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  1. Anna Peterson was the girl you really didn't want to piss off or do something to make her angry at you, becasue if you did she would have your ass and she would let her Lion,Tiger, Cheetah cub and Tiger have your ass as well. Anna was not the girl you also wanted to take her drug cartel from, and today an unlucky dick was about to come face to face with her.

    Anna came into the station after her parking spot was taken from her by some prick and her lion and tiger fallowed after her, she left her cub and snow leopard in her home. Anna smirks as he walked into where she kept her fellow Cartel Angelo only to find him missing and eyes narrowed as her lion and tiger snarled deeply and she stormed toward the intergtion room. slamming the door open she snapped,

    "SON OF A BITCH HOW DARE you take my drug cartel" snapped darkly as she stormed in as her lion and tiger stalked in on either side of her growling deeply at the male fangs bared. Angelo squealed.

    "Run man shit run" said panicked as he knew better then to stand up to this girl. Anna stormed right toward him eyes narrowed and punched the detecive sharply knocking him to the ground painnfuly and snarled darkly "you have no right to take my people from me prick" she spat eyes dark and insane. she let him up and grabbed angelo sharply and dragged him back to his cell and locked it to her password.

    She then grabbed the man by the throat and dragged him to her office and shoved him in and allowed her lion and tiger inside and slammed the door close on them.

    "who the living fuck are you anyway hmm ? I do not take nicely to strangers stealing my pricks who belong to me" said slowly as her lion laid down beside her. her tiger sat beside the lion growling at the man. She kept her hand on her tazer in case he made a move to hurt her pets.
  2. (Wrong form this is between me and lilith)
  3. BEEP BEEP BEEP Nick awoke as he always did right on time he was washed and dressed and ready to go to the new station he had already been on the phone with his folks the night before who had wished him luck and then laughed saying it wasn't like he needed it after a few more pleasantry they put down the phone and he had been in bed by 10pm as he was every night. Nick checked his watch and smiled " Right time to go" he said as he grabbed his all ready packed briefcase and car keys of the side table near his front door.

    As always Nick was on time he could hear an argument going on somewhere out the back and smiled at the woman behind the front desk "wow your criminals are quite loud" the woman behind laughed "yeah they can be but that's not a criminal that's a cop" Nicks mouth dropped and his eyes widened he couldn't think of anything to say "Any way who are you" the woman asked with one eyebrow raised. This bought Nick back to his right mind and he cleared his throat "I'm Nicholas Kemp, I'm here to meet my new partner Anna Peterson" he said trying not to think about what kind of hell hole he had been placed in this time.

    The woman behind the counter smirked "Oh really well please come in" she said as she opened the door to her right and watched him walk in "Her office is just over thereļ¼Œ Oh and by the way good luck your gonna need it" she said as she walked towards a group of cops at the coffee machine. With a small lump in his throat Nick walked over towards the door the woman had pointed at he could feel everyone's eyes on his back as he reached up to knock on his so called new partners office door.
  4. One the fron door was a sign saying Beware of Large Felines, they bite and maul

    Anna opened her eyes and raised eyebrow at the door getting knocked at. Her eyes narrowed deeply but smirking she nodded to her white tiger. the tiger went to the door and unlocked the door and got it open. When the cop first came in he was greeted by a massive white tiger that roared at him sharply and then trotted back beside the police officer that was its beloved mother and owner. Anna smiles,

    "what a good girl" she praised and pets the tigers head that purred and laid down next to her. Anna looked up at the new partner she had and eyes narrowed slightly. "You must be Nick, sit downa nd if you shoot any of my cats i shall break both your arms" She said slowly. Her eyes deep golden blue color swirling as she watched him and waited for him to sit before she would tell him a little about herself. She first wanted to know where he was from and all the things he had done before.

    "Tell me about yourself then Nick, how long you been doing your job and everything. I plan not to keep you as a partner for very long unless you think you can handle someone who doesn't give a fuck about the rules" said slowly looking at him sharply like a cat watching a mouse. She was stunningly beaitful and sexy body, but the two cats beside her a golden lioness and white tiger gave him the impresson she was anything but a flirty person.
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  5. Nick had a second to see the sign on the door and he wondered what the hell that meant but before he had a chance to even think about it the door opened. Jumping back slightly as a white tiger appeared in the distance he could hear other cops laughing but he didn't want to take his eye of the tiger as he walked into the room where he was greeted with a roar. Nicks heart flip flopped it was the first time he had ever been anywhere near this close to an animal of this size.

    Watching as the tiger wonders off back to the woman sat behind the desk Nick takes his first look of Anna he cant help but notice how stunning she is but also the look in her eyes as she pets her tiger, Nick was deep in thought when Anna started to talk but at her say so he took a seat in front of her "Break my arms ? cat's " he said to himself under his breath this was a lot for him to take in and he wasn't to sure if someone was pranking him because this couldn't be for real could it?

    Clutching his briefcase in his hand at his side he took a deep breath before he spoke "As you know I'm Nicholas Kemp, but as you already have everyone calls me Nick, I'm sure you already know that I have worked all over the country and the world, I'm also sure you know when I left the academy I was at the top of all my classes" Nick was proud of his achievements and so he should be but he was sure that Anna really didn't give a fuck about that.

    This was going to be the hardest job he had ever been put on. With a quick breath he couldn't help but ask "So do you have a big cat license for your cats?" he knew this would more then likely get him into trouble but he hoped the joking tone and smile on his face would cool the air somewhat.
  6. Anna eyes looked at him smirking "oh what little you have done then. Guess you are here to do the drug lord case with me, well mister goody two shoes your going to have to learn to break the laws" muses gently and gets up as her lion and tiger got up as well "come with me please" she said as she walked out the room.

    She walked down the hall ignoring the males that jeered at her slightly mental madness she had and smirks as her lion roared and snarled deeply and the male jumped into his partners arms in fear and the station fell over with laughter. She smiles as she went down to the basement and to where the old case files where and shuffled through them. She put two aside and glared "NEVER OPEN THOSE TWO FILES" she said sternly and then gave him a copy of the drug lord file.

    "This is the file you can look at. This is the drug lord so called picture and none of the drug dealers will tell us where he is. so we go down dirty and guns drawn. found a drug cartel Angelo my prick I have" said slowly as she flipped through the two other files named, Sulio Peterson and Demuis Peterson, maybe her parents ? was she a criminal ?
  7. Nick didn't think what he had done in his life was small but he knew now was not the time to say anything if ever. Before he could say anything Anna was escorting him out of the room and in to the main hall where he too could hear the things the others where saying about her, but the way the lion went off it made him jump too and he could understand why the other officer was worried.

    As they walked into the basement Nick walked closer to Anna as she went through the files of old cases. The look in her eyes as she told him never to read the two files was so serious he took a small step back but not before he had seen the names on the fronts I wounder if it's a relation to her or just a consequence he thought as she handed him the file with all the information they had on the drug lord.

    He opened the file and saw the picture of a male in his late 50's it was normally the case the head of the family was at the top and it went down the line. He was busy reading the file as Anna spoke. " So is this everything we have on the whole family or is there more?" he asked as he continued to flick through the file.
  8. "everything so far" She said boredly as her two cats put the two files away a nd Anna paced around tiredly "Angelo knows where the second Cartel is and all I need the bitch to do is tell me. but seeing as mr Goody two shoes is here it might be harder" she growled annoyed and pets the lions head that mews gently and purred gently and flicked his tail happily.
  9. "Could you stop with the goody two shoes, yes I abide by the law but everyone should do and we are both police officers for Christ sake" Nick had had enough of her attitude towards him and couldn't help the little outburst. "If this Angelo knows something we should get him in and talk to him like a human" he continued. Nick knew he was playing with fire but some had to say something and it looked like he was he one to do it he waited not taking his eyes off of her face for her reply he also mentally said his goodbyes to his family just in case she got one of her cats to eat him.
  10. Anna eyes turned deadly and eyes glow darkly. She let out a dark laugh "He is not a human and he can be treated like a criminal" She said and bitterly looked away sighing gently "Anyway we got things to do don't we?" growled and walked out of the room and walked off, stolen Nick keys and secrity card without him knowing it. She smirks gently and walked out of the police station and walked to a bar leaving the poor cop to be looking for his stuff.
  11. Nick let Anna go he was still in to much shock from there first meeting to go after her and if he was honest with himself he had never meet anyone like her in his life and was to sire how to handle the situation. His mind was running away with him and everything she had said, he turned around and out of the corner of his eye he saw the files that he was NOT meant to look through. Nick NO his mind told him before his feet carried him over to the two files on the very top of the stack.

    With a shake of his head he turned and walked out of the room, Right I had better find her and see where we go from here he thought as he walked back through the corridors to where they had started. Once he got to the main floor he looked around and saw a few officers having a laugh but he couldn't see Anna anywhere where did she run off to now? was the main thought in his head as he walked up to her office door. Raising his hand to knock he heard some one call out "I really wouldn't bother if I was you she ain't there" Nick turned to see one of the cops looking at him "What do you mean she isn't here?" he asked slightly shocked as she said they had work to do.

    "Just what I said mate, she left about 15 mins ago" the other guy said as Nick walked towards him "Well any ideas where she went? nick asked once he was closer the guy who had spoken laughed "Maybe she has finally realized she should be in the nut house and has taken her self off there" he said and continued to laugh "That's not nice you know yeah she is a little quirky but she still is an officer of the law and should be treated as such" Nick couldn't help the words that left his mouth he didn't know Anna to well but he couldn't stand by and let other talk about her in such a way. "What ever she is more then likely in the nag's head across the road" The older cop said and turned his back on nick as if to say that is all your getting out of me.

    Nick sighed and put his hand in his pocket to make sure he had his pass and keys when he couldn't find them he he started to fret he opened his briefcase and checked all the other pockets he had to no avail damn it what have I done with them he thought as he walked towards the front doors of the station. I have to tell Anna I have lost my stuff he thought as he walked out into the early afternoon sun squinting his eyes after being inside she is not going to be happy he thought as he crossed the road and entered the Nag's Head.

    Once inside he blinked a few times as it was dark inside and the light outside had momentarily blinded him but it didn't take long for his eyes to adjust to the low lighting with a quick look around he noticed Anna and started to walk up to her.
  12. She smirks gently and her lion perks its head and growled slightly at him but calmed down sitting beside anna. Anna looked at him slowly and sighed "what now ? and ignore the cops they make fun of me a lot" she muses bitterly and sighed gently as she sipped on her soda she had. she was not in the mood to drink anything but something that reminded her of her childhood days. She looked at him slowly and smirks and looked at everyone "Yeah spend my free time here a lot of the drug dealers come into here and like to mess with them a bit." she muses, she then remembers something.

    "you look paniced slightly missing something?" she asked a small smirk on her lips watching him talk about his key and pass stolen. she laughed gently and shook her head gently "oh you need to keep better eyes on your stuff" smiles gently as she looked around slowly. She then smiles and streached and then pulled out his pass and keys from her bag "I mean if an officer can rob you blind then your not that great" muses gently giving it to him.
  13. As nick got closer to Anna he noticed the lion so she takes them everywhere he thought as he pulled out a chair and sat down. Before he could say a thing she mentioned the other officers he wasn't going to say anything to her about trying to stand up for her as he didn't think she would appreciate it. Nick couldn't help look around half the people in the place looked like they should be behind bars and not the pub type of bar at that.

    Looking back to Anna he took a deep breath ready to tell her about his pass card and key, but just as he opened his mouth she laughed and handed him his bits. looking down and back up in shock he sighed "So was that some kind of test or do you just enjoy winding me up?" He said he had only known the woman for a short while and he wasn't to sure how much more he could take.
  14. She smirks at him "should read up on some history before being my partner Nick. Need to keep that stuff very good and locked up people i deal with can steal everything from you without you knowing. I am just making sure you are aware" said smirking gently as she sipped on her soda contently. She knew he wouldn't find anything on her actually she had erased her fule and everything to make sure she and her history didn't exsist to the other police man and females she worked with.

    "So ready to deal with Angelo?" she asked smiling distantly as her lion perks its ears gently.
  15. Nick nodded as Anna spoke never in his life had he had to keep everything under lock and key and he had work so extremely dangerous jobs but he could tell from just the short time he had been with Anna that things were going to be completely different this time and it was going to break him or make him a hell of a lot tougher at this moment in time he had no idea what one was going to be the outcome.

    He made a mental note to see what he could find out about Anna at a later date when he had some time to himself. As she asked if he was ready to deal with this Angelo He looked up right into her eyes "Yeah let's go" was all he said as he stood up.
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