Happy Emo Valentine's Day, Iwaku! :D

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  1. Whether you are spending time with friends and loved ones, or wallowing in emo self pity, may you enjoy Valentine's Day! <3

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  2. My entire weekend was so awesome.

    Friday: Got laid early morning, so no Valentines emo. Photoshoot with friends in the afternoon, MTG in the evening, food fair at midnight til 3am.

    Saturday: MTG during dinner, drank with friends at the best friend's roof, got invited to play rockband by a japanese chick and a korean chick, drove while tipsy, rocked hard til 4am.

    Today: Celebrated Chinese New Year with the family, pigged out the entire day. Got lots of monies from Red Envelopes which I will spend this week buying clothes and restocking my alcohol collection.


  3. Woo for Emo Valentines day. xD
  4. Would have spent the day with friends but there was faulty communication and much faggotry one end, also, a bee sting fucked up my carnival long weekend.

    Now I'm spending my time being shitty on the internet.

    And man, you know, I'd be jealous of Orochi if he wasn't Asian and a broseph.

    Hahaha, asian lousy sex.
  5. Thankee Diana...Today I find my freedom limited entirely...my girlfriend as a veeeery specific schedule of the do's and don't's.


    Pray for my safety
  6. Nice Diana! I like them :P This is my favorite holiday after all!
  7. I've found myself single this year, so I'm celebrating pal-entine's day. Gonna grab some brew and hang out with a few pals later.
  8. I've spend the week as a crazy woman at work. Floral retail is fun but exhausting. No beau but never had one on this holiday and it hasn't emoed me yet!

    Also, year of the Tiger bitches!
  9. I spent most the weekend working and cleaning my room!
  10. It's the 14th? Eh, I guess so. Proves how much I care. :cow:
  11. I didn't originally plan on having any Valentine's Day plans. I was probably going to go to the hospice and visit my granny, but sadly on Friday morning (the 12th) my grandmother passed away...

    I ended up spending my weekend with my mom and sisters. One of my best friends came over on Friday and brought me some yellow flowers, and my mom some pink lillies.

    On Sunday/Valentine's Day I actually ended up getting out of my bed and going out for a nice sushi dinner with that same friend and then we went to see Avatar. (UHM! Such a good movie.)

    Anyways, basically what I'm trying to say is that there are worse things to be emo about then Valentine's Day. I miss my granny so much, words can't even express it.
  12. It was nice.
  13. You do NOT want to hear how my weekend went.

    Trust me, I almost killed a couple people who work for the city.
  14. I spent my weekend vomiting and shitting all my insides out YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!
  15. Oh like hell I don't want to hear.
  16. I celebrated Brolentines day by being a Bro.
  17. Bro-some, as expected.
  18. I guess I was a bro.
    I guess.
  19. >:( You cannot "GUESS" your broship! EITHER YOU WERE BRO OR NOT.

  20. I had no choice but to go bro.

    For my bros.