Happily Ever After

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  1. Cade Kira is walking home from school when he hears a raucous going on and a crowd of people in front of the school. The cluster of people are in his way so he went to go have a look to see what was up. It turns out it was the schools notorious bully gang beating up the most beautiful human being Cade had ever seen, so he kicked the guys asses and stole the gorgeous jewel away from the thugs. Once far enough away he asked the person their name.
  2. (word to the wise, I write in past tense, not present tense.)

    Quinn was suffering, just as he always did. Because of his bubbly personality and girly looks, he always got made fun of at school and beat up just the same. He hated how people treated him. He was gay, girly and too sweet for his own good which made him a natural target. As he came to school today with his bright yellow pikachu hoodie and his blond hair curled around his face, the school's bullies took notice of him and quickly got him alone.
    "Leave me alone," Quinn said with a quivering voice, one of the bullies pushing him against one of the other bullies. They held his arms behind his back as one of the bullies punched him in the stomach hard enough for Quinn to lose his breath. He coughed and started to cry as the bullies pushed him down to the ground and began kicking at his sides while calling him nasty names like 'fag', 'homo' and 'cocksucker'. He shielded his face as best he could but his sides took a beating, causing him to cough up blood. Suddenly, there was a young man breaking into the crowd of bullies, punching the nearest one he could and beating up all the rest. Quinn was slightly dizzy after it was all done and he was being helped up off of the ground, looking at his savior with wide eyes. His tears were still flowing as an after effect but he quickly wiped them away and tried to sober up. "Quinn... Harlett," he answered in a quiet voice. "Thank you for saving me.... I thought... I was a goner," he said, sniffling and wiping some blood from his mouth.
  3. Cade pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket ,and with a gentle steady hand, helped wipe the blood and tear off the other boy. Cade smiled " What a beautiful name! My name's Cade Kira" He bowed and held out his hand, when he grasped the other boys hand he brought it to his lips and kiss it.
  4. Quinn was certainly not used to this kind of treatment, the other boy wiping the blood from his face with a handkerchief he'd pulled from his pocket. He let him finish up and when he introduced himself, he smiled and was about to thank him when Cade kissed his hand. His cheeks burned a bright red and he sputtered.
    "O-oh my, I, uhm, thank you," he stammered, brushing some hair behind his ear. "Really, t-that's not necessary.."
  5. Cade looked up into the blondes eyes then slowly straightened and gave him back his hand. He inclined his head, " My apologies, I didn't mean to upset you.." he replied softly.
  6. The blonde shook his head at Cade's apology.
    "Oh no, no, I'm not upset! I'm just... no one's ever done that to me before, that's all," he explained sheepishly. Who was this guy anyway? He was so handsome and acted like Prince Charming. "Thank you, though. It was sweet of you," he said with an adorable smile.
  7. Cade loved Quinn's smile. He loved everything about him. Cade smiled back " No need to thank me, when I see someone as adorable as you, well I just can't resist. Quinn would it be all right if I escorted you safely home?"
  8. He couldn't handle how amazing this guy was being because he had never been treated like this before. He blushed harder and bit his lip nervously. When asked if he could be accompanied home, he smiled and politely shook his head.
    "N-no, that's okay, I think you've done enough," he said with a kind smile. "I wouldn't want to inconvenience you."
  9. " Inconvenience me? My friend, there's no way that you could ever be an inconvenience to me! And no, my friend i have hardly done enough. Now I must insist on walking you home!" Cade grabbed Quinn's hand and put it in the crook of his arm, " Now where too? In which direction are we headed?" he ask confidently.
  10. He was unable to resist that charm, that casual way he spoke as if they were friends who'd known each other for years. He smiled and nodded, despite how weird he felt about how forward Cade was.
    "Uhm, that way," he said, pointing down the street.
  11. Cade looked in the direction Quinn pointed and smiled " Well isn't that something,we're both heading the same way, seems our stars have crossed, I believe it's fate that we met each other today! Let's go!" and so he walked with Quinn, Quinn as his guide until they came upon Quinn's house.
  12. Quinn smiled at the happy coincidence and nodded. He studied Cade for a moment because he didn't understand why this young man was being so nice to him. Was this some sort of trick by the local bullies? If he was being played, how would he know? He swallowed thickly.
    "Why are you being so nice to me? Is this some kind of trick?" He asked, sort of backing away in defense because he didn't want to be hurt. "Everyone always hurts me and lies to me.."
  13. At this Cade frowned and saddeness covered him from head to toe."Quinn, I can understand why don't trust me, but I won't hurt you, I would rather hurt myself before ever hurting you. Your the only person, I've ever taken a liking to, I usually don't like people and I don't talk to anyone, you the only one I've ever talked to, I don't even talk to my parents if you can believe that!...I will never hurt you and I won't let anyone else either, I swear on my life..." he put a fist to his heart as he swore before extending it out to Quinn.
  14. At hearing Cade's promise of never hurting him, he looked down at his extended hand and tears began welling up in his eyes. He hiccuped and panicked, turning to run into his house and slam the door behind him. He couldn't take that, he was so self conscious and scared about letting himself open up again. Too often had he been lied to, used, abused and made fun of. He couldn't let that happen again. He went into his apartment, tears streaming down his cheeks.
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