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What do you do on Halloween?

What traditions do you have, if any?

When I was a kid, like most kids in America, I dressed up and went trick or treating. When I got older is was all about the parties (And some years it still is!). Usually though, I just sit at home and hand out candy.

What about you?
I still trick or treat.
I don't even really eat the candy now. I just like to dress up and do my makeup. >:D
I'll give the candy either to my best friend Lana, a candy fiend, or I will add it to the pile at home to give out to kiddies, or I hold onto it to give to the closest nephew/niece like figures in my life.
I do enjoy handing out candy though, while I'm dressed up. We use this bowl at home that has a creepy hand the side closest to when I'm holding it. Fill it with candies, the kid reaches in, the hand snaps down on them gently, and says something like "Trick me or Treat me" or "BWAHAHAHA Thank you very much" or "Happy Halloweeeeeeen -insert snake voice here-". It scares the crap out of little kids. But when I see they're too little, I hold back the hand and let them pick more than one piece. Little kids get more than one piece from me. Big kids who are smart asses get like one. xD
Ooooh. Also, mom and I always cover the bushes in the front with spider web stuff, and throw on plastic spiders. I strategically place them, being the artist I am. xD and I usually give up with the webs and am like MOOOOOOOM cuz I'm a derp when it comes to the webby stretchy apparatus material thingy. we also put out this Ghost thing, that it looks like a little kid in a ghost costume. and when you walk past it, it shakes around, and is like "BOO -giggle- did I scare you? ahahahaha" or "Trick or treat trick or treat give me something good to eat, -giggles.-" It's freaking adorable. And freaking annoying. xD
I won't keep ranting, but we have A LOT of halloween decorations. A LOT. I'm sad I won't be home for it this year. /: . . . -now is thinking I should go home for halloween.- o.o if it's on a weekend..
Anyways! Yes. That's what we do.
And I bake a lot. Pumpkin pie is the shit. <3
I make a handmade costume every year. Made one since I was a sophomore in college.

I've made:

1) Jedi Knight
2) King Leonidas from 300
3) Archer-Emiya from Fate/Stay Night
4) Todd McFarlane's Spawn
5) Darth Maul
6) Altair from Assassin's Creed

Dunno what I'll make this year.
Since my siblings are so much younger than me, I've been taking them trick-or-treating pretty much their entire lives.
Just when I was ready to stop going trick or treating, at about eleven, my sister was three so I went with her. My brother is three years younger than my sister... so I take them both now.
It's nice, because that's something that they'll always associate with me, since I've been the one taking them for as long as they can remember.
I guess it's been a tradition to do a Halloween gig ever since I joined my band. This time around we are going out of town to play at a house party (getting paid well to do it too). Should be good times :D
I gew up with a Jehovah witness parent. >>; So me and Isaboo used to sneak out on Halloween to go trick or treating, even though we didn't have any costumes. We lived in a huuuuge apartment complex, so it was really easy to run door to door and get candy.

When we stopped going trick or treating, we'd hang at the house scaring kids when they walked by or came to the door. XD

NOW in our own place we're working on started up new family traditions. >:D We like to go downtown when all the businesses hand out candy to kids and watch all the people walking around in costume.

And we get a shitton of the really good candy to handy out, knowing we'll have too much just so we can eat it all ourselves. >>;;

Now that we have a house too, we're totally going to start decorating the HELL in to it. XD Going all out for decorations. And next year I would like to start our tradition of having a costume party!
When I was younger, it was custom to get candy. But for the older folks, it was custom to scare the daylights out of the younger ones. D: I remember one year someone dug a hole in their yard, and stood in it, waist deep, and then where their back was, they stuck straw stuffed pants so it looked like a doll laying on the ground. then the guy grabbed at our feet when we walked by. XD I knew he was in the ground tho standing, because he got up and walked out after a while to the porch. I never trusted lawn ornaments again.
To hell with you and your heathen traditions!

Always looked pretty fun though.
I stopped trick-or-treating umm... My junior year in high school, I think. This will be the 4th or 5th year I don't do anything very exciting. I'll probably just be hanging out here with my mom, handing out candy to the little ones. If not that, I'll bundle up and take my siblings around the neighbourhood for treatin'. I'll do whatever it is my family needs or want me to do so the kiddos can have a good time.

But yeah, before I let myself turn old and lame, I'd dress up and get candy like most kids. My sister and I would stay up late that same night so we could trade candy with one another, hehe. They were good times. Times I'll always remember and always miss.