Happy Sixth B-Day Iwaku!

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  1. [​IMG]

    What....I'm supposed be to doing something? Oh right...

    Viva La Revolution! Herp Derp! Diana did it....



    While, the very first version of Iwaku was established in August of 2005 as a Hack Dot Fansite, we've decided to use the anniversary of the birth of Iwaku 2.0 as the main creation of the forums after the first infamous crash on Proboards.

    As the longest serving of the admins so far, I'd personally like to thank each and everyone of you that have helped to enrich the community from it's original conception of being a mostly anime related RP site to what it is today. While we've had many ups and downs and few sea gulls here and there, we've managed to weather all these storms!

    Congrads to you all.

    Here's to another good year between us friends and Asmoes!

    *Goes back to doing whatever Rory does.*
  2. Yay! :D Happy birthday Iwaku!
  3. Happy birthday indeed! In preparation i had a picture prepared. Now where did that dang thing go.

    *wanders off into the distance and doesn't come back*
  4. *Gets Iwaku drunk, then takes it to Applebee's where the waiters sing a bad version of 'Happy birthday' to it*

  6. Happy Birthday Iwaku! And here's to another 6 years of fun!
  8. I've realized that I've been here for basically all six years. Then I remembered how awesome it is then I was like :]

    [align=center]Onward and Forward Iwaku! Another 4 years and then we can talk about your 401k.[/align]
  9. A number of years ago... in a dark, dark time...

    "IWAKU 2.0?! EH? WHUT?!"

    "I don't know... I think it might actually be ok".

    "YO CRAZY"

    "cry cry cry cry cry no concept of grammar cry cry"

    Six yeauhs latuh...


    Ah... I honestly didn't think it'd last this long. Three cheers! ...or just no cheering? Fine.

    Happy birthday, Iwaku. Here's hoping you're here in another six!

    "Yo sho is gonna has some wrinkles. Yes, suh."

    Even if you are just a site and don't know what a a birthday is... <.<

    Here's hoping another six to ten years! :D ...Wait... In that time, we're going to have gaiains running the place. D:
    *takes cover under a large yellow umbrella*
  11. We had cake but some bitch in orange overalls stole it.

    But anyway Happy birthday place of dreams. Heres to another 6 years of progressively more epic win.
  12. 6th b-day? then why do we have such few members? i thought this was a new site. well happy b-day anyway
  13. That is because we've gone through several different forum sites over the year. This current domain is newer.

    However, that being said. We prefer having a sense of close and friendly community versus having a large group where you have no sense of identity. Quality friendships over quantity of members is our goal here.
  14. True that, I still know at least 80% of the people that are on or been on the Iwaku, heck I even remember Fluffy's original good bye for now post and then she returned. (Although that wasn't all that long ago, about a year or so.) Our community is definitely unlike most out there, diverse yet tightly knit. DnD players, RP'rs, even people who just want to hang out, no matter what you're interested in someone on here tried some way to be extra friendly to ya.
  15. so this site might change again and move?
  16. Only if you REALLY get on our nerves.
  17. *kicks Asmupuu*
    He's just kidding, don't worry! ^^

    As Roreh said ( :D), we treasure each and every one of our members and we welcome new ones like they're becoming a part of the family :]
    we may not have hundreds of members, but we have quality that you won't find elsewhere :]
    That's why celebrating Iwaku's birthday is important to us! ;D

  18. [​IMG]
  19. We've come a long way since the ProBoards era, given that now we have our very own domain name and everything. I don't see us moving any time soon, don't worry.

    And yeah, merry fucking birthday Iwaku. You're quite the changed beast since we first met all those years back; who knows what the future shall bring?
  20. Yeah, Iwaku only had to move the first couple times because the original site owner quit, then the second person that took over quit... then the third person that took over quit...

    ...And now your -current- Admins have a new system where even if an Admin retires, the other Admins can keep running the site "as is". That's why we've been taking the steps to get Iwaku on to it's own server & domain name. The tradition of passing hands to responsible people that care about the community is why Iwaku has managed to survive! So we've [finally] got everything squared away and now Iwaku will no longer have to switch forums/websites every time it loses it's Host Admin.

    Where we are at now, Iwaku is going to stay. :D

    And like a lot of people have mentioned, we really care about the PEOPLE in the community! We want to be a site that is large enough to always have fresh faces and ideas coming in, but still small enough where it retains that "community bond" feeling. We've got no interest in being "The Biggest and Best" we just want to be Fun and Relaxed. A great place to play and hang with your roleplay buddies. XD
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