Happy Emo Valentine's Day, Iwaku! :D

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  1. Whether you are spending time with friends and loved ones, or wallowing in emo self pity, may you enjoy Valentine's Day! <3

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  2. My entire weekend was so awesome.

    Friday: Got laid early morning, so no Valentines emo. Photoshoot with friends in the afternoon, MTG in the evening, food fair at midnight til 3am.

    Saturday: MTG during dinner, drank with friends at the best friend's roof, got invited to play rockband by a japanese chick and a korean chick, drove while tipsy, rocked hard til 4am.

    Today: Celebrated Chinese New Year with the family, pigged out the entire day. Got lots of monies from Red Envelopes which I will spend this week buying clothes and restocking my alcohol collection.


  3. Woo for Emo Valentines day. xD
  4. Maine
    Nyx continued to slash her way through, but when each one of the creatures was destroyed, a new one took its place, eventually surrounding the shadow and Maine. "Shit this doesn't look good..." Suddenly an explosion rocked the room as a group of soldiers including Anderson and Chu rushed the room, finishing off the rest of the zombies and securing the room. Once all was calm, Nyx walked over to the kneeling Maine, bringing him to his feet. He was still recovering emotionally, the death of his former comrades emotionally taxing. While they were zombie illusions, their appearances disturbed him nonetheless.

    Anderson approached the two and questioned their judgment to leave the room. Before Nyx could come up with a witty retort, there was loud thud, as someone or something approached the door. When the footstep stopped, Nyx prepared herself and Maine raised his rifle shakily. They had expected the door to hold for a bit; however, it seemed life loved to prove them both wrong. The door burst opened sending shrapnel launching and killing a man. When the dust settled Maine and Nyx stared in utter disbelief at the giant before them. "The First? What the hell?" Mained gasped, stunned at the man. Looking at the people around him, he realized they were vastly underpowered. Suddenly he was back to his normal self, apparently recovered from the emotional blow earlier. The pure shock of seeing the founder jumpstarting him. "Everyone pull back!!" he ordered in vain as the soldiers moved towards the founder. As predicted, they were totally uprepared for the pure strength the Founder unleashed, easily slicing a man in half.

    Maine did the only thing he could in this situation: he started firing his rifle. He unloaded into the beast, aiming for his and firing an entire thirty round magazine. The bullets would hopefully pierce the heavy armor of the First or at least distract him from the rest of the group. As he loaded his last magazine into his rifle, he shouted at his instructor "Run! I'll hold him off!" Maine at least had immortality that could keep him alive for sometime unlike the others, so it seemed better for him to run interference until the others could procure a more powerful weapon. With that, he began to unload again, prepared to use his above average speed to dodge if the creature attacked him. Meanwhile, Nyx once again jumped into Maine, giving him the ability to use the shadow tendrils if situation called for it.​
  5. Listen, you're a child of God. If Satan is throwing a lot of trouble your way lately, there's no reason to feel like you're complaining. We're more than happy to pray for you here.

    And you're good on Valentine's Day. It's not until next Tuesday. Let me know if you need a Valentine. I'll be glad to cheer you up.
  6. "It evens the playing ground. Alex is use to being exposed to me. He has adapt and have than enough power and stamina." Lilith smirk, "You, don't always come in touch or presence of an angel of death. You will be feeling tired soon."
  7. Daniel Lake
    Central City, USA

    The end.

    Daniel let out a sigh of satisfaction as he looked over his now finished manuscript. The fourth book of Space Heroes was complete and now he could finally rest up. In between maintaining a glossy and immaculate image for his friend and boss, Azalia, Daniel hadn't had much time for adding more chapters to his book. But after a call from his editor "If you wait any longer to put out another book, the little bit of relevance you have will become nothing! Children are like hamsters! If there are no pellets in their bowl, they start eating the wood chips!" Yeah, his editor's forte was not metaphors, but he got the hint. Thankfully, Azalia wasn't as demanding as other people he had represented for in the past, so she had given him more free time. But now that the manuscript was finished and on it's way to his editor's email, he was more available for her.

    As he stretched, OMG, who had been dozing on his lap gave him a dirty look as the movement dislodged him from his spot. The feline then hopped onto the floor and abruptly wedged himself next to Drumstick in his dog bed. Said canine then proceeded to growl in annoyance at being smushed but quickly vacated the are when OMG smacked him in the head. "Stop being a bully, OMG!" Daniel chastised but as per usual the cat didn't give a damn about his human words and just went to sleep. Daniel picked up Drumstick and cradled him to his chest. "Aw don't worry, you can sleep on daddy's bed while I delete creepy twitter posts . You'd lick that wouldn't you, wouldn't y--"


    "Wha--who could that be?" Daniel grumbled and set Drumstick back down. Ugh if it was the Jehovah Witnesses again, he hoped they would make their speech quick so he could check Azalia's twitter. She might not have been like ultra famous but sometimes her feed got a bit too clogged up, especially on the start of the weekend.And sometimes weird people with no lives, posted awful predatory shit and Daniel relished in deleting them and reporting them. "Coming!" He called as he jogged to the door, pulling it open, his eyes widened as his brother stared back at him with an excited smile. "Oh gosh, I forgot!" He gasped and Joe's smile quickly disappeared and the pout lip appeared. "No-no-no, I didn't mean we're gonna cancel! Come on!" Grabbing Joe's bag, Daniel set it by the door. "Just let me call Az--"

    "Azalia?!" Joe all but squealed and Daniel snorted. His brother wasn't much of a talker but when the subject of Azalia came up, he got crazy excited and loud. "Was she planning to come over or something?! If you guys are gonna hang, I can just stay in the guest room. Or I could cook for you guys? I've been taking a cooking class and I know some French Cuisine, do you think she would like that--"

    "Whoa, slow it down buddy. Azalia's not coming over, I just have to call her about rescheduling something."

    "Aw...man." Joe grumbled, but quickly perked up again. "But I can still cook for you right?"

    Daniel grinned and ruffled his brothers head (which was kind of hard cause the guy was taller than him."Sure you can buddy."

    With Joe hurrying to whip something up in the kitchen, Daniel pulled out his phone to call Azalia. "Hey, A to Z! How's my favorite boss? So I just wanna apologize upfront because I completely forgot that Joe was coming over today, so the twitter Q and A is gonna have to wait. Is that okay? Also is everything okay over there? It sounds a little crazy." Daniel held no doubt that Azalia could hold her own, but if she asked, he would be over there in a flash to give her back up.
  8. I've spend the week as a crazy woman at work. Floral retail is fun but exhausting. No beau but never had one on this holiday and it hasn't emoed me yet!

    Also, year of the Tiger bitches!
  9. I spent most the weekend working and cleaning my room!
  10. It's the 14th? Eh, I guess so. Proves how much I care. :cow:
  11. I didn't originally plan on having any Valentine's Day plans. I was probably going to go to the hospice and visit my granny, but sadly on Friday morning (the 12th) my grandmother passed away...

    I ended up spending my weekend with my mom and sisters. One of my best friends came over on Friday and brought me some yellow flowers, and my mom some pink lillies.

    On Sunday/Valentine's Day I actually ended up getting out of my bed and going out for a nice sushi dinner with that same friend and then we went to see Avatar. (UHM! Such a good movie.)

    Anyways, basically what I'm trying to say is that there are worse things to be emo about then Valentine's Day. I miss my granny so much, words can't even express it.
  12. It was nice.
  13. Vertag Vertigo
    San Francisco, California

    A soft classical song played over loud speakers in the main office of Vertigo Industries San Francisco headquarters. A man with a beard and salt and pepper hair woke from his slumber. He pushed a pale skinned arm off of his chest and sat up in his bed, with a smile he stretched and twisted in his bed. He looked over at the covered figure of a girl who's name he certainly did not recall, he lifted the sheet and smirked to himself. He climbed out of bed and went to the small kitchen the corner of his office. He scratched his head with one hand and checked the cabinets for a mug to use. He found one that said 'CEO' in big black letters on a gold background, he set it down and grabbed the pot and poured into the cup. He checked the small fridge and found creamer, he poured it into his cup heavily then followed it with a ludicrous amount of sugar. He liked things to be very sweet. He walked back over to the slumbering girl and admired the night before's conquest. Pale skin, startlingly black hair, and a figure that could make Aphrodite jealous. As temptation began to creep its way back into his mind he heard knock on his main door. He sighed and walked over to the thick steel door and opened it. Before him stood his personal assistant Becky. Becky Helms was a kind woman, held numerous business degrees and was skilled in multiple different martial arts. She also let Vertag get away with very little. In her hands she held a tablet, on this tablet Vertag saw a line with the word signature under it. He grumbled and lazily traced his finger in a signature.

    "Is that all you require of me today Becky?" He said looking past her into the bustling business he was meant to be leading.

    "Mr. Vertigo you'll need to cover yourself before we start the rest of your day," Becky said calmly looking down and alluding to the fact he wore no clothes. A younger intern glanced towards the main office door and let out a startled peep before raising her stack of papers to cover his eyes.

    "I thought I felt a draft," Vertag chuckled happily as he walked to his room, "Please come in Becky, I'm sure Scarlett or Sierra or whatever her name was wont mind the company. She certainly did it last night."

    The girl from the previous night was awake and walking about the kitchen wearing his sheets as a dress. An impressive tie job he could only assume she'd learned from numerous mornings with her clothes missing. She stood bending over looking into the fridge and found what she was looking for. She pulled out a carton of eggs and then began looking frantically for a pan. Vertag leaned down and opened a cabinet, pulling a pan out quickly and planting it on the stove.

    "What was your name again dear?" He asked with a smile.

    "Brandi," She said continuing to look down at her eggs.

    "Brandi?!" Vertag said shocked, "How in the hell did I think Scarlett? Sorry darling."

    "Mr.Vertigo," Becky said firmly.

    "Hold on Becky," Vertag said leaning and pointing a finger at Brandi, "What was the other girls name last night? Must've been something with an S right? I'm sure thats not coming out of left field."

    "Her name was Charlotte." Brandi said stirring eggs in the pan, "She left this mornin' for a shoot."

    Vertag looked over at Becky with a smile that expressed great satisfaction. He was happy with himself and drank from his coffee in overly exaggerated motions. He set his mug down and put his hands on the counter behind him, leaning against it.

    "You here that Becky?" He said waiting for her to nod, "Models... What did you do last night?"

    Becky tapped a few times on her screen and pulled up an image of a burning blue ball of fire sitting above what could easily be seen to be time square. She pulled up some kind of heat scale and showed the intensity of the fire. She swiped up on the right side of the screen and three images slid upwards, moving the main image to the side. These three images showed a shadow of a human being in the fire. She twisted the tablet around in her hands and aimed it towards Vertag.

    "That... Mr. Vertigo, is what I was doing last night. Researching into events like this, as per your request to keep us up to date on any pressing threats and meta..." Becky was interrupted by a hand on her mouth. Vertag now stood immediately in front of her, one hand over her mouth and the other pushing her tablet into her chest.

    "Brandi, darling could you excuse me and Mrs. Helms a moment in the main office?" Vertag said as he pushed his assistant out the kitchen and living space.

    When they entered his office area with his desk he closed the door and tapped on the glass desk three times, it flashed to life and he was greeted by the images Becky held on her tablet. He saw the fire and found a video of it burning above New York, on some video's it burned so bright the rest of the screen was forced into a bright blue. Vertag stood in awe of the things before him and looked up at Becky.

    "Why wasnt I notified last night?" He asked angrily, "This should've been immediately brought to my attention, I'm disappointed Becky."

    "Mr. Vertag, you were quite insistent on not being disturbed last night. I attempted to find you at your home but you were not there, it was only this morning that I had any inkling you'd elected to stay in the office. I was also unaware you had multiple guests here. You musnt bring guests to your personal office, that bed is meant for long nights. We very recently had a meeting about workplace relations and HR will certainly be starting in on you again with that poor intern having seen you exposed."

    "It's not that bad seeing me exposed is it?" Vertag said crossing his arms and forming a pout, "I know you're concerned about the securities risks, but honestly that girl could hardly get my pants off last night. Certainly not someone to worry about. What are the plans for today?"

    "Well with the phenomena in New York being studied by the research and development department you have very little you'll need to do. You'll need to prep the security teams in advance for Mr. Carter's party. They'll also want to know if you plan any extravagant entrances that they should know about. Say jumping from a plane, or crashing through a perimeter in some kind of expensive vehicle. The sculpture you had commissioned has arrived in the lobby and they're asking where you'd like it put, the artist has attached a special note. I quote 'I hope this meets your standards and speaks to you on the level you want.'

    Vertag nodded and waved Becky away from him with a hand. She gave him a small nod and exited the small closed in office while he examined the images on his desk. He put two fingers down on the table above one of the pictures where a silhouette could be seen in the fire. He hummed a moment then retired back to his bedroom to find his companion elsewhere. He heard the shower running in the other room and quickly dressed himself in his clothes from the night before. He wore a simple jacket, jeans and his ever present scarf. He pocketed his phone, lighter, cigarette, panic button and wallet. He heard the water cut off in the small bathroom and hustled towards his door. He found himself outside in the thrall of a business day in his offices and saw Becky standing there waiting for him with two of members of his security team. His security team wore suits with combat boots and tactical vests over them, typically equipped with an array of non lethal weaponry. The trio followed him as he made his way to the lobby and saw the loading crew that was installing the new piece. He walked over and stood in front of it, he waved the men aside and circled it with a finger planted against his lips. His eyes scanned up and down the piece, looking for something he liked about the piece. With each passing moment he grew to dislike the statue more and more.

    "Donate it, get someone to build me something better. I want something I can see a man in, something more human. No more out of place shapes and stupid colors. I'm really growing tired of the modern art trend."

    "Yes sir," Becky said happily, "I'll begin searching."

    "Thank you." Vertag said calmly as he walked through the massive lobby of his San Francisco office. The clack of his dress shoes followed by Becky's heels, then the thump of combat boots followed behind them. As he approached the doors they swung open and he found his limo parked and the twin SUV's on either side of it. He climbed into the vehicle and lounged across the back seats. He watched Becky climb inside and then heard the doors to multiple other vehicles slam shut and smirked as the motorcade pulled ahead. After some time sitting he decided to fix himself a drink from the bar within the limo, he grabbed a glass and twiddled his fingers as he selected what beverage to satisfy himself with. He reached towards the back and pulled a bottle of Dalmore 62 and poured himself a glass, he sipped it and extended his hand toward Becky. She didnt seem to notice so he rather insistently pushed his glass between her and her tablet.

    "Mustn't drink on the job," She said quickly pushing it away, "But I do have something else you can use to pester me."

    "Such tone, what could possibly be better than forcing you to get drunk with me?" Vertag said sipping the drink in his hands, "More news about our burning blue ball?"

    "Yes sir, it would appear a news chopper was returning from getting some bit of footage managed to turn their camera's on in time to catch the last moments of fire then watched a man fall from it. It's resolution isnt very good but you can see him fall for a moment, though with some scrubbing I'm sure we'll see more. However towards the end of the clip you can see a light go off on a rooftop, not bright but two figures are illuminated. Then as the light dies down the two figures appear to go with it."

    "Interesting, teleportation and pyrokenesis or at least the ability to withstand intense heat. The intensity of those flames could've easily been that of a blue star from what people are describing. That's some power I wanna tap into and study. I want teams dispatched to the area to study the rooftop where he fell. Any tissue samples, hair samples or just some sweat I want it in my New York laboratory. Have Dr. Frise check that rooftop himself, all of it. Buy the building if you have to or even buy the surrounding buildings."

    Vertags mind was swarming with ideas. If he could conquer the power that man had, or even harness a bit of it he would be remembered throughout history. He was staring out the window for some time while Becky did her job. She was his aid and he was grateful for her but he knew the achievement would be his. He was almost giddy with the thought of the new discoveries ahead, new tasks to complete and new fields to dominate. He continued to stare out the window and sip his drink. In some time his motorcade came to cross the San Francisco and he made smiled looking over the waters. It was a glorious sight for a man like him. Becky drew her phone from her pocket and held it to her ear. She snapped her fingers and Vertag lazily reached a hand out to take the phone.

    "Yeeeeellow?" He said cheerily into the microphone.

    "No I dont think we'll be needing him around much longer." He said picking something from under his nails, "My father can sit on the Countship just a bit more, I'll take it soon if I choose... But I have other plans right now... No I'll let her rest dont trouble her... Oh damn of course she's awake... Well put her on the phone... Hey pumpkin! I'm actually heading to meet some friends to talk about business... Thats wonderful sweetheart, tell grandpa I said hello... Okay... Yes I'll be back soon I promise... Okay, go get ready for bed. Love you bunches."

    With that Vertag hung up the phone and tossed it towards Becky. She took it and slid it back into her pocket. He finished his drink then poured himself another, drinking it and putting it to his head. He looked towards Becky and watched her tapping away on her tablet, her green eyes hidden behind thick frames. He wanted to tell her something but pushed the thought from his mind and continued to drink. He knew to avoid such thoughts. They could only hinder his aspirations. ​
  14. I spent my weekend vomiting and shitting all my insides out YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!
  15. Oh like hell I don't want to hear.
  16. I celebrated Brolentines day by being a Bro.
  17. Bro-some, as expected.
  18. I guess I was a bro.
    I guess.
  19. "This isn't about that."
  20. Finished my post. Left a spot for a flashback or maybe for you to join in the banter between the characters. I can't quite do all of them. Jade's going to have Eckard bring in a syringe to extract her blood and explain her powers to him. I can do that part. Not sure about the flashback and/or banter.