. I'm not good playing the villain (i guess im a bit way to cinnamon to be a dick on anyone's character orz). I do enjoy romance and drama but I dont like it when its only that and we're in a group rp, since i find it disrespectfull to the main story (and imho its how usually most groups die in oblivion).But that would be different if the setting was romance & drama from the beginning :p

    Im not good at all at smut rp but if you really but REAAAAALLY want to, I'll work my brain off and do my best to entertain thy wish.

    I usually answer on one or two paragraphs and well since im a bit rusty I'll appreciate the patience to my highly posible future mistakes.

    Aaaah i think i did this a bit too long so see you around minna~
    (C °v°)b
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku! Nice to meet you! If you need anything, or have any questions feel free to ask anyone on staff or the admins (recognizable by our red and purple names). We also have a newbie care package if you're interested. :)

    *glances at own profile picture*


    Also, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.
  5. Awww thank you people! Im really interested in the starter pack but its hard to choose yet...orz
    but I will claim the goods soon be sure of that >:)

    Embrace your weeaboones aniki, it's what your kokoro desires~~~
    (but then again i'm so out of place of what animes are trending now I have a life of animes to watch to call myself a true weeabo :'3)
  6. konnichiwa! welcome to iwaku! please enjoy your stay! :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.