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  1. e l l i o t
    "So .. she's gonna meet me here, right?"

    The voice was searching for confirmation from the person it was spoken to. Sat at a table for two, the sunlight shone down from a clear blue sky, flooding through the wide glass window beside him and warming him. The quaint little café was the chosen destination for the date - a restaurant was just too fancy for him, and there were few other places that were as casual as a coffee shop.

    A young man patted his shoulder, drawing Elliot's eyes back to him. His eyes danced with playful intention as he replied, "Yeah, don't worry about it, man. She should be coming with a couple of friends - they'll tell her who you are and she'll come sit with you." Elliot blinked, his eyes drifting down to the table for a moment as his friend removed the hand from his shoulder. "You'd better not be trickin' me or anything, bro. I will find you," he looked up suddenly, his expression deadpan as he said, "and I will kill you."

    There was a second of silence before they both cracked and started laughing. His friend waved it off, saying, "Ah, nah, I was told she's really cute. I wouldn't trick you on your first blind date, man."

    Elliot scoffed. "Better pick a god and pray that you didn't." His friend grinned and said, "I'm gonna go - you look just dashing right now, so don't get all nervous or anything. She'll like you." Elliot glanced down, his eyes grazing over his outfit - a sky blue button up, sleeves rolled to the elbows as neatly as possible, loose gray skinny jeans, and his old black Converse sneakers. It wasn't too fancy, it was obvious, but the shirt matched his eyes (according to one of his fashion-oriented friends) and he could pull off the look altogether. Mulling it over for a moment, he suddenly cracked a more confident smile and said, "I hope so, man." With a grin, his friend waved and strode out of the glass doors of the shop, calling, "Don't fuck up!" behind him as he did. Elliot watched him go and chuckled under his breath.

    After his friend was out of sight, Elliot shifted in his seat, his forearms resting on the table and his legs splaying out a tad more underneath. Vibrant blue eyes searched outside, rather aimlessly. In his head, he was assuring himself that he'd be okay. He hadn't done any blind dates until now, so it was all a new experience and it made him jittery. His fingers tapped on the table absently. He was legitimately worrying over who his friends set him up with. They told him whoever it was was a girl, and that she was really cute (they used the words cute and adorable instead of hot or sexy, which was interesting to him). He hoped that they weren't lying. He normally was a pretty accepting person, but when it came to dating, he could be a little more selective than usual.

    Sucking in a deep, long breath, he waited for a few seconds before he exhaled and let himself relax. It'll be fine. Just be yourself and have fun, his thoughts whispered in encouragement.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.