Halo: Spartans and the Stormbringer

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  1. So I have a new Halo idea.

    The year is 2613, and the UNSC has just deployed its latest breed of supersoldier: the Spartan V. Taken as children from selected families and replaced with flash clones after the consent of the family has been given (with the swapping date unknown to the parents) the Spartan V project has bred forth new Spartans with various telekinetic abilities that are still experimental and uncertain, even after twenty years of training. This RP will take place on the UNSC Stormbringer, one of the Fleet's seven Infinity-class warships, which commanded by Rear Admiral Derrick Thompson. We will focus especially on the newly-formed Spartan Platoon Sigil, led by and composed of a group of Spartan-V's who have never met now worked together before forming up three days before the ship's launch into space as they work to fulfill the Stormbringer's mission of patrolling and investigating various rumored insurrections in the Outer Colonies while working with Covenant allies to determine what is going on. With ancient secrets and trillions of lives at stake, it's going to be up to the Stormbringer and her crew to determine what is really happening in the Outer Colonies and, if necessary, launch an offensive to stop it.

    A few notes:
    -This takes place after the events of Halo 5, and will not have many Promethean appearances.
    -Telekinesis and other V abilities will be limited and will rely on player integrity.
    -You can build your own loadout.
    -You are not limited to being a Spartan: you can even go so far as to be an Elite!
    -I will answer as many questions as possible if you have them.
    -This Rp is anticipated to be Intermediate/Advanced+
  2. sounds interesting enough! GIMME A THREAD! GIMNME GIMME
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  5. A few questions:

    1: The Spartan V's sound like SPARTAN-II's in their origin story. John-117, Kelly-087, Sam-104, Fred-034, Linda-058 all were abducted and replaced by flash clones by Dr.Halsey. This was pre-Covenant and Covenant Invasion and through out the Covenant War. Halo IV states that this practice was later abolished and that anyone willing and who is capable of meeting the criteria for the augments may become a SPARTAN. These are SPARTAN-IV's. SPARTAN-IV's differ in that they don't go through as extensive biological augmentation as SPARTAN-II's but are built better than SPARTAN-III's which were more 'mass produced'. They didn't have as many implant's as SPARTAN-III's either.

    Why are SPARTAN-V's abducted in I'm assuming a clandestine fashion, and why do they have mental capabilities at all? What would be their purpose or is that an underlying facet of the plot? Also you might have meant psychokinetic powers. Telekenesis is simply the supposed (in this case real) ability to thoughtfully project a force capable of moving objects.

    2: Do you have limit to the number of those that can have them? What could other powers could they have? Is there a limit to how many powers a player has (within reason)?

    3: I am assuming by 'load out' you are referring to Armor, weapons, Armor abilities (?) and/or items? (land mines, etc)/
    What are the limits?

    4. I will simply condense this question to encompass the Elites; can they have upgraded armor as well? Will they have powers?

    Not trying to nitpick or complain, just trying to feel your idea out.
  6. 1. The idea lies with the idea that the process to develop said psychokinetic abilities takes far longer than current IV training and would need to be implemented from an extremely young age. Futhermore, adults wouldn't be nearly as susceptible to the training. If I am to make a reference, it would be to the that it becomes harder to begin Jedi training as one gets older. In the starter I also explain in the starter that this, unlike with the II's, is not an outright kidnapping as it involves legal process and the family's . The psychokinetic abilities will be involved in various subplots as well as the main story, in and out of combat.

    2. The Spartan-V's and some hostile NPCs can use these abilities, though to different extents. The ability to use these powers will come at the cost of physical energy. As for limits, telekinesis and telepathy would be considered universal. Any variations thereof or other abilities would be a result of specialized training.

    3. Every Spartan would have an Assault Rifle, Magnum, Combat Knife, Energy Weapon, a second Primary, and an armor ability in addition to two fragmentation and plasma grenades. This will be possible to a mechanic I will explain later.

    4. Elites will be able to have armor upgrades, I'm not yet certain regarding powers.
  7. Also regarding 3, there will be various combat specializations that will influence or restrict load outs.
  8. Okay, I am back. (A bit jetlagged. How long does this shit affect you for? o.O Its been two days, sheesh!)

    Question 1: Why are we using Gen1 Mark VI armor? Your mention Prometheans or the lack thereof, and the use of the Inifinity-Class ship, made me think of Halo 4 which has the new, updated Gen2 MJLONIR armor.

    Question 2: Would it be okay if I chose a Gen 2 armor suit?

    Question3(optional): Would it also be okay if I added a Support perk? I.e "Gunner" allows the user to more effectively use turreted guns with them over heating less.

    Question 4 (optional: I wanted to make a Headhunter Spartan. If you don't know what that is let me throw this up in spoilers.

    Show Spoiler
    " The Headhunter special operations program was a classified program conducted by the Office of Naval Intelligence, intended to separate the most elite SPARTAN-III and later SPARTAN-IV candidates and use them in classified special operations. Candidates would be placed in binary or lone wolf teams and be sent far behind enemy lines on near suicide mission in hopes that their efforts would greatly impact the enemy." -Halo wiki- Halopedia

    Notable members include Spartans Jonah and Ronald. I was thinking he could've customized his armor with Sangheli skulls covering his shoulder pauldrons as well as a paint job on his armor that he did himself that's reminiscent of two-tone paint in the way people used to use war paint.

    Headhunters are like Team Grey which consisted of Adriana-111, Jai-006, and Mike-120. The most independent and individualistic of the SPARTAN-IIs. These qualities were used to create a unit trained to operate for extended periods with minimal supervision and support. Compared to the other SPARTAN-IIs, such as the conceptually similar Black Team, Gray Team's training placed additional emphasis on individual thought and action. This made them suitable to execute and survive covert missions deep behind enemy lines with no support from friendly units. Their assignments focused on disruption of enemy operations followed by a stealthy extraction
  9. 1. The Mark VI, according to my research, is the armor used in Halo 4. It is a Gen2 and, with its technological advancements, the Marl VI-B (which is equipped by Platoon Sigil) would be Gen2 if the base armor already wasn't.

    2. We already are.

    3. It seems fine so long as you can elaborate on it in the CS.

    4. I would approve a headhunter Spartan as a side character and not as your primary character.
  10. @AceSorcerer

    "The MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor/Mark VI was the sixth and last of the [GEN1] versions of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor. The suit was issued to the few surviving SPARTAN-II commandos in October 2552, replacing the older Mark V variant. Despite the introduction of MJOLNIR [GEN2] after the Human-Covenant war, Mark VI armor could still be requisitioned by SPARTAN-IVs in 2558."

    Master Chief Petty Officer 117 wore it throughout the game. However the Spartans aboard the UNSC Infinity wore Gen2. The MJOLNIR GEN2 Powered Assault Armor is the newest generation of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, specifically designed for the SPARTAN IV Program, and introduced following the conclusion of the Human-Covenant war of 2525-2552. This armor was not designed or created by Dr. Catherine Halsey, but was instead created by the Materials Group.

    The Mark VII MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor was the seventh version of the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor series and last variant of the armor envisioned. This armor was created by Dr. Catherine Halsey and produced as a replacement for the Mark VI, but was still in the prototype phase as of 2553; it is capable of passively upgrading itself while the user is in cryo-sleep or if the armor is on standby by using nanotechnology, and is presumably capable of exo-atmospheric insertion as intended by Dr. Catherine Halsey.

    4. That's a shame. I liked the idea of a Headhunter.
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  11. wait, what do ya mean as side characters?
  12. A secondary character, if you will. For example, if my main character is the platoon commander the secondary would be the captain of the vessel if he wasn't an NPC.
  13. @Calamity , would you please tell me a bit more about your character?
  14. If it's not to late I'd like to take part, just point me in the direction to sign up
  15. Sorry, been busy for the past few days. What did you need me to extrapolate on? I'll be writing his history in just a few.
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