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    [size=+1]In order for you to be your happiest...
    What do you wish that you were doing right now?[/size]​
  2. Snogging with ozzie in a corner somewhere >///>

    Or sharing a pizza with her

    Knowing all the bills are paid, the fridge is stocked, and nothing has to be done. Being free to sit on the sofa and cuddle Gibs while watching a really really good movie. 8D I love those days. It's relaxing and content.
    and or going on a lovey dovey date that doesn't cost anything, cuz I don't like money.
    OH And being home with mama.<3
  5. Hanging out somewheres with all you people would be nice. Pizza and beer, alone, is a close second.
  6. At home, gaming, or maybe having another awesome mall day with a crapton of friends. C:
  7. I WISH THIS CLASS WAS OVER! I get to see act of valor today and have a bit of a guy's night tonight, and then have a total girly girly night Saturday...

    Oh yeah... and food... food would be nice right now.
  8. Traveling the world with my husband and daughter, would make me extremely happy. Until that can happen, I'd settle for having Lamb saag to eat and not be at work (since I get paid the same regardless of the hours I work).
  9. A warm sunny place with maybe a nice breeze, a large botanical garden or forest trail would be awesome, and a few of you people with me! Followed by dinner, music and conversation.

    .... Fuck I want to take Iwaku to Hawaii!
  10. Right now? Not working on essays.

    You know what, except for one or two things my life is pretty perfect though. Living in an artsy fartsy city with lots of concerts, art shows, farmers markets, things to do outside in winter, people who aren't too serious. Sitting in outdoor cafés in the summer and smiling at strangers passing by. Breathing. Being.
  11. sitting in japan and studying japanese x) I will become so happy when I get there :D I think... x)
  12. Watching Manowar live.
  13. Also

  14. Abandon warehouse, 11' x 17' canvas, 104 individual buckets of paint and a ghettoblaster hooked to one of 'em music sharing sites streaming alternates between classic rock and 90s hip hop.
  15. Karaoke, alcohol, good friends, and food. ;)