Happy Birthday Elyd!

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  1. Happy Escape from Your Mother's Vagina Day [MENTION=798]Elyd[/MENTION]!

    May your day be full of
    sunshine (open)

    rainbows (open)

    and cupcakes (open)

    P.S. This is totally getting rid of my lurker status, isn't it? Lame.
  2. [​IMG]

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    It's a Pepper shaker.
    Hurr hurr.
  3. You don't love me.
  4. Another awesome year awaits. Happy Birthday.
  5. But do YOU love ME?

    I love you guys and apparently I have to work harder at un-lurking Coti again. <3
  6. My twin! I lurve you so much! :D
    Happy birthday you beautiful, sexy beast! <3
  7. Happy birthday, Elyd!
  8. Happy Birthday, Elyd. You are easily my favorite person today : )

    <3 Octoleche
  9. [​IMG]

    The kitty would like to steal your cake. =P
  10. Happy birthday Elyd! At least it wasn't below 0 F making it impossible to enjoy the outside.