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  1. Everyone has songs that make them happy, whether it be because the song reminds them of a past love, memories with friends, or even what to look forward to in the future. Maybe they make you happy just because they are one of your favorite songs?

    I want to know what songs make you guys happy! Post them here, give a reason why if you want to, and post a link to the video so others can listen to the songs that make others happy.


    I have a few songs that make me happy, some of them are just because I really like the song, and some of them are what I secretly hope to happen for years to come.


    Reason: Absolutely no reason at all, I just like the song and it makes me smile when I hear it. I think they might be lesbians though :3


    Reason: Soooo many! First off, I absolutely LOVE this song, it reminds me of summers with my friends! :) Secondly, I chose this video instead of the original one because I love how they are all having so much fun dancing to this song! :D I love it. Even though I don't really like a whole lot of the people in the video, it still shows they like to fudge around like the rest of us. :) Plus it adds to the memories of my friends and crazy summers trying to find bears in the forest <3


    Reason: AL <3 This song has reminded me so much about our relationship. When we first started dating, none of our friends thought it was a good idea, thinking either one of us was either too weird or better than the other, but we didn't listen to them, and it was the best decision we have ever made. Almost all the lyrics match something in our relationship, and I'm not being the 'oh-so-in-love-girl', I actually do mean it. I dunno, maybe I'll make a blog post about it sometime? <3

    So, I, Mitten of Iwaku, want to know what songs make you guys happy ^^
  2. [video=youtube;FG1NrQYXjLU]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FG1NrQYXjLU[/video]

    Because sometimes I just want to have a party inside my head.