Happy Canada Day!

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  1. Have a happy and safe day! :confetti:

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  2. Happy lap around the sun day, Canada! 149 years old.
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  3. The amount of times I've been asked if I know so and so from Canada... XD
  4. But... but... Poutine! And the Habs!

    Oh wait, you probably hate the Habs. ^_^'
  5. I can get Poutine any where. :P
    *Googles them*
    Nah, I just don't give a shit about hockey. :3
  6. TT_TT

    Fair enough XD.
  7. Everyone hates the Habs.

  8. TT_TT

    I... I love them!!!
  9. Yeah, but you're originally from Montreal. You don't know any better. ;D
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  10. Bleu, blanc, rouge! *cheers like a maniac*

    But seriously, as much as I love them, I'm totally out of touch with any sports now.
  11. Me with sports:

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  12. I'm like that with every other sport besides hockey and cricket. :bsmile: Because I'm petty and biased.
  13. I haven't watched the NHL since like 2 lockouts ago haha.
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  14. When I watch, I'm always watching with a 'they're gonna lose' attitude. ^_^'
  15. I will not be drinking ^_^' but that's for other reasons.
  16. July 1st 1867 when 4 provinces signed and joined in blood to form a country-bitch owned by England

    My national holiday was June 24, Fête National du Québec. JUST KIDDING I DON'T GIVE A CRAP, I WORKED BOTH DAYS

    btw @Greenie I didn't know you were from Montreal. You're a dirty Frenchie too??
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  17. Haha no, I'm an Indian Canadian. But I did live there for about 21 years, I was born and bred in Montreal. ^_^
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  18. I'm not going to drink. :P
    Yet you somehow popped up in the Halton District. :P
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