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  1. Attention Spartan:

    Welcome aboard the U.N.S.C Infinity, home of the Spartan-IV program. I'm Spartan Sarah Palmer, Infinity Commander, welcome to the party.

    You're here, which means you're good enough to be one of us. Hopefully these reports aren't wrong. You're apart of Fireteam Mythic, one of the other rookie teams aboard Infinity to guard the eggheads and probably shoot a Covie or two.

    We're embarking soon, Spartan. Everything you'll need will be waiting for you on S-Deck, where you can browse all the good new toys. See you there.

    Consider the following when creating your character and their loadout. Armor abilities will be limited to U.N.S.C made equipment simply to balance the power between characters. Foreign equipment such as Covenant weapons(or Froerunner) will not be used as default loadout weapons in order to keep sync with the story. Support upgrades and tactical packages are nonexistent; reflexes and performances rely sorely on YOU. If the set-up seems a bit unfair, feel free to adjust yourself. The following is available for use.

    Armor Abilities: Choose Only One
    • Hardlight Shield
    • Regeneration Field
    • Thruster Pack
    • Jet pack
    • Decoy/ Hologram
    • Active Camouflage
    U.N.S.C Loadout Weapons: Selective Ordnance may be Primary or secondary weapons
    • Assault Rifle. Primary/Secondary
    • Battle Rifle. Primary/Secondary
    • DMR. Primary/Secondary
    • Magnum. Secondary
    • Sniper Rifle. Primary
    • Saw. Primary
    • Shotgun. Primary/Secondary
    U.N.S.C Ordnance:
    • Rocket Launcher
    • Sticky Detonator
    • Railgun
    • Spartan Laser
    Covenant Loadout Weapons:
    • Covenant Carbine Rifle.
    • Storm Rifle.
    • Plasma Pistol.
    Covenant Ordnance:
    • Fuel Rod Cannon
    • Needler
    • Energy Sword
    • Concussion Rifle
    • Beam Rifle
    • Gravity Hammer
    Forerunner Loadout Weapons:
    • Lightrilfe
    • Surpressor
    • Boltshot
    Forerunner Ordnance:
    • Scattershot
    • Incineration Cannon
    • Binary Rifle
    Character Sheet:




    Appearance: (Picture or Screenshot is preferred. Detailed description is acceptable)

    Loadout: (Primary/Secondary)

    Armor Ability:

    Biography/Background: Where are you from and what made you who you are today?

    Extra: Any details you feel the need to tell us of.



    SLOTS TAKEN: 1 (By Me)


    COmmander and 2nd Command: REQUIRED
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Not open for further replies.