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  1. So, I have been dying for a halo roleplay for so long! The reason why I didn't make a sign-up thread right away, is because I want at least a few people to show interest before I take time to make an organized and pretty thread for the characters and ooc discussion.

    The basic idea is that every Spartan that is played, there will be marines as well of course, will be on missions in different squads to complete various missions for the UNSC. This takes place in an alternate universe where John, Spartan-117, was never even born. The Spartan project was discontinued not too long after the first generation of Spartans had trained and dawned the MJOLNIR armor. And now, after the youngest of these Spartans have just become adults, the Covenant has attacked the Earth, destroying it, and the remaining humans that survived have been relocated to other planets that are far more habitable.

    Of course, this is just a rough plot so far, and it is highly open to suggestions and changes that are made while plotting with anyone interested. As for the marines, they will still play an essential part in the story, plus there are allowed to be female Spartans, I mean they were in the games and the books. I was also thinking, since it is an alternate universe, there may be one or two other alien species that the humans have managed to make contact with that are a lot more friendly than the Covenant.

    So, who's interested in this little idea? Or, if you have a way to make the plot better with some constructive criticism, please let me know.
  2. First batch of Spartans only? By your own written words, that means IIs, IIIs and IVs were never conceived---but you do have the obscured first generation Spartan model: the Spartan I. Only Spartan Is, such as Staff Sergeant Avery Johnson, would currently be in service. Additionally, Spartan I augmentations were, canon wise, inheritable, which resulted in a fair number of 'Spartan 1.1s' being born.

    The UNSC would probably initiate an extensive (but relatively inexpensive) eugenics program that aimed to produce more of these 'superior human specimens'. Perhaps improved flash cloning technology could be utilized to accelerate the population growth rate, which would result in the wide-scale improvement of the UNSC Marine Corps at breakneck speeds.

    Unless you're aiming to only use Spartan IIs (which are infertile), what you're looking at is a mass-produced infantry fighting force that is going to be magnitudes more effective than even the venerable ODST units.

    And this is your baseline greenhorn marine we're talking about. Aside from the dramatic improvement in equipment that these guys could theoretically receive (for example, 10mm assault rifles and heavier combat armor packages), marines of such caliber could undergo rigorous training regimes that would afford them the capacity to seriously threaten Sangheili minors (and, perhaps, even majors) on a 1 on 1 basis.


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  3. Well, it is a really, really rough idea, and technically, some of the characters from the books may never exist in this universe. As for the first batch of Spartans, I meant that the first group of children in the Spartan program, but the project was never fully supported and met with a lot of opposition, so it was only used with that first batch of kids and the training and technology revolved around that group. So basically, the program only continued for the first group/batch of kids that were brought in for the program and it evolved around them.

    The first batch is just the children selected for the program specifically, like John, this has nothing to do with if they have children or not, because that would be in their adulthood. The Spartans can have children, this idea is just that their entire lives were pretty much spent in the program up until adulthood, and even then, the technology developed for them was advanced with the other technology. So, in other words, you have the updated MJOLNIR armors, but only 1 generation of true Spartans from the program.

    I have a fairly weird and wild thought process sometimes, so if anything of what I said needs more clarification, please say so. I try to be as clear as possible, but I have an overactive imagination and crazy mind, which can sometimes be weird on me.
  4. I've been looking around for a good Halo RP, although I'm more interested in a One[x]One Halo work than a group (my introvert is showing). However, I'm no stranger to looking into something new. I already have a character in the works, so I'll keep myself posted on the progress this thing makes. As for the plot itself, I like the idea of a totally different universe. I'll just have to get acclimated to the settings and stipulations.

    Once again, I'd much prefer a One[x]One RP of this (or something of this variety), but that's a bit selfish of me. There aren't enough Halo RP's out here in Iwaku for me to sift through, and I'm a bit too picky for my own good. :P
  5. Sounds interesting. So the remaining humans are pretty much forced to use guerilla tactics?
  6. A little bit, but they do still have their technology, it's just that all the humans had to be moved to other planets and colonize them. So, they have space travel and their upgraded tech and weapons, just that they're being attacked by the Covenant, which is far more advanced than them with plasma energy.
  7. You mentioned marines, does that mean we can RP as one?

    How will the missions take place? E.g. Small scale raid/assault on a planet, or something bigger in space?

    By friendly alien race, would you prefer something from the Halo universe, or could it be OC?
  8. I love having people play simple marines, as your own OC or an NPC, player's choice. I will be playing at least 1 normal, non-Spartan marine and a Spartan.

    As far as the missions go, I was wanting them to be similar to the ones in the games, just with squads or platoons of marines/Spartans, so a little bit smaller. Overall though, there would need to be some type of larger scale fight between the UNSC and the Covenant, but it will mostly be smaller raid/assault missions in specific places. So, a lot more like the games.

    For the friendly alien races, I am open to two or three suggestions for fictional races, I want them to be more player created, but I wouldn't be opposed to actual alien races from any universe you can think of (i.e. other games, books, t.v. shows, etc.). So, if anyone wants to make an alien race or suggests a type of alien race for me to create, please tell me and I would be more than happy to collaborate on that.
  9. Yeah, I like them too. So if you're doing mission like from the game, we could actually see a mission where tanks/aircraft are used? I'll totally dig a scene where marines are riding/driving Scorpion tanks into battle.

    I instantly think a race from Mass Effect. But damn it would be awkward to see a Turian fight along Spartans. Not to forget the Krogans.
  10. I love the vehicles used in the games, especially how they're used and how important they are to the game-play and story. But, yes, there will be vehicles used as well, especially with the marines.

    As far as aliens from other universes, they could be changed, altered, and specifically tailored to fit into this alternate Halo universe. I love to try and make things work out that way, it's fun because I get to be creative, so do other people.
  11. It feels weird thinking back to Halo 1. Getting into the Scorpion and see them jump on for a ride. Making sure you had both a sniper and rocket launcher marine on board. Just to see them die whenever a plasma grenade hit and got stuck on the tank. R.I.P.

    You know what? I would love to see something like the Turians. Just because they remind me of humans if we looked more alien. Badass.
  12. Well, we can work on a way to adapt the Turians to the Halo universe. I can take a look and if you have any ways on how to adjust them to it, then by all means let me know.
  13. I would be more than willing to be in this project but I have two questions first, can I be an ODST? Is humanity gonna stand alone here or are we gonna bring other races into the story that humanity meets on their flight from the covenant that help them? If we need ideas for upgraded versions of the human weapons since so many credits and resources are freed up by the lack of multiple Spartan programs I am up for making those.
  14. By all means, play and ODST, I love having non-Spartans in anything related to Halo. They kind of making the game and story move, a lot. As far as other races, yes, there will be other races that are friendly to humanity, one of those races, by suggestion, will be the Turian race. I was thinking of other races that I could create for this as well. And for the weapons and stuff, feel free to come up with some ideas. I should have the ooc thread up here in the next 24 hours or so, depends on my PT though.
  15. We could realistically bring all of the races of mass effect into the RP by explaining that the human-covenant war was a regional conflict in the Orion arm of the Milky way but that jut leaves the problem of mass relays being a thing or not.
  16. Do we want 14 some races though? I think it's better to limit it to one or two alien races, like Ichigo wrote. Since this is an alternate universe of Halo, Mass Relays are not required. My Halo knowledge is not bulletproof, but I believe they use Slipstream Space?
  17. I was wanting to have no more than 3 non-Halo races, so I guess 2 more then. And yes, they do have slipstream technology, that's how they manage to hide from the Covenant.
  18. I'll likely grab a Turian character if we are allowed to play them/get implanted.

    Another race suggestion would be the Asari, also from Mass Effect.
  19. Krogran need to be there and part of my life was given to halo when I was younger and it first came out so if we need knowledge I can help.
  20. Any news on this? I still hope it kick off.
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