Happy Birthday, Rory!

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    Happiest of birthdays to our beloved admin, [MENTION=6]Blind Hemingway[/MENTION]! (Rory :p) He's been like a big brother to me all these years.

    Rory is old, Rory is old! 8D

    Everyone celebrate how old he is!
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  2. Oh! It's that guy who posts random BBC-articles!
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    You are one of the most creative and knowledgeable people I have ever met :) Have an awesome day.
  4. Happy Birthday! :birthday:
  5. Happy one year closer to your death day Rory :D Enjoy the small amount of time you have left ^^
  6. Happy birthday!!
  7. I poopoo at your birthday, you wicked old coot!

  8. Whatever you say, Miss Geriatric.

    Thanks everyone.