Hapless Affection

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  1. A roleplay between Sansa Stark and myself.

    Name: Nahuel
    Age: 22
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 180 lbs
    Background: A young man in a small tribe of roughly ninety people. Nahuel was raised as a warrior and provider for his kin, and on occasion, has been on scouting missions to make sure they are prepared to be civil or for war when settlers come. While not known to be aggressive, they are not known for their kindness and open-minds, either. Nahuel, personally, is wary of "white men", as he has never seen much from them aside from carelessness and cruelty. What his friends and father have told him have not fueled a good image, either. Nonetheless, he is curious of them.
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  2. [​IMG]

    "Be careful, will you?"

    The newly elected Mayor Henderson stood proudly beside the double doors to his grandiose manor, freshly finished, ignoring the chaos around him momentarily to wish his daughter safety. The slaves of the household had been moving furniture, belongings and likewise inside the new manor since dawn, and though Josephine immediately noted how exhausted the poor slaves had become, there was nothing to be done while her father was present. She wished she was allowed a simple pause to offer them water or a meal, a break even, but such an act would see her ostracized. There was nothing she had the power to do.

    "Father," Josie sighed, offering him the hug he had apparently been waiting for. "I'll be alright. I can take care of myself. I won't wander too far from town, I promise."

    "Are you sure? We only just moved here, I don't know what you'll find out there. Or who. The savages aren't entirely respectful of city limits, you know. I would command you to stay, but I know you better than that. You'll only slip away when I'm not looking!" He gave a hearty laugh, one that shook his great belly with amusement and kissed his child's forehead. "You're like your mother that way."

    "You know me too well." The girl smiled, hiding the bitterness in her heart. Josephine picked up the basket she had set on the floor beside her, making sure it was empty. "I don't think a couple of berries will attack me. I'll see you before supper."

    "Fine, fine." The mayor waved to his young daughter as she departed, watching the sun reflect off hazelnut until she had disappeared into the brush.

    Josephine was never one to linger in a place for long. She was a girl who ventured where she ought not to be, who admired the heroes in her stories who went off to foreign places and accomplished feats of great splendor. She was always taught that men were the leaders of such wonderful adventure, but why them? Why not her? She was a lady of social standing. It never made sense as to why authors never wrote about women the way they wrote about men, regardless of how inspiring the tales were, but she supposed she would do her "duty" if need be. It was all a part of her ladylike upbringing. Perhaps that was why stories were stories, after all. Safer for the fiction.

    About a half-mile from the city limits, a town just barely brought onto the map, Josephine found what she had told her father she was looking for--berry bushes and fruit trees, almost an orchard of sorts, and she wondered who tended it. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt to take a few fruits, she thought, since no one lives near enough to tend to this place. Who could it possibly belong to?

    She reached her hand forward and began to pick, filling her small basket, humming a tune as she went.
  3. [​IMG]
    Nahuel strode along quietly, his bow in hand and his dagger at his waist. Earlier, he'd broken off from his friends and fellow hunters, Atohi and Mahe. The two had gone off to chase an elk while Nahuel chose to stalk after a young deer instead, believing she'd be an easier hunt since, unlike the male, hadn't been there to be spooked by the foolery of Atohi. He followed her from a distance, watching almost every move. However, when she suddenly froze near a bush and stared off at something, he was curious. It might be nothing, but she was watching something. All of his time spent in pursuit, however, was in vain as he stepped on a twig, causing her to dart away. Lost in thought and curiosity, he hadn't payed any attention to where he himself was going.

    Nahuel simply had to hope the other two would catch that elk, and stood erect, walking quietly to where the doe had been standing before. He knew this place. The women would occasionally come here while more men hunted, gathering the fruit that grew on the plants. It was odd that she didn't stop to eat. He could only assume someone, or another animal was there and prevented her from going any further. The young man came to the tree she stood by, the trunk shrouded in weeds and bushes, and looked out. Nahuel felt his blood burn at the sight. Strange, other-worldly clothing against ivory skin stood out to him. He gripped his bow tightly, but then relaxed. She seemed to be completely alone. He heard no other voices, no movement. Glancing around, he saw nothing either. And so, his dark brown eyes lingered back to her, simply watching with caution, just as the deer had.

    (( I'm sorry this took so long. I was really stumped for awhile on how I was going to start. Still not exactly pleased with it ~_~. ))
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