INTEREST CHECK Happily ever after, maybe...

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So, you all know the Disney Princesses, right? And, we all know the magical stories of romance that followed them.... But, what happened to the other Disney characters? Do they get no love story?
Well, we're going to make one.

In the small town of Uncertain, Texas a group of friends is about to go through one of the most challenging years of their lives.
Most of the girls have known each other since middle school and are all best friends. They're starting their senior year of high school and are preparing for the real world that they're about to enter. They'll make new friends, find who they are, and realize who they love, or who they really don't love. This is their final year to "find themselves".
The guys, although some have been friends previously are mostly being brought together by love and the girls. They're also on the path to self discovery over this next year. It's sure to be a wild ride.

I'm hoping to have this go all the way to a sequel, and they should be going either to University of Washington, or University of Texas (We'll have a majority vote). Please only sign up if you're willing to go along for the whole ride. I really want this to go places.
Also, the role play will be starting at a slumber party being hosted by Lily. Her mother agreed only because she'd be there to supervise it all, making sure her daughter doesn't get in trouble especially on a school night.
All the females will be in attendance to the sleepover. We'll try to move it along quickly; but I think it's a nice starting point.