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    • Ivan wanted to go home. But no, that'd be too simple. He just hoped that the couple in the back seat would be able to keep their clothes on long enough for him to escape into a room far away from everyone else.
      A few hours into the stay at the cabin, he began to notice things. The scratching in the walls, his favorite shirt going missing, the figure he saw in the mirror when he got out of the shower.
      Of course no one else noticed these little things, how could they when they were locked up in their rooms doing certain activities that he had no desire to precipitate in.
      Things finally come to a head when Ivan finds, in his opinion, a very handsome man who precedes to tell him of the grizzly murders that happened on the land years earlier.
      Ivan can't help but think of how cliché all of this is.

    • I'm pretty much open for anything. Just no one liners please.

    • Ivan: Roleplayed by me, he is a very open kind of guy. He tends to flirt with anything on two legs, though, he prefers that thing to be a guy.

      Drake: a side character and the leader of the group of college kids spending fall break at his uncles hunting cabin deep in the Appalachians. Headstrong and a bit on the dim side, though reliable when in a pinch.

      Abby: Drake's girlfriend, she's a bit iffy about the whole trip. Book smart and easy to get along with.

      Karl: Drake's "best bro". If it were possible, he's even more dimwitted than Drake, though, without any of Drakes likable features.

      Jamie: Karl's girlfriend. What she sees in him, Ivan will never know. Stereotypical busty blonde.

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