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Happy Birthday Daddy/Daughter

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Sydney Rose, Jan 6, 2015.

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  1. // Edited this roleplay due to character age rules I was not aware of before.

    // Ongoing one on one daddy/daughter romance roleplay. Need someone to play as her father. There is no mother in the picture. Message me if you would like to participate. No foot fetishes and no animals involved. Replies will not be as long as the starter. Must be okay with short replies.

    *Caroline stood outside on the balcony of the apartment she lived at with her father. it was getting late and her friends still hadn't shown up for her fourteenth birthday party. soon her father came home from work with chinese food. Caroline walked inside and looked up at him* "Dad... No one came for my party... It was supposed to start two hours ago..." *her father turned to her, looking confused* "I thought you said you wanted to have your party next weekend so you could watch that TV marathon with your friends." *he had sent out the emails for her party to her friends for her to help her out. truth was, he had put the wrong date on purpose as he wanted to spend his daughter's birthday with her, just the two of them. he had noticed a strong sexual attraction for his daughter in recent months and he just couldn't resist it anymore. masterbating to pictures he had taken of her sleeping in her thin nightgown just wasn't enough anymore. he planned on finally taking her virginity tonight. he wasn't going to force her but he would do everything in his power to convince her. he had kept her very sheltered over the years so she was still very innocent and knew nothing about sex or that it was inappropriate for a father and daughter to do together. she looked up at him, disappointed* "No dad... I said I wanted Sarah and Carly to stay over next weekend for the marathon... My birthday is today..." *her father sighed softly, acting apologetic* "I'm sorry Care. I made a mistake. We can still spend your birthday together and you can have them over next weekend." *Caroline walked over and hugged him gently* "It's okay dad... I understand. I'd love to spend my birthday with you." *she did miss her father as he always seemed to be working and she felt like she never got to see him anymore*

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  2. Post has been adjusted. Anyone interested? Message me.
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