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    " Spartan 323 to command! Spartan 323 to command! we are under heavy fi-" The radio died out and static filled in the station, Command looked around in confusion " Spartan 323 come in, Come in " Ezekiel stood up and slammed his palms to the desk " FUCK!, call in the duo's " one of the desk workers stood up then speaking a bit cautiously " You sure that is the best idea sir? " Ezekiel looked back at him " Do you think we have any other choice, and they are the only ones who can get in there and possibly save this mission!, SO AS I SAID DESK MAID! CALL THEM IN! " the desk man nodded his head and ran his hands over the keyboard initiating some alarms and sending messages through the system to the room of the two spartans, who were now being sent on the dangerous mission.


    His eyes shooting open as the alarm sounded through his room, sitting up he heard a recruit knock on his door and start shouting frantically. He rolled out of his bed and opened the door looking at the panicked man who spoke quick " HURRY HURRY SIR! WE NEED TO GET YOU AND YOUR PARTNER OUT ASAP! " the man ran away and left Zane rubbing his eyes as the man rushed down the hallways. Zane walked out of the room since he was only napping in his under suiting, running his hand along the wall he banged on a door which held his teammates name on it and spoke before he kept walking " Rise and shine champ we got shit to do ", his movement continuing forward as he walked into the armory were he could see his beautiful armor freshly polished and ready for combat sitting there. He walked up to it and leaned into it, the armor locking into him and shutting itself. His head still showing as he opened his scarred eye looking at the men with the white blinded eye, " So what is the mission " He said sliding on the helmet letting it lock into place, the people filling him in as he awaited for his partners arrival and did a routine systems check.​
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    Heavy impacts accompanied by sharp and tactical breathes resounded from within the man's bunker, almost drowning out the sound of the banging originating from his door. Atlas's fist collided with the heavy bag installed into his room one last time before his partner spoke through the door. Exhaling deeply as he cooled down from his exercise; it was time to go to work. Wiping himself off before adorning himself with his dog tags and acquiring his combat knife. Pressing his hand against the access panel of the door, causing it to slide open, he made his way out into the hall way. The light revealed his gruff visage, hardened by countless battles. Also outfitted in his Nanocomposite Bodysuit, Atlas made his way to the armory to equip himself in his own MJOLNIR suit. Running the diagnostics for his suit, he turned and spoke to his partner, Zane.

    "Any idea what they need US for? Must be one hell of a shit storm if we're who they're turning to."

    His armor equipped, with the exception of his helmet, Atlas continued to with the mandatory procedures for boot up while he tried to see if Zane was any more informed about the situation than he was at the moment.
  3. " Thats the only reason they call us in, But spartan 232 called in a support before the radio's went blank so they decided that we need to get in there and help with taking the base, they said we are being hot dropped so be prepared if the plane blows up " He chuckled as Ezekiel walked in saluting to the two and spoke to directly to Zane " I'm glad you gave infill to atlas, and i am thankful for your guys cooperation, all i have to say is be safe. And come home boys " The man nodded and walked back out his hands held behind his back walking down the way and out of the room. Zane looked at atlas " Thats how bad it is " He smirked, as a recruit shouted inside " YOUR RIDE IS READY! LOAD UP! " sliding his helmet on, Zane leapt down off the steps and began walking towards the pelican ruffling his shoulders thinking about there attack, He held his W/AV M6 G/GNR rifle in hand and looked at the wall of weapons before snatching a combat knife off of it nodding his head and sliding it away as he then began to jog towards the pelican.
  4. Atlas observed and mentally recorded the debrief, already formulating plans for a tactical insertion and how they'd proceed with the mission from there. His helmet hissed into place as his suit pressurized and situated itself accordingly. His boot up was complete so he made his way to the weapons rack. Equipping himself with a M392 Designated Marksman Rifle, M45E Tactical Shotgun, Dual M7 Caseless Submachine Guns, and the standard USNC side arm the M6D Magnum Sidearm. Stocking himself with a suitable amount of Fragmentation Grenades should the need for demolitions present itself. Completing his arsenal was his combat knife, which he sheathed in time fore the end of the debrief. Some might consider his weapons stock excessive, but given the situation it was better to be prepared for anything.

    Nodding towards Ezekiel as he left, he returned his attention towards his partner Zane and chuckled lightly at his smart remark. Following suit he made his way towards their Pelican. It was time for work, and as usual a Spartan's work was dirty. They were often given tasks with an infinitesimal survival rate, but that's how they liked to work. When the risk was high and their skills were at their most strained, that's when they truly felt alive. So as Atlas made his way to board the Pelican with one thought on his mind:

    "Time to go to work."
  5. As they boarded the pelican, it began taking off the doors closing behind it. This was a quick drop so they were not far off from the drop zone, Zane writing in a small notebook. He did this every time he was deployed as he was a father of 1 daughter, which right now was with the daycare. His fiance, had died in battle as she was a field medic and was taken down blindly. It was a tough toll on him and his daughter but he continued to push through this struggle and promised that he would protect everyone and his daughter. It was a broad thought but it was what his daughter wanted to hear, His only friend as of now was Atlas who helped him through his problems and put him through the extensive training to get im into the position he is in now. When finished writing he placed it on the seat and stood up as the plane neared the drop zone and bullets whizzed past the pelican, loud metal clanking noises were heard as few collided with the pelican. Zane looking at Atlas saying, " We will fight to the death, To the Edge of the Earth, It's a brave new world from the last to the first " it was song lyrics which he felt as if they could fight by, The end of the pelican began to open and through the coms was the pilot speaking " this is yo-" the pilot voice was cut off by a sound of beeping and shouting and screaming before the pelican was hit with a beam, causing it to fly out of control. Putting his hand on the floor Zane balanced himself and ran towards the open bay door. Leaping out of it as he new atlas would follow. He fell towards the ground quickly, he stuck his feet out and slammed them into the ground causing dust to kick up around him. A small crater on the floor as he stood up slowly in the dust cloud that seemed to block the vision of the elites and covenant standing there watching and waiting for what slammed into the earth to show itself.

    ( battle music! )
  6. Atlas nodded in acknowledgment of Zane's sentiment. He had a knack for the theatrics, but he knew how to get a point across. He knew Zane had a lot more at stake than he did; the security of his family burdened him, but was also his greatest motivator. Atlas was devoid of this attachment, having lost his family during the Human-Covenant War. This served as an excellent motivator to enlist in the Spartan IV program. His motivation lied in cleaning up what remained of the Covenant, a service he eagerly worked towards.

    Drawn from his thoughts as the cargo bay doors released he steeled himself for what came next. Although what came next wasn't the standard debrief and drop. The Pelican had encountered flak as it came into the area, notable by the amount of damage it took and the sounds of panic bursting through the intercom. Securing himself as the Pelican continued its erratic flight patterns, he noticed that Zane was already making a move for the cargo door; always eager to get to work. His face steeled behind his visor, before ensuring his weapons were secured and make a break for the exit. Leaping from the door towards the ground, no the soon to be battlefield below. Landing a few feet from Zane, erecting himself right beside his partner.
  7. A crackling noise was heard and the dust parted in a body shaped form, as a fist collided with one of the elites face cracking the shield and the armor sending it rolling and tumbling backwards dead. The immense speed of his movement and the force literally causing the force to snap his neck, the other elites and covenants in shock at his strength. But they outnumbered them greatly, and soon they realized that and began shooting and charging in at zane not knowing there was someone else in the cloud of dust and soot. Dodging a few plasma shots Zane grabbed a grunts head and threw him into a pile up of other grunts and shot them up with his rifle, he spun the rifle around smacking a plasma gun out of the elites hand and kicked him down the small hill letting him roll. He ducked down dodging some more plasma and lifting up an scout and using him as a weapon for a moment as he hit a line of elites with a grunt strapped bomb, causing it to explode on them killing them.
  8. Atlas exhaled deeply; finally, he was home. The adrenaline coursed through him as found his serenity, the orchestra of gunfire and battle cries filled his ears. Soon it was all drowned out by the rhythmic pounding of his heart beat, steadying him for what needed to be done. He lifted his head, gazing forward as his partner shot forth and began the assault and he was soon to follow suit. He inhaled strongly; the deep breath before the plunge. With that, his body already tensed, his DMR already drawn, his intent to kill already flared, he sprang forth into battle.

    Sprinting at a pace only achieved by those of SPARTAN "lineage" he steadied his rifle at his shoulder as took aim and fired on the run. His shots were guided by the accuracy of a prolific soldier. Each bullet registering as a kill. The first being a marksman Jackal wielding a Carbine rifle; the round piercing through his cranium cleanly, his brain matter splattering behind him from the exit wound. The next shot claimed the life of a Grunt, barreling straight through his eye and ricocheting somewhere out of the other side of his skull. The third and fourth slamming into the overshield of an elite, weakening it substantially before the final shot tore through his throat, forcing the Sangheli to the ground in a visceral and bloody death. He emptied the clip into any of the remaining snipers in the background before he'd completely emptied his weapon and still he sprinted forward.

    An Elite, thinking him vulnerable, charged forward firing his Storm Rifle at the Spartan. Most of the plasma rounds whizzed past him, but those that hit their mark slammed harshly into his own overshields, causing him to recoil slightly during his advance. The plasma seared into him even behind his armor, his shields energy flaring slightly in response. Atlas discarded his rifle and seemed to pick up the pace in his sprint, closing the distance at an astounding rate that caught the elite off guard. Soon he was within range to engage in his specialty: Spartan CQC. Atlas planted his foot harshly, cratering the ground as a result, and pivoted his hips intensely carrying the weight of his fist with it. He brought his clenched fist, carrying the full weight of his armor and his enhanced strength into the gut of the Elite. The punch was enough to lift the Covenant soldier, whom possessed a height advantage along with shielding in this situation, off the ground with his strength. The Elite retched as it doubled over from the blow in an attempt to recover. He was not given this luxury as his face was meet with a downward angled straight to the face courtesy of the Spartan. A hay-maker like this resulted in its neck snapping under the pressure, twisting violently and slumping forward to the ground.

    The Covenant behind this particular victim held back their shock and charged forward to avenge their fallen brother. Assessing the situation, Atlas cocked back his leg and swung it forward deep into the gut of the Elite he'd just killed. This sent it sailing forward towards a group of grunts, causing their formation to collapse and Atlas would not fail to seize the opportunity as he once again charged forth. He took a brief moment to find Zane on the battlefield before he returned his focus to the soon to be growing kill count he was going to amass.
  9. His body armor slowly becoming covered in the blood of his enemies as his fists, and bullets collided with the enemy. He looked back over his shoulder at his partner who was to on a killing spree, he noticed his back side was exposed for a moment in time as he interned to punch an grunt into the ground. Zane taking off in a burst leaving a cracked earth behind him and a dust trail, He ran so fast that he skidded when he got close to Atlas and leapt over him, slamming his arm into that of an elite taking it down to the ground and pushing his face into the floor. Using that momentum to fling himself back up onto his feet, Bringing his elbow back down onto the head of the elite causing the head to fracture and practically shatter. Before he rolled out of the way of incoming plasma, and stood up back to back with his partner. " Well then....looks like they got us back to back...huh " the enemies slowly closing in around Atlas and Zane who they suspected were to give up now that they have but themselves in a bit of a trap. Yet that would not be the idea for them, Zane leapt backwards rolling on atlas's back and double kicking an elite and a few grunts into each other making them fall back onto the ground and receive fire from Zane's weapon until they were dead. But as Zane stepped back a few elites stepped forward causing Zane to roll backwards, and Atlas moved forward bringing down the group with a pummeling hay maker. Zane standing up and punching a grunt into the floor, grabbing it by the head and slamming it into a group of grunts tossing a frag in the middle of them, this blowing the small group up.
  10. The hay-maker was resounding, felling the would be assailants heavily. He shook off his fist before lifting his towards Zane. They did seem to cornered and the number of Covenant forces, despite their efforts so far, were only increasing. With his DMR discarded that still left him armed with the rest of his arsenal and the situation called for his dual SMG. Removing them from their magnetic holsters at his hips and flicking the safety with his thumbs, he extended his arms to either side aiming them towards the growing mass of enemy troops. With Zane at his back he knew he was covered there but nonetheless they needed a plane before they were overrun. His attention shifted towards the base, which was about 7 klicks down through the swarm of Covenant. That distance (about 4 miles) on foot through constant fire wasn't going to happen even if they booked it. They needed some means of transportation. His mind continued to analyze the possibilities until he was interrupted by the war cry of a charging Elite followed by a group of Grunts.

    His focus was swiftly drawn to them and he immediately opened fire. Shells casings flew from the chamber as he pelted the group with fire. The bullets struck the group of Grunts felling a few while the remained continued their charge discharging plasma fire as the progressed. Unfortunately the bullets ricocheted off of the Elites armor and he was soon upon Atlas. The Covenant troop lunged forward aiming to shoulder charge him. Atlas stepped in and to it's side, dodging the tackle. Once past him he planted his boot into the back of the creatures reverse jointed leg, causing it to stumble and jerk backwards. Keeping up the fire frontward Altas rotated swiftly while holstering his SMG for a moment as he quickly unsheathed his elongated combat knife, holding it in the reverse grip. He slammed the blade into the Elites eye straight into its brain. He jerked it a bit to ensure its death before planting a kick into its side to remove the blade sent the Elite's corpes into a jumbled heap. He resheathed the weapon and continued firing on the incoming foes, dwindling the numbers of those remaining. A group of Elites lead by a Sangheili Ultra had grown tired of the "Demon" resistance and began their charge. The Ultra wielding a Concussion Rifle fired on them followed by a volley of Plasma fire. Atlas turned towards Zane, grabbing his shoulder and pulling him out of the way of the fire as he himself began to strafe firing the remainder of the clip towards the Elite squadron. Things were getting bad for them and they needed to make a move soon.
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