Hardcore Grandma

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    This woman is tough! I mean.. I'm 19 and wouldn't think about doing this. Have you done what she has? Have you done more than that? Are you someone to go to the extreme.. or are you a homebody? If she was your grandma would you have been worried for her?

    NOW! Relating it to roleplay. Would you make your character extreme? Would you make your character old? People do age.. nothing is wrong with playing a grandma. Would she be like this one? Or the stereotypical grouchy-pants kind?

  2. I am literally speechless now. I mean, it is quite hard for me to imagine doing myself extreme sports, but this one hundred and one year old women just does it without a single concern. It is amazing that she had the courage and the willpower to do it, I certainly would have backed off and said that it was not for me. Here's to hoping that she will do something even more amazing in the future, to serve as inspiration for other people!

    As for the roleplay... This thread actually gave me a nice idea. Old people are definitely stronger than they look, so I while I have not roleplayed such a character so far, it might be just what I need to make my roleplaying a little more varied.
  3. Plenty of old people have superhuman abilities in martial arts fiction, anime, video games…So an RP character that's old, yet extreme isn't out of the question for me.

    just look at uh…Tekken. Heihachi Mishima. Yeah.

    But on a serious note, that old lady's got some serious balls.
  4. Good for her! I wouldn't worry if it was my Grandma, I would be happy that she has the passion to do something like that.

    I've never done it, i might try it someday though.

    I try to play a wide variety of ages, although most are in their 20s and 30s. I am currently playing a man nearing his 70s in Journey without end. I gotta remember that he will get sore and tired from time to time so I must include these things in my postings : ) He is like…an old man with child like curiosity for all things science…would be the best way to describe him, although I am still kinda 'feeling him out'.