Happy Birthday Myrn!

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Happy Birthday Myrn!
Happy Birthday Myrn!
Happeh BIRFDAY, Dyn!

Today you are allowed to wear your birthday suit! And no one can tell you other wise! :D
May your ice cream never melt, your cake be light and fluffy, and your balls never itch embarrassingly on this day. :D
Enjoy this day, the day which you were born. Happy birthday!
Thanks everyone! <3 I hardly expected so much replies to such a thread!

Really made my day!
Feh, figures I go away fer a day and you get yourself a birthday.

Cheers well wishes and a happy (late post) birthday!
*puts on his troll face*

It's Birthday, Birthday
Gotta get down on Birthday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend, weekend
Birthday, Birthday
Gettin' down on Birthday
Everybody's lookin' forward to the weekend

[align=center]HAPPY BIRTHDAY YA OL' DAWG![/align]
Happy Belooted birthday!

Hope you got plenty of gifts!
I told you yesterday but it can't hurt to say it again!

Happy birthday Myrnses! <333
Happy Belated b-day you bearded puppy, you.