Hangover Cure

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  1. Hangover Cures

    The number one cure is prevention! Don't drink at all.

    It's a new year, a time known for over indulgence in every possible way. Not all of us here at Iwaku drink alcohol, and those of us that do should probably cut back. That being said

    Do you have any hangover tips to share with your fellow Rpers?

    Here are some general tips for the amateurs.
  2. Hey! You can prevent a hangover and still drink. Make sure you match water content per alcohol content (you'll pee often but trust me, you'll be glad). Also eat something starchy. Potato or bread based foods are good, as are most grains.

    The best, the absolute best, way to prevent a hangover is to know your limits. Know how much of a buzz you want and when to stop. Have will power. Your judgement may be clouded but you can will yourself to control the amount of alcohol you drink. Also, if people keep asking you to drink when you're good; don't feel bad for saying no. Say not now, or maybe later. It's better for everyone if you're not face first in the toilet with someone holding your hair back (if you're lucky).

    There are other things you can do. Don't mix certain drinks, beer before liquor, never sicker, liquor before beer, never in the clear. Stuff like that. I don't ascribe to that. I just know certain drinks mix with me well, and certain drinks don't. Know your limits, know yourself, and know what you're drinking.


    As an additional note. Make sure to drink at least one cup of water and eat one grain-type food before going to bed after drinking. Brush your teeth then go to bed. I've never had a hangover after doing this. Well, maybe a slight headache but that's the worst. Also you'll be glad when you wake up that you're not tasting the alcohol from the previous night.

  3. Part of a hangover is caused by dehydration, so like what Hartke said, lots of water is a good idea!
    Even though you might not feel like it, exercise can help speed the process of getting the alcohol out, so maybe plan some nice running tomorrow ;D
  4. Also don't start drinking at 2PM when they part starts at 11PM! D:<

  5. They have these supposed anti-hangover drinks you're suppose to drink before you start drinking. Has anyone tried them yet? Do they work?
  6. Grow a pair and take it like a man.
  7. With GMK on this, you overindulge you pay your price.

    That said, I was relatively sober.
  8. A huge meal before hand usually works wonders for me. One packed with grease and carbs and red meat.
  9. Preventative measures aside. A giant bowl of cheerios and a tall glass of orange juice does it for me every time.
  10. ...MORE ALCOHOL.

    No, seriously, it does sometimes work. It just means that the subsequent hangover will fucking kill you.

    My personal cure? Greasy food. Works wonders.
  11. I'm with grumpy on this one, certainly.

    Drink 'till you puke.

    If you're a man, it'll be ok.