Harishine Shore II (w/ Garfield007)

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  1. So, after a long day of ups and downs, Kuro and Saki rest for the day.

    The Next Day:

    Current Time-7 AM
  2. After she and Kuro finished unpacking everything, they prepared a blow-up matress to sleep on and managed to cuddle together to sleep.


    The sound of guitar heard from Saki's phone before she quickly got her arm out from under the blanket, reaching over to her phone to stop it before it got too loud and woke Kuro up.

    "Huh, I forgot to turn off the alarm..." Saki told herself with a tired smile before she slowly rolled around under the sheets, sneakly slipping from Kuro's arm as she got off the matress.

    Stretching her arms a bit, Saki yawned before she picked up her phone from the floor and scratched her blonde-haired head as she headed over to the kitchen. She would have made something, but...

    "Right. No electricity... I'm not even that hungry, anyway." Saki said, then she proceeded to make some sandwiches with whatever she could find while humming a song.
  3. He faintly heard the sound of guitar, suddenly having a dream where he was on a big stage, playing 'Unravel' in front of a big audience. As he flicked the strings and sung into the microphone in front of him, the crowd just waved their glowing toy celery in the air. It was spectacular, until the sky roof started opening.

    'Hey, the Tokyo Dome doesn't have a sky roof...I'm dreaming, aren't I?' He thought to him before his eyes finally opened to the rays of sunlight. He pulled himself out of bed, stretching and yawning before pulling out his phone and attempting to start NicoNico, but when it didn't connect, Kuro sighed and remembered that there was no power. 'Fucking hell...' He though as made his way downstairs, where he found Saki making sandwiches.

    "Morning, Saki. You know, there is a cafe in town where we can get some breakfast, right?" He told her.
  4. While Saki was making sandwiches, humming a song from her rather "interesting" playlist of choice, Kuro came down, pointing out that they could have went to a cafe to get breakfast.

    "Shush! I don't know about you, but I'd rather keep my money for things I can't get myself for free or at least a much lower price, thank you very much." Saki replied to Kuro, seeming very mature for once before she smiled and grabbed one of the finished sandwiches before handing it to Kuro with a smile.

    "Eat up, they are not poisoned or anything."
  5. "Why are you saying that as if you're a Tsundere?" He said before taking a bite out of it. To him, it was good like always. Nothing wrong whatsoever, though he wish he could have a hot breakfast meal from his girlfriend...preferably with just an apron and nothing else, but that was hopeless dreaming.

    "Okay! Today, we start searching for jobs. I know you probably don't wanna work. Hell, I don't wanna work. But, if we want to make a living, then we have to get into the work force. Once the Internet comes back on, I'll try to finish my online classes to get my degree, allowing me to get a better job and allowing you to stay home, so for the next year and a half, this is how we're doing this." He told Saki, holding up yesterday's newspaper.
  6. Well, it wasn't that like Saki was an expert at making sandwiches or something. She just can make a sandwich, and because she couldn't find anything else that's what she did.

    Thank god she was not aware of Kuro's fantasies.

    "Riiiiight, we have to work." she said like if she remembered that now.

    "It's not like I have any experience in any domain I could get a job in, so that might be interesting... As for staying home, I would most likely have nothing to do, as I'm pretty sure I'm never gonna sell any work of mine pretty soon." Saki said, reffering to her art and photographies she does as a hobby. Her writing is shabby, story and poem wise, and music would be a disaster, so now.

    Taking the newspaper from Kuro, she looked at the hiring ads in it in search of something where she wouldn't fail... that badly.

    "That doesn't sound that bad..." she said quietly to herself as she found an interesting ad.
  7. "Ah." He responded to Saki, not really having that much to say about what she just brought up. While Saki's writing was a bit amateur, Kuro's writing was definitely on another level. So far, he has written books about different stories and was currently writing a series involving Urban Fantasy. He was more likely to sell his work, but he was still skeptical about his work.

    He kept eating the sandwich that Saki gave to him when she seem to have found something interesting in the papers. "Hmm? What did you find?" He said, moving behind Saki to get a better look, taking a bit out of the sandwich again, but when he saw the add, he started chocking on the sandwich and cleared his throat after a few seconds.
  8. Saki laughed when Kuro chocked on his sandwich. In such situations where it doesn't look that bad, Saki is the "best friend" type that first laughs her ass off, THEN gives a helping hand. Thus, after she calmed down her laughter, and not even completely, Saki delivered a hearty smack on Kuro's back to help out.

    "Come on, it doesn't sound that bad... at least for me. Just look in here and see if there is ANYTHING else I wouldn't screw up right off the bat." Saki said as she shoved the newspaper in Kuro's face for him to look, then smiled. "You can choose something more on your style, I don't mind."

    Even if Saki would have preffered to work with Kuro, she suggested with a bright smile the idea of choosing another work place so that she wouldn't make him do something he didn't want to do.
  9. "Huh? No, it's fine. I was just a bit surprised at what you picked, given the...implications of it." He said, trying to come off as perverted, but he was really a bit hesitant about the job idea.

    "Anyway...yeah, let's go with that." He said to Saki.
  10. "Oh? You would have maybe imagined me more of the maid type or something, where only one person sees me in similar conditions?" Saki asked with a mischevious smile, having realised what Kuro was trying to imply. In the situations where Saki sees the hit in time, she just loves to hit back!

    "Who knows: maybe it won't be that bad and it would actually be fun!" she said as her smile turned into a sweet one
  11. Kuro's face turned red from her expression and her words, turning around and crossing his arms. 'I wish I could take you right now on that table over there. But, I have to be strong! In time, man!' He thought, clenching his fist before letting it go. He turned back when she started talking again.

    "Yeah. It couldn't be THAT bad. How about we get changed into some clothes and head over there? I'll shower first." He said, starting to walk up the stairs.
  12. "Sounds like a plan!" Saki said as she clapped her hands once, a cheeful smile on her face. Thank god she was not a mind reader, as that would have been akward. Ignorance is bliss...

    After Kuro went to shower first, as it would take her a lot of time, she simply went to her luggages, digging around them for some cute clothes. She couldn't go out in shorts and an old tank top with lady bugs, now could she?
  13. After a couple of minutes, Kuro walked out of the bathroom with jeans and a button-up white shirt. 'I gotta look formal.' He thought, grabbing his timberland boots and putting them on. "We're leaving in 10, Saki-chan." He told her, making sure she heard him.
  14. When Kuro came out of the bathroom she had almost managed to find the perfect pretty outfit, so she looked at him when he came into view and was about to compliment his outfit with a smile...

    Before he said what he said. Saki just looked at him as she stopped rummaging through her luggage, blinking a couple of times as if she didn't understand what he just said.

    "... Are you fucking with me?" she asked him before she quickly grabbed whatever she put her hand first in her bags, standing up and dashing by Kuro as she ran upstairs.

    Kuro could hear a loud thud and some muffled swears coming from above, then the door to the bathroom swung closed loudly
  15. As soon as Kuro told Saki that they will be leaving in 10 minutes, she got a bit mad and stormed in the bathroom. "Uh, I was only kidding, honey! Just take your time alright?" He said to her, feeling defeated. Saki was one of those people who didn't like to be told what to do...which was a plus for Kuro since he doesn't like it either when he gets bossed around. He, then, regretted telling her to hurry up.

    Sitting downstairs, after putting his boots on, he had pulled his PC out and continued writing his book. Of course, he was a novice, so the chapters weren't very long and the way he wrote didn't have that gripping nature to it, but he was kinda glad Saki liked it...but, he sometimes wondered if she liked it because he wrote it or because of what's in it...
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